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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    • I tune into Tucker’s show some nights and if you watch closely you will notice the number of Fox News people stating they are fully vaccinated, “we all need to get fully vaccinated”. He should leave Biden News while he still has some credibility.

  1. It was a rare Wednesday night meeting for Argyle and Merle. The two Martians were celebrating their planet’s biggest holiday, Analog Day.

    “It will come to the point where they will start asking how many died by mRNA, instead of WITH mRNA,” said Merle as he adjusted the focus of his telescope. Earth was clear and beautiful, now.

    “That’s a good one,” Argyle replied. “MSM will count opposite the way they counted deaths by virus.” He was looking at a sky chart. “I wonder how many know their future? It’s becoming pretty obvious.”

    “You can’t blame them for being confused. We went through the same thing, right?”

    “Of course,” said Argyle. “And in the end this crude first round of gene therapy was found to be safe, statistically. But–.”

    “–But its true meaning was slow to be discovered,” injected Merle. “Amazing how history rhymes even between planets.”

    “Yes. The similarity of evolution. The resurgence of the analog over the digital. The–.”

    “–The war.”

    “”I hope they avoid it. The only reason we didn’t was because we took too long to clue in. Look at Israel. Leader of the pack.”

    “Yes. Their technological sophistication works against them, as it did for us.”

    “Running like mad in the wrong direction, thinking you’re running to safety.”

    “The Digitizers were evil. Digitizer. Totally different word than digitization. Funny. Gates the great digitizer.”

    “Yes. The digitization of Martians. So many things came out of that struggle. Thank god for our analog world.”

    “–By the skin of our teeth.”

    “I have faith in humanity. They’ll figure it out. They will see the amazing future gene therapies can hold, but without them being hijacked by the likes of Gates to digitize humanity.”

    “Got any beer?”

  2. Bill Clinton silent on photos showing Epstein, Maxwell visiting him in White House – Liberty Unyielding
    Daily Caller News Foundation
    4-5 minutes

    Bill Clinton silent on photos showing Epstein, Maxwell visiting him in White House

    By Mary Margaret Olohan

    Former President Bill Clinton will not address photos showing convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his companion Ghislaine Maxwell visiting him in the White House when he was president of the United States.

    The photographs, first published by the Sun Saturday, depict Epstein and Maxwell attending a White House reception hosted by both Bill Clinton and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in September 1993, William J. Clinton Presidential Library archivist John Keller told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

    The DCNF repeatedly reached out to Clinton, asking him to address the photographs of the late pedophile in the White House. The former president has kept silent on the photos since they were published Saturday and did not respond to requests for comment.

  3. New York pressuring insurers into race-based hiring – Liberty Unyielding
    Hans Bader
    6-8 minutes

    New York pressuring insurers into race-based hiring

    Andrew Cuomo (Image: YouTube screen grab)

    New York is pressuring insurance companies into “diversity” hiring. This raises potential constitutional problems, because government agencies are not supposed to pressure regulated firms to use race or gender in hiring decisions. In 1998, an appeals court struck down an FCC regulation that prodded companies to try to achieve diversity goals in hiring, by auditing them if they failed to achieve those goals. (See Lutheran Church v. FCC (1998)).

    Yet last month, New York’s Department of Financial Services wrote:

  4. Turkish woman acquitted after murdering her abusive husband. See rest of the links for background, photos and her testimony.

    April 27, 2021 Turkish court frees abused woman who killed husband
    A Turkish woman who shot and killed her husband after years of violent abuse has been freed by a court that ruled that she was acting in self-defense, Agence France-Presse reported.
    The verdict late Monday in the Mediterranean port city of Antalya delivered a rare victory for women’s rights organizations in Turkey.
    It came one month after President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an provoked international outrage by withdrawing Turkey from a convention aimed at combating gender-based violence and femicide.
    Melek ?pek was embraced by her two sobbing daughters as she walked out of the courtroom after a judge ruled that she had the right to protect herself against constant torture.
    The 31-year-old was arrested in January with bruises and wounds to her face.
    She testified in court that her husband routinely handcuffed her and beat her for hours while threatening to kill her and their children.
    The court took similar testimony from the two daughters before ruling that ?pek was acting “in self-defense” to protect “her physical and sexual integrity.”
    “It’s extraordinary,” ?pek said moments after her release. “But I never wanted it to be like this.”
    Turkish courts rarely rule in favor of women who act in self-defense against their abusive partners.
    The World Health Organization found that 38 percent of women in Turkey reported having been subjected to domestic abuse by their husband or partner.
    The rights group, We Will Stop Femicide Platform, says more than 300 women were murdered by their families or partners in Turkey last year.

    Life sentence sought for woman who carried out self-defense
    31-year-old Melek Ipek survived torture by her husband thanks to self-defense. The chief public prosecutor’s office in did not recognize self-defense and charged her with premeditated murder.
    Melek Ipek, 31, from Antalya, shot her violent husband in self-defense on 8 January.
    37-year-old Ramazan Ipek had handcuffed Melek Ipek on Thursday evening and severely abused and raped her all night after torturing her to the point of unconsciousness. When he said that he would kill his wife and their children aged six and eight, Melek Ipek defended herself and shot the man with a gun. She then called the emergency medical services, which determined that Ramazan Ipek was dead.
    During her interrogation, Melek Ipek stated that she only wanted to scare off her violent husband with a gun. Ramazan Melek then pounced on her, and a fatal shot was released. “I am sorry and I regret what happened. But if this terrible event hadn’t happened, my children and I would be dead now,” said Melek Ipek in her statement to the court.
    The chief public prosecutor’s office in Antalya has now filed charges and is demanding a life sentence for premeditated murder. The indictment claims that Melek Ipek did not act in self-defense.
    Melek Ipek had demanded protective measures from the police several times before her act of self-defense. Her tormentor had already threatened her after the birth of her now eight-year-old daughter, saying; “If you report me, I’ll make a statement to the police and go free again. If I come back, I will kill you and the child.”

    Antalya prosecutor seeks life in prison for woman who killed torturous husband

    Melek ?pek: I want to tell what I lived through without fear

  5. Video about fauci’s 2011 advocacy for research that led for Wuhan virus.
    The Elephant in the City
    2,932 views •Apr 20, 2021 81 2 SHARE SAVE

    • Should be front page news. I first read about people getting sick and being isolated in Wuhan on November 6, 2019. Have we been lied to – YES

  6. Courtesy Lockdown Sceptic (UK)
    “The UK Currently Operates a System of Informed Consent for Vaccinations.” Currently, Minister? A series of letters:
    Dr Helen Westwood, a GP whose previous letters and comments have appeared on Lockdown Sceptics, wrote to her MP Sir Graham Brady in March with some concerns about the vaccines and the potential for coercion. She has now received a reply from Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi that is far from reassuring.
    Here’s what she wrote.
    Dear Sir Graham,
    Firstly I wish to thank you again for your ongoing hard work in arguing for a more proportionate response to dealing with COVID-19. The concerns I wish to raise with you today relate to the vaccination program and the proposition of vaccination certificates.
    As you know I am a GP. I am horrified by the talk of ‘No Jab, No Job’ policies and vaccination certificates.
    The GMC are very clear that “all patients have the right to be involved in decisions about their treatment and care” and that “doctors must be satisfied that they have a patient’s consent… before providing treatment or care”. They also state “doctors must… share relevant information about the benefits and harms of proposed options and reasonable alternatives, including the option to take no action”.
    Following interim analysis of the ongoing clinical trials, emergency use authorisation has been granted by the MHRA for both the Pfizer BioNTech and the AstraZeneca vaccines. They are as yet unlicensed. The clinical trials are due to continue until 2023. I find it alarming that much attention is paid to the headline figures of relative risk reduction (RRR) with no mention of the absolute risk reduction (ARR). The RRR of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine is 95.1% (CI 90.0%-97.6%, p=0.016). Dig a little deeper into the data and you learn that the ARR is only 0.7% (CI 0.59%-0.83%, p<0.001) and the number needed to vaccinate in order to prevent one infection is 142 (CI 122-170).
    The WHO published a bulletin written by John Ioannidis, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, in October 2020. He quotes an infection fatality rate (IFR) for Covid of 0.00-0.57% and in those under the age of 70 it stands at 0.05%.
    Given the minimal risk healthy people under the age of 70 face, and the very small absolute risk reductions noted in the clinical trials, I have to ask why are we so desperate to vaccinate the whole population? For healthy, working age people Covid poses less of a risk than seasonal flu. It has never been proposed that we vaccinate the entire adult population against flu; we target the populations most at risk.
    The speed at which these vaccines have been developed is truly remarkable. However, I have grave concerns that they are being rolled out on such a scale and at such pace. I am not sure whether you are familiar with the work of Joel Smalley MBA (a member of HART) but he has done some very interesting analysis of mortality data. Whilst correlation (between vaccination administration and rises in mortality) absolutely does not mean causation, the striking patterns he has highlighted suggest to me that now is the time to pause and reflect on the data we have so far. We know from the clinical trials that the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine causes a drop in lymphocytes around seven days post administration; theoretically at least this could pose a risk of intercurrent infection, especially in frail patients.
    Both vaccines in current use in England employ novel technology, namely mRNA (Pfizer BioNTech) and Adenovirus vector (AZ). Human challenge studies have only recently begun. We do not currently know anything about the medium and long term safety of these vaccines. There are concerns about Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) reactions whereby vaccinated individuals may develop more severe disease upon exposure to the wild virus. Theoretical concerns have also been raised about potential cross reactivity with Syncytin-1 which could have effects on placental development and therefore fertility. Until these areas have been studied we cannot advise patients fully. This has significant implications for the informed consent process.
    There seems to be some enthusiasm for “vaccination passports” among the population, whether for domestic use or international travel. These have been compared to Yellow Fever certificates that are required for individuals travelling to certain destinations. In reality there is no comparison. The mortality rate for Yellow Fever is in the region of 30%, transmission of Yellow Fever is confined to a relatively small number of countries and there are long term safety data available regarding the licensed vaccine.
    Uptake of the Covid vaccine has been notably lower amongst certain ethnic minorities. The reasons for this are as yet unclear, but any policy requiring proof of vaccination has the potential to lead to indirect discrimination.
    Professor Chris Whitty has said that doctors and care workers have a “professional responsibility” to get vaccinated. Given that reduction of transmission is not an outcome that is being measured in the clinical trials that are still ongoing, I do not agree with him. Article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights states: “Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.”
    On November 4th 2020 Theresa May MP made a speech in the House of Commons. She was referring to the closure of places of worship when she said, “My concern is that the Government today making it illegal to conduct an act of public worship, for the best of intentions, sets a precedent that could be misused by a Government in future with the worst of intentions, and that has unintended consequences.” I fear the same could be said for the introduction of vaccination passports.
    Personally I have declined this vaccine because of the concerns outlined above. I hope this decision does not mean I am unable to work, visit a restaurant or travel.

    Yours sincerely,
    Dr Helen Westwood
    See link for Nadhim Zahawi’s response, passed on to Dr Westood by Sir Graham Brady.

    • Published by DEBKA, eh?

      An Israeli disinfo site probably started by Soviet émigrés. Lotsa junk, but sometimes something the govt wants to put out for its own reasons. Can be fun to ponder, but using it as a source marks you as naive.

  7. Netherlands – Hundreds rally against COVID restrictions in Arnhem

    Hundreds rallied against COVID restrictions in the Dutch city of Arnhem on Tuesday, a day before measures were set to be partially eased in the Netherlands and the nighttime curfew lifted.

    In Amsterdam, police dispersed large crowds of people who gathered in the Vondelpark for King’s Day, due to concerns of overcrowding amid the pandemic.

  8. John Kerry likely to avoid Iran comments investigation with Republicans in minority in Congress
    Democrats such as Dick Durbin, Tim Kaine are standing by Kerry

    Republicans have pounced on John Kerry, demanding everything from a congressional investigation to his resignation, over new allegations he fed sensitive information to Iran while secretary of state.

    President Biden’s National Security Council special climate envoy has denied telling Iran information about Israeli military operations, calling the new allegations “unequivocally false.” And the chances of a congressional investigation into his conduct seem slim with Democrats in control of both the House and Senate and Democratic lawmakers so far seeming to back Kerry.

  9. Muslim clergymen told father it was OK to have sexual relations with daughter, survivor reveals
    A man identified only as Y.K., who was arrested for the sexual assault of his daughter, justified his behavior with the teachings of Muslim clergymen, the daily Cumhuriyet reported on Dec. 4. The assailant repeatedly told his daughter that the clergymen told him his assault was religiously acceptable, the 17-year-old said in a court hearing.
    A man arrested for sexually assaulting his 17-year-old daughter justified his actions using the words of Muslim clergymen, hodjas, who told him it was religiously acceptable to have sexual relations with his daughter, the daily Cumhuriyet reported on Dec. 4.
    Identified only as Y.K., the father was arrested on Aug. 20 after his sister-in-law reported his assault on social media to a women’s organization, the Women Solidarity Network (Kad?n Dayan??ma A??), which then alerted law enforcement.
    The survivor said, during the case’s first hearing on Dec. 3, that Y.K. began his abuse after his wife was shot and killed during a gunfight by a bullet intended for him.
    “My father would always say things like, ‘The hodjas told me it was acceptable for a father to have relations with his daughter. You’re my wife now,'” the survivor stated.
    Y.K. rejected all charges of sexual assault during the hearing, while the survivor’s attorney told reporters that they would continue to fight until the assailant received “the punishment he deserves.”

  10. Outrage erupts after HS runner — forced by state to wear mask — collapses at finish line. Then suddenly the powers that be have change of heart.
    Dave Urbanski
    3-4 minutes

    After Maggie Williams of Summit High School in Bend, Oregon, collapsed at the finish line during an 800-meter race last week, outrage erupted over the state’s mask mandate for athletes — even for runners like Williams who compete with the sun shining on their backs and the wind blowing past their faces.

    Her coach Dave Turnbull said Williams, with her mask on, suffered “complete oxygen debt,” the Oregonian reported. Indeed, the paper said she fell face-first three meters shy of the finish line and was unresponsive.

    “I’ve been doing this for 31 years, I’ve never seen anybody basically lose consciousness,” Turnbull told the paper. “I’ve never seen that in the way it happened with Maggie.”

  11. Hunter Biden’s Laptop
    Peter Schweizer
    6-8 minutes

    Pictured: “The Mac Shop” in Wilmington, Delaware. In April 2019, Hunter Biden reportedly left a liquid-damaged laptop at the shop for repair, and nobody returned to retrieve it. According to the New York Post, the shop owner handed the laptop over to the FBI and also made a copy of the hard drive and gave it to former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. (Photo by Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images)

    Investigative journalism mostly reconstructs events and exchanges from hidden scraps, obscure records, and third-party documents. Often the best we can do is to show that something bad must have happened based on the coincidences we find in these records. Because reporters are not prosecutors, they cannot issue subpoenas or compel testimony. It is exceedingly rare for a reporter to obtain that “smoking gun.”

    That is why the case of Hunter Biden’s missing laptop, combined with original text messages and emails obtained through direct access to a recipient’s Gmail account, is so notable. It is primary, original source. At long last, even Hunter Biden himself has finally acknowledged it.

  12. DAILY MAIL – Why Afghanistan fears Taliban takeover when US troops leave: Footage emerges of woman pleading for mercy as she is lashed 40 times ‘for talking to a man on the phone’

    Footage shows accused being led into a circle formed by dozens of local men
    Judgment handed down by Taliban who rule in spite of official governmen
    Comes amid fears that Islamists will fill power vacuum left by US military exit

  13. Communist China’s Quest for Dominance in Antarctica
    Judith Bergman
    9-11 minutes

    China’s commercial and military goals in Antarctica have received only minimal international attention. It is probably not too far-fetched to assume that what lies behind the Chinese Communist Party’s concern for “environmental protection in Antarctica” will turn out to be a desire for environmental exploitation. Pictured: China’s Great Wall Station on King George island in Antarctica, on March 13, 2014. (Photo by Vanderlei Almeida/AFP via Getty Images)

    Hardly a spot remains on the planet — and off — that China does not consider up for grabs, and that includes the North and South poles.

    China’s ambitions in the Arctic include: In 2018, China issued its first Arctic policy paper, “China’s Arctic policy” and with a straight face declared itself, a “near-Arctic state”, wanting a “Polar Silk Road.” In fact, China is some 3,000 kilometers from the Arctic Circle[1]. Its “Polar Silk Road” would create new shipping routes linking Asia and Europe via the Arctic, as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, a gigantic development, infrastructure and investment initiative that seeks dramatically to enhance China’s global influence by making countries worldwide increasingly dependent on China.

  14. Car plows into police officers in Connecticut; at least 5 cops rushed to hospitals
    B911 –
    April 26, 2021

    Meriden, CT – At least five police officers were sent to hospitals with various injuries Monday after a suspect intentionally drove his car into them, police say.

    A team of officers attempted to stop the vehicle as it fit the description of suspect car in a recent shooting.

    “As officers approached the vehicle, the people inside the car allegedly drove into two marked police cruisers and into a third undercover vehicle,” NBC Connecticut reported. “Officers who approached the vehicle on foot were hit as the car proceeded to ram both cruisers and the unmarked car a second time, according to police.

    “The car was able to create enough space to drive over the sidewalk and escape the scene, heading west on West Main Street. Officers were able to locate the car in the area of Ames Avenue and Lockwood Street, officials said.”

    The people in the car bailed but were later captured in a foot pursuit.

    The conditions of the wounded officers is not known at this time.

  15. Almost Half of Federal Cases Against Portland Rioters Have Been Dismissed
    Many charged in connection with violence surrounding last year’s racial-justice protests have completed community service and won’t be tried
    Tear gas filled the air at a Black Lives Matter protest at a courthouse in Portland, Ore., last summer.
    Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press
    Updated April 15, 2021 12:41 pm ET



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    Federal prosecutors in Portland, Ore., have moved to dismiss almost half the cases they charged in connection with violence accompanying last year’s protests over racial injustice, as authorities grapple with how to tamp down politically motivated unrest that has arisen since then.

    Of 96 cases the U.S. attorney’s office in Portland filed last year charging protesters with federal crimes, including assaulting federal officers, civil disorder, and failing to obey, prosecutors have dropped 47 of them, government documents show. Ten people have pleaded guilty to related charges and two were ordered detained pending trial. None have gone to trial.

    The penalties levied so far against any federal defendants, most of whom were arrested in clashes around federal buildings in Portland including the courthouse, have largely consisted of community service, such as working in a food bank or encouraging people to vote.

    More than half of the around 30 so-called deferred resolution deals, in which prosecutors ask the court to drop cases once defendants complete volunteer work, were initiated last fall under the Trump administration, interviews and a review

  16. Craig Kelly banned from Facebook for a week for posting Covid misinformation
    Paul Karp
    5-6 minutes

    Liberal MP Craig Kelly has revealed Facebook has banned him for one week for posting three links to medical experts’ unproven views on Covid-19 treatments.

    Despite Scott Morrison publicly distancing himself from Kelly, the member for Hughes has continued to defy conventional medical wisdom through social media posts citing views of contrarian experts.

    Kelly said that Facebook had deleted three posts and banned him for one week, citing an alleged breach of its community standards.

    “I strongly object to the ban, there are absolutely no grounds whatsoever,” Kelly told Guardian Australia.

    “The points are a legitimate point of view. I’m not posting my opinions, I’m posting the opinions of medical experts.”

    The three posts related to: unproven claims about hydroxychloroquine by professor Dolores Cahill; a profile of professor Thomas Borody in the Spectator which includes advocacy of ivermectin to treat coronavirus; and claims by pathologist Roger Hodkinson that masks are “useless” for children and “paper and fabric masks are simply virtue signalling”.

    Kelly said that “whether [the views are] right or wrong is a matter of debate, but their views should be debated”.

    A Facebook spokesperson said: “We don’t allow anyone to share misinformation about Covid-19 that could lead to imminent physical harm.

    “We have clear policies against this type of content and will remove it when we become aware of it.”

  17. (Richard: This isn’t going to set well with over half of the population, the left is pushing too far too fast. Thank God for that.)

    Cooking Publication Won’t Post Recipes With Red Meat Anymore – True Daily
    True Daily Staff
    3 minutes

    Cooking Publication Won’t Post Recipes With Red Meat Anymore

    Photo by MCB via ( Flickr

    Condé Nast’s cooking brand “Epicurious” will no longer be publishing recipes that include beef in an effort to push “sustainable cooking.”

    In a post to their website they wrote:



    NY Post later fixed it after readers pointed out the fake news

    Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story included an Eyepress video provided by Reuters, which incorrectly identified gas leak victims as COVID-19 victims.

  19. NYT – Federal Investigators Execute Search Warrant at Rudy Giuliani’s Apartment

    Prosecutors obtained the warrant as part of an investigation into whether Mr. Giuliani broke lobbying laws as President Trump’s personal lawyer.

    Federal investigators in Manhattan executed a search warrant on Wednesday at the Upper East Side apartment of Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who became President Donald J. Trump’s personal lawyer, stepping up a criminal investigation into Mr. Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine, three people with knowledge of the matter said.

    One of the people said the investigators had seized Mr. Giuliani’s electronic devices.

    Executing a search warrant is an extraordinary move for prosecutors to take against a lawyer, let alone a lawyer for a former president, and it marks a major turning point in the long-running investigation into Mr. Giuliani.

    The federal authorities have been largely focused on whether Mr. Giuliani illegally lobbied the Trump administration in 2019 on behalf of Ukrainian officials and oligarchs, who at the same time were helping Mr. Giuliani search for dirt on Mr. Trump’s political rivals, including President Biden, who was then a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    The United States Attorney’s office in Manhattan and the F.B.I. had for months sought to secure a search warrant for Mr. Giuliani’s phones.

    Under Mr. Trump, senior political appointees in the Justice Department repeatedly sought to block such a warrant, The New York Times reported, slowing the investigation as it was gaining momentum last year. After Merrick B. Garland was confirmed as President Biden’s attorney general, the Justice Department lifted its objection to the search.

    While the warrant is not an explicit accusation of wrongdoing against Mr. Giuliani, it shows that the investigation has entered an aggressive new phase. To obtain a search warrant, investigators need to persuade a judge they have sufficient reason to believe that a crime was committed and that the search would turn up evidence of the crime.

    Spokesmen for the F.B.I. and the U.S. attorney’s office declined to comment.

    The investigation of Mr. Giuliani grew out of a case against two Soviet-born men who aided his mission in Ukraine to unearth damaging information about Mr. Biden and his son Hunter, who was on the board of a Ukrainian energy company. The prosecutors charged the two men, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, with unrelated crimes in late 2019 and a trial is scheduled for October.

    While investigating Mr. Giuliani, prosecutors have examined, among other things, his potential business dealings in Ukraine and his role in pushing the Trump administration to oust the American ambassador to Ukraine, which was the subject of testimony at Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial.

    As he was pressuring Ukrainian officials to investigate the Bidens, Mr. Giuliani became fixated on removing the ambassador, Marie L. Yovanovitch, whom he saw as an obstacle to those efforts. At the urging of Mr. Giuliani and other Republicans, Mr. Trump ultimately ousted Ms. Yovanovitch.

    As part of the investigation into Mr. Giuliani, the prosecutors have explored whether he was working not only for Mr. Trump, but also for Ukrainian officials or businesses who wanted the ambassador to be dismissed for their own reasons, according to people briefed on the matter.

    Under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, it is a federal crime to try to influence or lobby the United States government at the request or direction of a foreign official without disclosing it to the Justice Department.

    The prosecutors have scrutinized Mr. Giuliani’s dealings with Yuriy Lutsenko, one of the officials who helped Mr. Giuliani and his associates in their dirt-digging mission while also urging them to work to get the ambassador removed.

    Among other things, the prosecutors have examined discussions Mr. Giuliani had about taking on hundreds of thousands of dollars in apparently unrelated consulting business from Mr. Lutsenko, which resulted in a draft retainer agreement that was never executed.

    Mr. Giuliani has said he turned down the deal, which would have involved him helping the Ukrainian government recover money it believed had been stolen and stashed overseas.

    As the investigation heated up last summer, prosecutors and F.B.I. agents in Manhattan were preparing to seek the search warrant for Mr. Giuliani’s records about his efforts to remove the ambassador, but they first had to notify Justice Department officials in Washington, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

    Federal prosecutors must consult Justice Department officials in Washington about search warrants involving lawyers because of concerns that they might obtain confidential communications with clients. The proposed warrant for Mr. Giuliani was particularly sensitive because his most prominent client was Mr. Trump.

    Career Justice Department officials in Washington largely supported the search warrant, but senior officials raised concerns that the warrant would be issued too close to the election, the people with knowledge of the matter said.

    Under longstanding practice, the Justice Department generally tries to avoid taking aggressive investigative actions within 60 days of an election if those actions could affect the outcome of the vote.

    The prosecutors in Manhattan tried again after the election, but political appointees in Mr. Trump’s Justice Department sought once more to block the warrant, the people with knowledge of the matter said. At the time, Mr. Trump was still contesting the election results in several states, a legal effort being led by Mr. Giuliani, those officials noted.

  20. global news – Ont. amends temporary emergency order allowing hospitals to move patients to LTC without consent

    Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott announced a temporary emergency order allowing hospitals to move patients to long-term care homes without their consent to free up capacity.

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