Unasked questions and Potemkin MASH units: Links 2, April 26, 2021

1. Link to final speech by Manning Johnson, upon his realization that the black man in the US, was being used as a pawn by communists to destroy the West.

(I haven’t been able to find out the date of this speech yet. Assume it was on or shortly before 1959.)

2. One Vancouver Sun reporter dares to ask some of the taboo questions we are shamed for asking in Canada. But she misses on major one.

1. What is the recovery rate of the thousands who have tested positive for COVID in B.C. over the past year? Ninety per cent? More? Less? Is the recovery rate getting better, or worse? Do the daily math for us, because it matters.

2. Who is dying? Literally, who. Of the 1,500-plus or so B.C. deaths (a truly sad statistic) attributed to COVID since March 2020, what is the age, location and pre-existing medical condition breakdown of those deaths? No one’s privacy is compromised by releasing such data, so why is it a secret? Do you think that the more we know the less we’ll take things seriously? I hope not, but as Greta Thunberg would say: “How dare you.”

3. No one doubts intensive care units — not to mention those toiling on the front lines —  are stretched. But what does that mean? How many ICU beds are there in B.C.? In Metro Vancouver? What is the percentage occupied by COVID patients right now? If hospitals need more help, what is being done?

4. Why is the vaccine rollout such a mess, a registration fiasco and nonsensical eligibility quagmire? Young Whistler yahoos jump the queue for the jab by ignoring protocol and super-spreading, but first responders elsewhere in the province have to wait? Websites crash, phone lines jam, expired vaccines are used, and Astra-Zeneca is no longer good for the over-65. What the actual hell. That last bit is more an observation than a question.

There are several more questions in this brave and counter-revolutionary article. But the big question is still not asked:

X. WHY is the entire strategy of Covid based on lockdowns and untested experimental mRNA gene therapy injections with zero information even ALLOWED on treatment?

3. Is Boris Johnson getting ready to resign?

4. Joe Biden’s stupidity is now a threat to the West’: Bolt (Andrew Bolt is one of the few reporters brave enough left in the world to speak obvious truths on national TV)

5. Is Ontario building Potemkin MASH units on Hospital parking lots? The reports are that these are empty and unused.

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Sassy sent in the numbers for this year’s Oscar TV show.

Oscars 2021: Ratings drop to an all-time low with unwatchable show

The Oscars ratings are in, and this year’s ceremony landed with a resounding whimper. 

About 9.85 million viewers tuned in, according to Variety, which is a more than 58% drop from last year’s all-time low of 23.6 million viewers. 2019’s ceremony garnered 29.6 million viewers. The ceremony landed a 1.9 rating for adults in the coveted 18 to 49 age demographic, a 64.2% drop from 2020.

Despite the dismal viewership, the 2021 Oscars were full of several surprises, shockers and  charming moments.

In the “charming” category was Daniel Kaluuya’s speech when he won Best Supporting Actor for “Judas and the Black Messiah” — and made an off-the-cuff sex joke about his parents, much to his mother’s dismay, judging from her reaction in the audience. 


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  1. So Biden is giving away millions of “jabs”–how I hate that innocuous-sounding word that should be “stabs”–because the domestic market is too suspicious. Incredible. And more woke countries like Dystopia and Mexico are lining up even though the EU suspended these brands. Can this get any more sick and twisted? I’m sure it will.


  2. The great Japanese director Akira Kurosawa summed up the Oscars in the phrase
    “Self Congratulatory Bullshit”.
    Well said Akira.

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