Yet ANOTHER effective treatment/cure for Covid, CBC tells a whopper: Links 1, May 18, 2021

1. Next best thing to a cure: Queensland researchers in huge Covid-19 breakthrough as they find a way to kill 99.9% of the virus in people’s lungs

(How long till this is banned? Dr. Bostom explained to me yesterday that a common and now even generic antidepressant has better numbers for treating Covid than even Ivermectin, although no one understands how it works. At this point, Covid19 appears to be the most treatable disease of all time, but the danger is that our governments will simply not allow us to be treated.)

An antiviral therapy that kills off 99.9 per cent of Covid-19 particles in the lungs is being heralded as the next best to a cure.

The ‘next-generation’ technology works like a ‘heat-seeking missile’ to detect the particles and attack them, having been developed by a team of international scientists from Australia’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland at Griffith University.

Co-lead researcher Professor Nigel McMillan from MHIQ said the groundbreaking treatment prevents the virus from replicating and may even put a stop to Covid-related deaths across the world.

‘We can specifically destroy the virus that grows in someone’s lungs.’

It works by using a medical technology called gene-silencing that was first discovered in Australia during the 1990s.

2. CBC leaks details of Vaccine Choice Canada’s lawsuit over Covid response

CBC News has obtained an unredacted copy of a lawsuit launched by an anti-vaccination advocacy group against the government response to the coronavirus crisis, the details of which can now be independently verified and publicly reported for the first time. 

The lawsuit was filed July 6 in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto by Aylmer, Ont.-based Vaccine Choice Canada and seven individuals. The legal action is a challenge under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the country’s pandemic response measures, including compulsory face masks, the closure of businesses and the enforcement of physical distancing. 

The plaintiffs are suing the governments of Canada and Ontario, the City of Toronto, senior politicians, a number of local Ontario health authorities, health officials and the CBC over their response to the pandemic. 

The suit states that the closure of businesses to prevent the spread of the virus was “extreme, unwarranted and unjustified,” that self-isolation measures imposed on individuals were “not scientific, nor medically based nor proven” and that the mandatory wearing of face coverings in some public spaces imposes “physical and psychological harm.”

The lawsuit alleges that the measures violate Sections 2 (right of association), 7 (life, liberty and security of the person), 8 (unlawful search and seizure), 9 (arbitrary detention of enforcement officers) and 15 (equality before and under the law) of the charter. 

(At this point its almost charming that people still think there are rights and rule of law in Canada. But time will tell. What we can tell now, is how people suing for the right to refuse an experimental genetic therapy never before used on humans CBC labels as “an anti-vaccine group”. This is excellent evidence of CBC as a tool of enemy propaganda. But for those that listen to it, its actually one of the more subtle examples.)

3. TRUST THE SCIENCE: MIT Study Confirms Anti-Maskers Understand Data Better Than Their Opponents

“For these anti-mask users, their approach to the pandemic is grounded in more scientific rigor, not less.”

A new study from MIT researchers has confirmed that coronavirus skeptics and anti-maskers understand science and data better than their political opponents.

The study, entitled “Viral Visualizations: How Coronavirus Skeptics Use Orthodox Data Practices to Promote Unorthodox Science Online,” was published this month, and analysed the reaction from skeptics and anti-maskers towards the pandemic from March to September 2020, during much of the initial phases of the breakout and then its expansion. The study focused on Facebook groups and Twitter posts, and the interaction between anti-maskers and visualisations of the coronavirus data that was being published by mainstream science outlets and governments.

4. Funeral for a Hamas commander:

5. National Post has an article on unjustified fears, when covid anxiety stops making sense. But its difficult not to think of the NP as controlled opposition. Still, it makes some solid points. The new variants are NOT more dangerous, and are more contagious, which makes Covid 19 about the same as every other virus in the way it mutates since the dawn of viruses and hosts.

Thank you M., PC., Pauline, Johnny U., Xanthippa, C., Michelle, EB., ET. and so many more that are preserving their sanity with increasingly scarce resources while the threats to it grow like fungus.

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  1. Well fluoxetine was presented on 60 minutes a while back it’s what made me really stop and think as 60 minutes allowed two doctors on air yelling the world about fluoxetine during a vaccine rollout . That’s not normal ever. Canada knew since March but joined trials in November . The head of the vaccine rollout on 60 minutes said it will be used if the vaccines don’t work as it shows great promise . Stream it just Google 60 minutes and fluoxetine . It was also said they understand that this has great political and economic pressure so they will try to be as transparent as possible ????Who knows

    • Oh and I think I’m over anyone trying to “jab “ me. Ugh this is getting too scary hope the rest of the populous I’d starting to understand .

  2. Maybe the press understands now that the court cases are real and they remember what happened at the first trials to the press . Maybe just maybe there is hope.

  3. Item 4 – Funeral for Habid.
    What a missed opportunity for the I.D.F..
    That crowd is 100% young crazy male Jihadis.
    No women, no kids. Two JDAMs and Robert is your father’s brother.
    They would unquestionably do the same to an Israeli funeral. Just sayin’ —

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