Several items on the connection between leftism, Islam and antisemitism

This tweet on Canada’s NDP party, the farthest left of the real parties.

Brad Johnson comments on the Communist support of the anti-Israel march in Ottawa May 15, 2021

There is more to come of similar nature on this critically important topic. Here at Vlad, we posted a letter written by a French member of Parliament nearly 100 years ago, asking for an investigation into European communist groups allying themselves with middle eastern Islamic ones. Presumably the Muslim Brotherhood given the date.

We may update this post, or start a new one. Overall there are hundreds and perhaps over a thousand posts showing the alliance of communists and Islamic groups on this site. BLM even sent a team to Gaza to protest Israel a couple of years ago. As Brad points out, that connection is becoming more overt. Which tends to suggest confidence in victory.




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  1. People are on autopilot not even pausing for a minute . Read the MIT study I actually communicated with the lead scientist . At the end of the day if we don’t demand the release of safe medications for early treatment all of this is a waste of energy and air . She said she hoped it was academic enough not to be fake news or used by anti-vaccine individuals I had to tell her that’ is what happened. So much science on what can help us and what I’d killing us and people for some reason trust ones who benefit and attack those risking everything . The vaccines will take care of everything just read the study . It’s time now to enjoy our families for as long as we can , The cowards are way to vast and the brave ones are getting no where . Read the full study and check their qualifications and watch our government . Then enjoy while you can . I lost any hope

    • Try to avoid the metric of hope vs. despair. Use instead, the idea that all the good you can do may not have an effect till past our lifetimes. But like much Soviet dissident literature, must be available to those that suspect there is a problem, and look for knowledge outside the narrative.


      … [T]he Nazi era has been both a sort of moral scripture and a source of certainties. With increasing force since the 1970s, the left has managed to associate the Hitler period with the political and moral right. Here, they insist, is every aspect of conservatism in full power. Behold, they say, the evils which follow from conservative thought, from love of country and martial strength. See here how the ideas behind immigration controls or sexual conservatism also lead inescapably to the Yellow Star and the Pink Triangle, the death camp, the gas chamber, and the crematorium.

      Above all, when it studies the mass murder of Europe’s Jews it can assert with relief that nothing of this kind stains our hygienic and enlightened society, which put an end to everything of this sort nearly eighty years ago….

    • FBI Monograph: Fedayeen Impact – Middle East and United States, June 1970

      …The fedayeen are not politically aligned as a group with any communist country, but there is a wide range of ideologies within the movement. The USSR has been unenthusiastic in its support of thefedayeen since Moscow regards them as a dangerous element in an unstable situation.

      Peking prefers to fan the embers of war in Palestine and has a long record of assistance to the fedayeen. In addition, the fedayeen cause has attracted Maoists in Europe and the United States.

      Ranking officials of Al Fatah, the most prestigious of the fedayeen groups, have visited the United States on fund raising and propaganda tours. These trips have been set up by the leadership of the Organization of Arab Students (OAS) , a loosely-organized association of Arab students in the United States and Canada. OAS officials have, in turn, traveled to the Middle East to contact Al Fatah representatives.

      There are allegations that an Al Fatah apparatus has been set up in the United States to coordinate fund-raising and propaganda activities…

      The fedayeen have garnered extensive support among black extremist groups in the United states, particularly the Black Panther Party, which has been unequivocal in its support of Al Fatah.

      The majority of domestic subversive groups oppose the continuation of the State of Israel; however, the Middle East question has caused widespread dissension in leftist circles. The June, 1967, war and Soviet support for the Arabs resulted in a crisis of the first magnitude in the Communist Party, USA….

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