UFO’s, world ending plague, what do they have in common? Links 1, May 19, 2021

1. Computing Forever: Australia will lockdown till 2022 EVEN IF EVERYONE IS VACCINATED. Overall this is a short and punchy video and his predictions seem more likely true than not. At least given the track record of the last year.

2. 60 Minutes on aliens. Yes, the same 60 Minutes that tried to cheat the election for the Democrats by showing a fake dishonourable discharge form for George W. Bush allegedly from the 50s but somehow written on Microsoft Word.

At this point we should probably trust the media narrative on UFOs about the same as we do our doctors, health minister, and overall government systems to act in the interests of the public.

But this current rush to sell us a UFO narrative gives us a chance to get ahead of the curve. In conversations this morning, it occurred to us that most of the last year and change has been about blurring the lines of reality. In a couple of videos posted here over the past months, one at least by Computing Forever, and one in particular by The Corbett Report, it was pointed out that conspiracy theories are being injected to the views of the sceptics as straw men. In other words, nutty interpretations of things appear on “our side” in order to discredit the real. Luciferase for instance. This is a real thing that accounts for the glow in the dark of a lot of plants and animals. The naming of it is benign. It is named after the bearer of light, but also the Greek word for phosphorus. But it has been used to suggest Bill Gates is a Satanic force etc. etc. and frankly I don’t even remember the rest of it. But this injection hides a lot of real issues with these mRNA injections as it makes questioning the real issues seem nutty.

It also does another thing. It blurs the lines between the real and the crazy. It brings down the wall in our minds between a rational universe and a chaotic one. The Trans nonsense does much the same for that matter. So if this UFO narrative is following suit, we should be able to make some predictions:

  1. The report is supposed to be out June 1st. But they will likely kick it down the road much like “two weeks to flatten the curve”. The new dates will always be in sight so we don’t just forget about it, but it won’t come for a while if ever.
  2. But we will get teased with stuff. More blurry photos from an old Motorola flip phone. Maybe the odd still photo that looks a little newer but clouds and conditions make it hard to really make anything out. Remember, when we landed on the Moon for the first time, the tech to do that was in our hands. But the tech for modern CGI and good fake video and photos was not. But it really is now.

This prediction has nothing to do with life in the universe of course. It has to do with the malice of the people who seem determined to destroy every aspect of man as he is. And the timing is suspicious. At this point the whole UFO thing feels like another disinfo op. After all, nearly everyone in the world now has a better camera than the ones allegedly used to capture the 3 fuzzies they have released so far. So why isn’t there tons of footage with names dates and locations out there now? There is likely a massive MUFON trailer park near the Virginia base mentioned and these visits are every day. Footage please.

3. I wonder if these mink were vaccinated

4. Chinese Prof. praises China for winning war with US using biological warfare.

5. This letter from a Perth Ontario business owner deserves to be read, copied and emulated. Anyone who is paying taxes to a government for their own destruction should demand the be stopped, and ultimately, they should just stop paying them. As Randy says, “What are they going to do? Close you down?


Thank you Richard, M., Johnny U., PC., Xanthippa, Sassy, EB., and many more who brave the tides of Hegelian like crazy on pretty much all sides.


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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/bill-hate-crimes-against-asian-americans-approved-congress

    This isn’t sort of Orwellian, it’s precisely exactly perfectly Orwellian. We’ve all seen with our own little eyes that these unprovoked attacks on Asians are always perpetrated by extremely troubled African Americans for reasons unclear, yet they keep pushing the narrative that it’s Trump’s fault for pointing out that the Coronavirus came from China and that the Chinese are cleaning the floor with the US economically. And now they’re acting as if it’s a known fact that the attackers are Trump supporters egged on by the Bad Orange Man’s hellacious words. How is this different from “The Truth” back in Nazi Germany and Maoist China et al days…? Now watch as half the country nods their heads in obedient acquiescence…

    Asians in the past suffered every bit as much racial prejudice as anybody back in the bad old days yet large numbers of them found their ways into universities and they now outperform everybody else in terms of upward mobility. In other words, that Chinese doctor in the Beamer is a living insult to the occasional insane aggrieved black guy who doesn’t even have bus fare and blames it all on Asians. His existence undermines the entire person-of-color civil rights narrative that asserts that there is no road to success open to a non-white person in racist white America. When, exactly, did Martin Luther Wong win the war of liberation against the white man and breathe the fresh air of freedom for his people for the first time? The fact is, that huge numbers of nice white people, like me, simply don’t want anything to do with racism now and have no problem with people being of different races and cultures… Hell…we don’t even eat people anymore…

  2. 2 – Luis Elizondo is the person we always see interviewed about these videos, I have no reason to doubt the biography that he gives about his career. What bothers me is the way that he keep referring to John Podesta and other members of the Clinton and Obama Crime families as friends,both Crime Families played the UFO community like fiddles during their elections by implying they were going to release information on UFOs,. Releases that never took place this makes me distrust the new “videos” that have been degraded to the point you can’t see significant details but that he swears are real.

    People who I consider trustworthy swear they have seen UFOs while flying and that they are aircraft that are beyond the capabilities of our current technologies. This fact does not make be believe all reports about UFO sightings and having grown up within 150 miles of McDonald Douglas I have seen (during the 50s) experimental fighter jets buzz my Grandparents farm house. (no the noise never stopped the hens from laying). This makes me doubt a lot of the reports, What makes believe some of the reports are the debunkers who are saying that kids that grew up playing in the woods during the day and night get scared by owls mistaking them for alien monsters. Of that members of the Crack Air Corp Wing would mistake a balloon or string of balloons as an air craft.

    If they are going to lie about the videos being real or about what the witnesses say they saw I want them to come up with a more believable lie.

  3. Eeyore, I have been of the opinion that the UFO thing is a diversion at a time when the covid scare is losing it’s strength. Nothing will come of it. I am not sure why Tucker is lending it such credence.

    There could, however, well be secret types of machines that the military has been developing. Or, more likely, secret images of machines that don’t really exist. All part of the information warfare.

    And yes, it is clearly part of the concerted effort to blur the lines between reality and bullshit that has been going on for some time. After all, the war is primarily against us now.

      • They may be using this as a diversion but the UFO publicity stated in Early May of 2019, so it is probably not connected to the Covid lies. From the beginning there have been people saying this was a put up job that the Government was using to hide something or to set the stage for a phony UFO invasion.

        I told you above that I don’t trust Luis Elizondo but the videos being made public started me looking into what was happening. There have been several things happening over the past 4 or 5 years that make me wonder just what is happening. Things are happening that don’t add up when you consider how the Government has gone out of their way to deny the existence of UFOs for so long. In the 40s and 50s there were a lot of UFO reports that made the news, then in the late 50s (according to what I remember) the Government started coming up with possible explanations for what was seen. As I got older some of the explanations didn’t pass the smell test but I thought there were coverings experimental airplanes. Now they are stating that UFOs exist, why? Is it to be an excuse for more violations of the Constitution? If so why did they stat it half way through Trumps term in office?

        Something is going on and I don’t think it is just providing an excuse for the governments stealing more power.

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