The replacement of science and reason with forced narrative: Links 1, April 28, 2021

1. Important tweet by Ezra. Notice the layers of anti-democratic actions by the Trudeau ‘Liberals’.

2. Afghans substitute social distancing and air filtration using masks, this way instead. Grand Mosque, Herat Province.

Taraweeh prayers in the Grand Mosque of Herat province, April 23 2021

3. Craig Kelly banned from Facebook for a week for posting Covid misinformation

Liberal MP Craig Kelly has revealed Facebook has banned him for one week for posting three links to medical experts’ unproven views on Covid-19 treatments.

Despite Scott Morrison publicly distancing himself from Kelly, the member for Hughes has continued to defy conventional medical wisdom through social media posts citing views of contrarian experts.

Kelly said that Facebook had deleted three posts and banned him for one week, citing an alleged breach of its community standards.

“I strongly object to the ban, there are absolutely no grounds whatsoever,” Kelly told Guardian Australia.

“The points are a legitimate point of view. I’m not posting my opinions, I’m posting the opinions of medical experts.”

The three posts related to: unproven claims about hydroxychloroquine by professorDolores Cahill;aprofile of professor Thomas Borodyin the Spectator which includes advocacy of ivermectin to treat coronavirus; and claims by pathologist Roger Hodkinson that masks are “useless” for children and “paper and fabric masks are simply virtue signalling”.

(It would be fun, but frustrating and pointless, to see if the narrative stuff on Covid has met the same standard of proof that even the disallowed material on Ivermectin and HCQ meets in reality. Its evident at this point that like application of the law, its to a purpose we are not allowed to know and certainly not to discuss.)

4. Jesse Kline: Justin Trudeau and the CRTC are coming for your cat videos

China and India have been censoring critics on the internet and Canada’s Liberals are apparently jealous […]

[…] And don’t think the same thing couldn’t happen here (in Canada). On Friday, the heritage committee voted to remove a clause from Bill C-10 that would have exempted user-generated videos posted to sites like YouTube from being regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

The bill, which was introduced late last year, is intended to give the CRTC control over online streaming services like Apple TV, Disney+ and Prime Video, potentially opening the streaming giants to Canadian content regulations — because if there’s one gripe Canadians have with Netflix, it’s that it doesn’t carry “Little Mosque on the Prairie.” Not content with simply going after the “web giants,” the Liberals now want to give the CRTC the power to regulate your cat videos, as well.

A spokesperson for Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault told the Post that the clause was taken out to allow the CRTC to do a better job of controlling music that’s posted to social media platforms, in an apparent capitulation to recording-industry lobbyists.

Others, such as Daniel Bernhard, the executive director of the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, a group that advocates for public funding of the CBC and increased regulation, are praising the bill because it would allow the government to take down videos that contain scenes of child sex abuse.

Which all seems a little strange, given that the reproduction of musical works is covered under copyright law and distributing child pornography is already a serious crime. What this is really about is ensuring that the CRTC has a legal mandate to regulate all forms of media — covering everything from traditional television and radio broadcasters, to podcasts and TikTok videos.

5. Taliban executes what appears to be some kind of antique teleprompter, or microfiche reader.

6. The pressure to force mRNA injections grow as more experts and more users become concerned about being part of the experiment.

(In the interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, at around 12:00 in, he gets into the vaccines specifically and very well. Worth weighing what this doctor who successfully treated countless cases of Covid with available meds, with the ‘article in Nature’.)

(Maybe if someone tells them that by doing this, they are imitating the Kuffar practice of the English Luddites of the 19th century, they will have to leave those machines alone.)

Thank you EB., Johnny U., PC., Richard, DM., C., M., Tico in Finland and many more.



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    • Nah, I’ll pass. Mental hygiene.
      No more mosque sermons, no more calls to prayer, no more citations from their Book.

      I know their aloha snackbar is nothing “greater” than a pirate’s fantasy, but why listen while devils curse me?

      Bad vibes, bad juju.

  1. 5)
    Wait a moment, didn’t they FILM this with a Camera and up-loaded this onto the INTERNET, a process that was made possiblt through Western Science?
    Do those Morons realize how Hypocritically all of their rubbish looks like to someone whith a functioning and enquisitive Brain?
    I guess Not, because that would require a rational process of Thought.

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