The severity of the lies from officials grow mightily in Rhode Island

In the following video of Dr. Andrew Bostom on the weekly show, In the Dugout, Andrew raises two major issues.

The first is that Rhode Island is vaccinating down to 12 years old, and is pushing to give the mRNA shots to babies as young as SIX MONTHS old. There is just no clinical data suggesting that the risk benefit allows for this. Put another way, its is indisputable that inoculating children this young carries more danger than the disease itself, even if they catch it.

The second issue cannot be misinterpreted as a kind of difference of opinion among scientists. It is a flat out lie, and one Dr. Bostom refers to as of Goebbels magnitude. The Governor of Rhode Island made the claim that the injection offers better immunity than people who had the disease and recovered from it. This is not just a lie but is the opposite of the truth. The injection, according to Dr. Bostom, can actually damage the T cells of a recovered covid patient. The T cells on their own offer broad and powerful immunity from all variants of Covid 19 for at least 18 years so far based on clinical trials of samples from people tested recently for SARS which they recovered from in 2002.

This video is 25 minutes long, but for those that want the latest factual data both on the various *vaccines being offered to people, and the politics around taking or refusing them, this is well worth the time.

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