Ontario Covid stats accessed April 14, 2021

The following page was posted by one of the extremely few, in fact perhaps unique law firms that does actual pro-bono human rights issues in Canada. It is in response to this tweet:



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  1. Yesterday I went to my city’s biggest hospital to drop off magazines for a friend who’s in for non-virus issues. Given the dire news of a hospitals bursting at the seems I expected traffic jams and no parking.

    It was a ghost town.

  2. Infection fatality rate: NO DATA available
    PCR cycle threshold: 38 (haven’t we read it should be set at 35?)
    Average age of deaths with Covid: NO DATA available
    Case fatality rates: considers… and probable cases.

    It would be interesting to see their Influenza Data Report.

  3. The real average survival rate must be near 100%, at around 99,9975%.


    The alleged 99.95% survival rate is even better in reality, because this number is based on the faked number of the dead i.e. everyone who died WITH Covid. The number of those who died FROM Covid is only 3-5% of the official number of the Covid-dead.

  4. CBC – Dr. Peter Jüni considered stepping down over Ontario pandemic measures

    The director of Ontario’s COVID-19 scientific advisory table says the province is in a severe crisis due to the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “…. I feel terrible … I mean yesterday I had a crying fit …”

  5. CBC – Forget politics, support essential workers now, expert tells Ontario government

    Ontario needs to pay workers who are sick, or who have been exposed to COVID-19, to stay home, says Dr. Peter Jüni of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table.

    Forget political considerations and wishful thinking, and just do it, the doctor says.

  6. Jagmeet Singh asks Trudeau to invoke ’emergency measures act’ in Ontario

    NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to consider invoking the Federal Emergencies Act in order “to help Ontario.”

    The Federal Emergencies Act was known until 1988 as the War Measures Act. Justin’s father, Pierre, famously invoked this act during the October Crisis in 1970.

    In a statement on Twitter, Singh wrote that this “could help make sure vaccines are getting to people who need them and help sick workers get paid when they stay home.”

    “We must do everything possible to keep people safe,” he added.

    This act is considered one of the most drastic decisions a government can make in Canada. This would effectively allow the Trudeau government to claim a significant amount of power that is usually allocated to the provinces.

    According to a law professor at the University of Ottawa, this act is “the stiffest government emergency powers of any emergency law in Canada.”

    Singh believes that this legislation is necessary as a result of the steepening number of cases in Ontario.



    twitter @theJagmeetSingh

    I have written to Justin Trudeau asking him to consider using the Federal Emergencies Act to help Ontario

    This could help make sure vaccines are getting to people who need them & help sick workers get paid when they stay home

    We must do everything possible to keep people safe


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