Orwell and Ontario: Links 1, April 17, 2021

1. Migration Watch UK: 100,000+ Convictions For Not Paying Television Licence Fee But Fewer Than 50 For Illegal Entry

The government said in a recent policy announcement that it plans to toughen the maximum sentences for illegally entering the UK (see statement, p.4).

The statute book is full to bursting with criminal offences relating to immigration control, from entering the UK illegally to renting property to an illegal migrant. However, most are rarely prosecuted, with an average of just 625 prosecutions per year between 2017 and 2019.

Meanwhile, there was only a 14% conviction rate for offences prosecuted at Magistrates’ Court between 2014 and 2018 (with only an average of 69 people found guilty each year despite 500 prosecutions at that level each year).

And a new parliamentary answer to a questionby our President – Lord Green of Deddington – shows that there were only an average of 71 people charged each year between 2016 and 2020 under a statutory provision which makes illegal entry and overstaying a criminal offence (Section 24 of the Immigration Act 1971– see full answer below).

There were nearly 50,000 illegal entrants detected in the UK between 2018 and 2021 (see our brief). And there were between 60,000 and 65,000 reports of immigration and commodity abuse by members of the public to the Home Office each year during that period (Home Office statistics).

There were 114,000 convictions of UK residents for TV licence fee evasion in 2019 (Ministry of Justice data). In contrast there have been less than 50 convictions for illegal entry or overstaying under Section 24 of the Immigration Act 1971 in each of the past four years (2018-2021).

2. Where the Orwellian idea of communist governments enforcing 2+2=5 is made flesh:

It is true because the party says its true. And you will not just repeat it. You will believe it. And you will believe it because the party tells you it is true.

3. Bari Weiss was an editor at the NYT until it got too communist, even for her. She famously resigned with an open letter to the Times which was a major vindication to all of us that knew the NYT was enemy propaganda, and made no difference at all to people who staple their consumption of it to their base identity. The following link is to another article of hers about a letter of a father of a student who pulled his daughter out of a public school and wrote his own open letter.

I was planning to publish a roundup today of the many thoughtful responses to Paul Rossi’s essay. I’m going to save that post for Sunday, because I was just sent this letter that has my jaw on the floor. It was written by a Brearley parent named Andrew Gutmann.

If you don’t know about Brearley, it’s a private all-girls school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It costs $54,000 a year and prospective families apparently have to take an “anti-racism pledge” to be considered for admission. (In the course of my reporting for this piece I spoke to a few Brearley parents.)

Gutmann chose to pull his daughter, who has been in the school since kindergarten, and sent this missive to all 600 or so families in the school earlier this week. Among the lines:

If Brearley’s administration was truly concerned about so-called “equity,” it would be discussing the cessation of admissions preferences for legacies, siblings, and those families with especially deep pockets. If the administration was genuinely serious about “diversity,” it would not insist on the indoctrination of its students, and their families, to a single mindset, most reminiscent of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

I’m pasting the whole thing below.

Meantime, I’m going to ask Andrew Gutmann to join Paul Rossi and me for our subscriber-only conversation this coming Tuesday night. I hope he’ll join. Details about that event will be in Sunday’s post.

4. While on the subject of the NYT, Tucker Carlson opens with the double narrative about Afghanistan. How the Times made up stuff to stop Trump from pulling troops out of Afghanistan, then explained that the allegations may not be solid enough to act on, so Biden can pull the troops out. Below, the whole episode. As a bonus, just after 30 minutes, there is more stuff on the US military talking about UFOs which increasingly look like its gonna be the next Y2K, or global warming. As usual, the footage of the objects look like they were shot on a 1990s Motorola Flip phone.

5. Some of the new police powers in Ontario

6. This analysis of the events of January 6 in Washington DC is reflective of all the videos I have seen of that day.

Thank you Johnny U., PC., M., Richard, MarcusZ1967, Coram Deo, and MANY more who are trying to understand the nature of today’s reality, no matter how painful it may be to what we believed, or wanted it to be.

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  1. 4- Given our current state of the information battle space, I refuse to believe any allusion to extraterrestrials visiting planet Earth. Not until, that is, I am driving down a remote country road some night and a bizarre craft comes from nowhere to hover over my car. Suddenly the power quits and I sit in silence bathed by its eerie coloured lights. It is scanning me with its penetrating technology. Strangely, I am not racked by fear. Rather, I hear a telepathic voice speaking to me. “…All will be well,” the voice assures me. “We must examine you for our studies…”

    Extraterrestrials could certainly be our next big mass neurosis. What’s the difference between a Wuhan pandemic and a Martian? They could share similar criteria for communist control campaigns.

    Both are sort of evasive. I mean they’re real if they get you so we have to make sure a small percentage of the population is killed or maimed. They’re both scary enough to paralyze people with fear. But the main thing is that both remain intangible enough, yet their effects so damaging that you will always, always err on the side of safety.

    Aliens can be to the Wuhan Flu what Wuhan is to redheads, if you get my drift. Boogeymen all.

    • Aliens don’t scare me, nothing scares me – – well the bloody big wolf spider that ran across the arm of the love seat last night, scared me a lot and now reading the fine lines in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms …….hmmm

      Don’t ever let them push you around, don’t let them change your point of view.

      I will put my name on any massive law suit regarding COVID for three reasons:

      1.. Nerve damage to my eye – – for delay of medical treatment

      2. Not being able to breathe when entering every damn place I have to go into I order to carry on living – chest pain, tingling, rash from mask. That be pain and suffering.

      3. My red hair is turning grey from all the bullshit.

      I could say 4. Swearing now. Lol

    • The next neurosis is already decided: Climate Crisis.

      Aliens: I don’t believe humans are the only form of intelligent life in the entire universe. I have a friend who told me about her strange experience one night in her bedroom. The woman isn’t crazy, a very lucid lady who doesn’t drink nor takes pills.

      As she lay in bed about to fall asleep, a glowing red roundish form showed up next to her bed. It stayed for about one hour, hovering around and on top of her. She thought it was examining her. She wasn’t frightened. And suddenly, it just left through the exterior wall.

      • And then there is the mutation, mutations, mutations. It is now time for everyone worldwide to stand up and tell Klaus Schwab, Killy Bates, Obama, Georgie Soros and Bush, to go to hell. PUSH BACK.

        Plant the seed with the “little people”, they have FAR more power than the global madmen.

        Trudeau and Freeland are little puppets in this game.

  2. If they are trying to panic people with a UFO scare they are going to be disappointed, according to the latest polls I have see over 63% of the US population believes in UFOs and aren’t afraid of them. Back in the 50s when UFOs were regularly reported on the news people didn’t panic, in fact they went running to where they were reported.

    Once again the left is believing their own propganda.

  3. What better way to destabilize the United States than to turn the DOJ and FBI into a one-party political, Gestapo-like, police force that forces at least half of the country into the opposition camp and pretty much guarantees a strong, probably physical, grassroots reaction. What do you want to bet that whoever’s been pushing for this travesty has enjoyed bountiful funding from hazy sources, and what do you want to bet that the enemy Generals are watching this development and saying, “Excellent…excellent”…

    Bear in mind that the FBI-Gestapo can put a ham sandwich away for five-to-ten years for “lying to the FBI”. So the defendant says, “I didn’t do it, Copper”, and the Copper says, “Yes you did! That’s five years for lying to a federal agent”. It just doesn’t seem fair, somehow…

  4. Went into grocery store, no mask, I fat lady with a kind face asked me if I needed one and I said no, but you for asking and I smiled. Some stared, some smiled, I wore my “I will bite you if you push me too far” look.

    Outside the store I saw a woman I know and she told me she will be getting the shot on Tuesday and her friend with her will be also. Her daughter-in-law told her she must in order to see her grandchildren. I wanted to ask if her daughter-in-law liked her, but I was still trying to process what she just said. I said I am older than you and I am not worried about COVID, then I was off to the liquor store. I may go back to buying wine by the case!

  5. End of Lockdowns. Police in Ontario

    Police Services in Ontario will not all comply. They have announced they will not be enforcing this whatever you want to call Doug Ford’s actions. They will NOT stop anyone driving or in public.

    More are joining in, police in the following places will not be a part of this tyranny.
    South Simcoe
    Sault Ste. Marie
    North Bay

    I salute these Real Officers of the LAW!

  6. The new American norm; you are guilty until you prove your innocent and you’ll be prevented from defending yourself in a court of law. which in essence is Fascism.

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