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11 Replies to “Mick Jagger released ANTI-LOCKDOWN song!”

  1. On the other hand, few humans in the history of peoplekind can claim the luck of a Mick Jagger. Having survived his own hedonism, and every-day-a-party-and-work-means-money-for-nothing-and-your-chicks-for-free life, maybe a news conference in plain english would be more heroic, and useful to the cause, given our dire circumstances. Or, if music really is your thing and you are one of the greatest ever, why not ten songs instead of just one to hammer home the point. Rebel-rebel, right. If someone has the power to start a righteous movement rolling like Micky and the Stones does, and they have practical immunity against cancel culture because their fame and fortune is in the bag, then go big or go home, says I. Otherwise leave the meaningful political statements to real men and women. Sorry to sound like a sour pus, but we now need more from our icons, gatekeepers, and opinion leaders. Look at that other big-lipped tattooed freak in Toronto named Chris something. Regular guy except he’s got extraordinary courage and he nailed this whole control paradigm long ago. And he has everything to lose, so, there is fat-lipped competition out there.

    There are also songwriters writing better songs on this, now, who will never be heard. This is a hard fact.

    Another hard fact is that this ain’t 1968 and you can’t dip your toe in this cesspool then jet back to the safety of your estate and huddle with your entourage, old man. Nope. The effort is appreciated, but we need more from your like. Now.

  2. Well, this Rolling Song is just a cautious double speak with too much hidden and metaphorical meaning. Marxist media explains it away by saying that Jagger attacks conspiracy theorists.

    But then again, in Communism, where the Globe is now, there is no other way to express the truth. I know this kind of controlled opposition in Hungary before 1989: humorists who were not banned served as a kind of pressure valve in the soft dictatorship. Hofi Géza was an example of it.

    And here we are again: we are happy to be allowed to read some repressed truth between the lines. This is a slave mentality that leads only to more slavery — unless one keeps the fortitude to never give up and never be satisfied with this “controlled freedom”.

    Notice that Jagger only utters the things that cannot be denied, nothing more.

    This song is just another tool of controll, but a more insidious one. Makes us all think that we can all lean back and do nothing because someone has finally told the truth for us. This is a way the TPTB take the mental energy out of the resistance. Another way for Gates and his bosses to laugh in their sleeves.

    Already Event201 in 2019 handled ‘conspiracy theory’.

    The Rolling Clones are all part of the system. They are nothing but the junk music in the prison yard that prevents the riot by keeping life somewhat bearable.

    The song surely had to go through the censorship and if it did not serve the globalists it would have been cancelled.

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