Merkel’s Germany and the dialectic application of law

This post is made from a comment by Oz-Rita, for which we thank you very much.

This is what  Merkel has turned Germany into.   While she allows decent and peaceful Germans to be attacked by Water-Canons and naked Gestapo Brutality, when they demonstrate against a new “Emergency Law” that is a carbon copy of Hitler’s  1933 “Ermaechtigungsgesetz“,  she allows “Palestinians” to call publicly for the annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people: ” …from the mountains to the sea…blablabla…”, to bombard her hapless police  with stones, bigger than a fist, and with bottles.

At one stage the police loudspeaker politely asks the islamic Merkel-Guests, to please, pretty please desist and stop  throwing big stones and bottles because “somebody innocent might get hurt”.

Pardon my erratic prose I’m typing this in full anger.
This reportage comes from a very courageous pair of citizen journalists  (Anni and Martin), they recorded what they call  yesterday’s  “pro-palestinian protest”:
You probably all recognise the usual muslim call  from the Allahuakbarists,  and their screeching veiled females calling for “….from the river to the sea…”:

[Note: The chant, “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is a call to genocide, certainly within the UN definition of it. Its asking that the entire nation and state of Israel be exterminated from the Earth.]

The following video details the act, Merkel passed which Oz-Rita explained is the carbon copy of Hitler’s act, granting massive central power.


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3 Replies to “Merkel’s Germany and the dialectic application of law”

  1. Animals are for pets and for food. Prisoners, created from selective-breeding. Distorted beyong recognition from the families they once were. Imprinted onto humans as their masters. The masculine removed, and feral males left to remain on these Plantations: of International and Nation Socialisms, respectively.

    Virtue In Life, or Honor In Death. This only purpose they know: Fear of abandonment, or fear of slaughter. Their drive for survival, is replicate in sex. Rejecting sexual advances is a Hate Crime, or taking what your right hand possess is The Law. Women who are turned into easy meat Believers.

    Societies that are constantly watched for sexual restraint (of private property), or cameraless requiring four males to testify that female’s sexual-choice was not committed.

    Children born without a father. Angry females demanding validation from infants, or crushed mothers circumcising their offspring to.worship the Fathers they do not have.

    Virtue or Honor Killing in envy or in jealousy and taking lands for Peace where there is no peace.

    The abandoned of Diversity and pure-breeds, taken from Adam and Eve. Hyenas and Wolves seek them out. And all will be well with them.

    • “Jihadists quote from Islamic scripture, prophetic traditions, and legal opinions to support their claims and activities. Jihad against non-Muslims and the ultimatum to convert to Islam, pay a special tax, or be killed are in fact based on Islamic law. The same is true of the tactic of capturing women and children as war booty and keeping or disposing of them as slaves. Islam also promises rewards and pleasures awaiting the martyr.”

      “While the legal and doctrinal edicts that the jihadists cite are integral parts of Islamic law, the jihadists without question violate that law by taking it into their own hands. What the jihadist are doing can be likened to a group of American citizens taking up arms and declaring war against a particular nation claiming that American constitution allows the declaring of war against enemy nations.”

      When people are raised as a pets, they cannot conceive those who love death more than they love life. For theirs is the world of the Next Life. To put off to tomorrow what you should do today. Domesticated, fed and kept. The Socialist world of entitlement and safety.

      Pets want to believe Muhammad was a Saint. But he was a rapist, pirate and murderer, making up the law to suit himself. Kowtowing to ger along.

      Pets and Slaves.

      Stand and Deliver

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