Ontario authoritarianism sometimes and sometimes not: Links 1, April 20, 2021

1. Good article on communist dog whistles. See through the organizations and people that are trying to con you.

2. OPP probing video appearing to show kid pushed from scooter

(Definitely if you want to make sure kids stay healthy, get cops to knock them off their human powered scooters in parks. Better than Vitamin D.)

You know the wheels are coming off lockdown enforcement when the police are targeting a “12-year-old” potential violator in a skateboard park.

And a free society is skating on thin ice when videos show up appearing to show a kid being pushed to the ground by a police officer.

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  1. 1. “They are obsessively envious and will do whatever it takes to stop a rising star if he or she is not in their circle.”

    Theirin lies the fear of the Socialists: the talentless that hate someone getting more than them. Their solution, is a handout culture – demanding that someone distribute the fair share of wealth. And Sociopaths are only too happy to answer this call, by becoming Politicians of Fairy Godmothers. Eventually, the Bill of Rights becomes evil. For in it – explicit for it to function – is personal responsibility.

    Eventually, like Communism everywhere, absolute power corrupts.
    The original Marxists – of the plight of abused workers by despicable training shoes manufacturers – did not look at the win win of capitalism, but at the rogue elements. Painting it all black to make their gripe huge. The same who paint the kuffar, the same who paint cis-gender as evil too.

    And after their rise, is a battle. And the first me-mores lie buried or as slaves under a gun.

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