mRNA consequences and the curious and sometimes lurid coercion to take it: Links 2, May 27, 2021

1. 18 year old very ill with serious heart problems after second Covid “vaccine”

(Researchers would know if there was a connection between these heart issues and the mRNA shots, but they are still wrapping up a 100 year study on the relationship between lying down on railway tracks and being run over by trains)

2. Facebook insider who exposed a fraction of that company’s deceptiveness and theft of the time of hundreds of millions of people, is fired.

Yes, theft. Facebook attracts users with the expectation that merit plays a role in the extent to which people are heard. People invest massive amounts of their time, and at this stage, of their lifespans, building a platform, developing relationships, creating a life on these platforms. And no, not a virtual life, a real one. They interact with actual people and groups of people. When you make them waste their time under the illusion that they are being heard by the same standards as anyone else, but when you rig the board so that only the opinions you like, and dare I say it, that profit the platform more directly, get heard and others are artificially suppressed without the knowledge of the person making their case, this is fraud and theft of the highest and most direct kind. And Facebook, Twitter, and all other platforms that engage in this kind of deception, “shadow-banning, deboost, position-change” or a number of other names, need to see the inside of a criminal court, then jail.

3. California offers a lottery and fifty dollars to take the shot.

(There used to be a song about a hotel in that state which had some appeal. Perhaps next they should offer a weekend there if people won’t go for the lotto ticket.)

Woops! I spoke to fast about Hotel California. This isn’t that far off. WARNING: bad attempt at use of sex to sell mRNA shots

Click through for some of the comments. Some are quite funny.

4. Manitoba asked about Ivermectin, deflects to vaccines. Something, as Dr. Peter McCullough states so well, is going on.

5. One doctor interviews Peter McCullough on the latest concerning treating Covid

Thank you M., Yucki, PC., EB., MarcusZ1967, Sassy, TB., Richard and MANY more who care enough to augment, reinforce and argue.

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4 Replies to “mRNA consequences and the curious and sometimes lurid coercion to take it: Links 2, May 27, 2021”

  1. ITEM 2: India’s police invaded Twitter’s office. Twitter in India is worried about the safety of its staff. Twitter warns Modi to respect freedom of expression.

    – Ignore the stunning hypocrisy of telling a foreign government to respect the “freedom of expression” from a platform that arbitrarily censors and deletes the “expressions” that do not align with their politics.

    Be a good comrade and do not pay attention to the scale of hubris for a company to threaten a foreign government and publicly take the position that Big Tech Twitter is more important and powerful than the billion plus citizens and elected government of a sovereign state.

    All your governments belong to us. Yes, quite remarkable but completely in-line with their outlook of self-importance.-

  2. #4. I’ve been pondering this treatment communication issue for a while now. And I think a big part of it is that not only are those in charge not leaders, but they are also cowardly.

    Consider what might happen if it is announced that the china virus turned out to be easily treatable. How many people are going to be rightly pissed off at our so called leaders–livelihoods ruined, family members dead, sacrifices made and for what? Dick all. I would expect a majorly pissed off populace. And this, I think is where many realise at some level that they are in a very risky situation. It has the potential to go far beyond a boondoggle.

    With that information released, they go from potential saviour (even if hated) to villainous scum. Both their current and future careers are on the line. Who and to what degree would people, corporations and governments be held personally liable–financially, legally, terminally? How much moral authority would the various governments continue to have? Has the social contract been irretrievably broken?

    And then, what if the information is made widely known and it turns out that it is wrong. They might see themselves riding the tiger, thinking that they can never get off until it tires.

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