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13 Replies to “MUST WATCH: Dr. Peter McCullough, cannot recommend this mRNA shot for ANYONE”

  1. Britons who come into contact with a Covid carrier after June 21 will STILL have to isolate for 10 days ‘even if they are FULLY vaccinated’

    * Vaccinated Brits face having to isolate if they are in contact with infected person
    * Threat of having to quarantine will likely undermine plans to return to normality
    * Government sources say it is crucial that the contract tracing system stay in place because it is still possible for vaccinated people to pass on coronavirus


    • BFM PRAVDA – Vaccin : la vidéo d’un pompier lyonnais dérange

      Une vidéo d’un pompier lyonnais circule sur les réseaux sociaux depuis le week-end dernier. Il explique devant l’hôpital Saint-Joseph Saint-Luc que les vaccins contre le Covid-19 augmenteraient le nombre de cas d’AVC

  2. FRANCE – COVID-19 – Suivi hebdomadaire des cas d’effets indésirables des vaccins

    – Point de situation sur la surveillance des vaccins contre la COVID-19-
    Période du 07/05/2021 au 13/05/2021



    Enquête de pharmacovigilance du vaccin Pfizer – BioNTech Comirnaty

    Rapport n° : 15 période du 30 avril 2021 au 13 mai 2021



    Enquête de Pharmacovigilance sur les effets indésirables des vaccins
    Covid19 chez les femmes enceintes et allaitantes


  3. Below, is a partial list of safe and effective medications that is successfully being used to treat Covid 19, where government has not interfered and made it anywhere from difficult, to impossible to get.
    1. Hydroxychloroquine with or without Zinc and Zpac
    2. Ivermectin
    3. Prozac
    4. Large amounts of vitamin C and D.
    5. Monoclonal antibodies (What, if memory serves, they used to cure President Trump)
    6. Inhaled Budesonide
    7. Colchicine. This common anti-inflammatory was discovered in Quebec to cut mortality rates by HALF.
    And this is just from memory. There are others. People who are aware of them, please post them under this article for the benefit of all who wish to be protected from Covid and may not want an experimental mRNA shot authorized under emergency use act, and instead, might prefer a medication that has been around for decades, is actually approved for human use by the normal channels, and works to allow natural and broad and long-lasting immunity.

  4. I wonder if anyone will be left after this Eugenics Program has gone through the populations of the World to write the History down.

  5. Quercetin is another anti-inflammatory. You can get it in a health food store, over the counter. Also, aspirin, which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps prevent blood clots. Frankly, aspirin made me feel a lot better during Covid than Tylenol, which seemed to do little.

  6. We are in our mid-60’s. We have enjoyed good medical care in the US all our lives, as did our parents before us. We did not want the jab when it first came out. I had a bad feeling, right away, and did not trust the new technology. We ended up getting Covid. Our doctor would not see us, we couldn’t get past the receptionists, and nobody called to see how we were doing. Our only medical care came from ER’s and walk-in clinics, God bless them. We have never experienced this in our lives. Our doctor still recommended the jab, and half-heartedly mentioned myoclonal antibodies, but didn’t follow up on it. Nothing else was mentioned. The medical community has been muzzled. We no longer recognize America.
    Knowing what I know now, have the protocol on hand, because your doctor may offer absolutely nothing. The ones listed above are typical. Check with Frontline Doctors, who have doctors who will help you in every state. I think they even send meds to your house.

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