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2 Replies to “Tucker Carlson show for May 13, 2021”

  1. Everything is falling apart before our eyes and the minorities have majority voices and our governments are supporting them.

    FLOYD: If he died from neck compression, he would have had bruising on his neck. Not one photo was produced of neck bruising.

    Meanwhile, since Biden’s arrival, the world is blowing apart. China now has some 280+ ships in Philippine waters while Israel is under attack by Iran. And our children are under attack by their own teachers and school boards. And humanity is under attack by a China virus and individual governments.

    I’m so very discouraged.

  2. Many people are dumb and will never even be able to flip burgers. This is a problem generally, but the US is importing people who tend to be more dumb than the general population. It is tragic that the general level of IQ in the West, including the US, is going down. When Carlson points out that all the changes are dumb, he misses the point that the trend is not likely to abate as the people making the decisions are dumb. Using logic and reason will fall short more and more. I appreciate that many fight against ignorance and slow any extent that changes are happening. But facing the facts is important and should be addressed. Western societies since the Nazis have not remotely supported getting rid of dumb people. Ignoring that many people, more and more, are largely incompetent and will never contribute financially to society on balance has consequences. I don’t know what solution is best morally, but dealing with the issue as a reality is important.

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