Geopolitics, and the single standard of the revolution in greater force in the USA: Links 1, April 15, 2021

1. Please read this excellent thread showing how media spins the exact same policies to be a disaster for Trump and a stunning act of genius for Biden

2. Israeli-owned vessel attacked off the UAE coast: report

Vessel identified as Hyperion said coming under missile attack near port of Fujairah, sustains minor damage

An Israeli-owned vessel came under attack off the Emirati shores, the al-Mayadeen channel reported on Tuesday, citing sources on the ground. 

The unconfirmed report identified the ship as Hyperion, owned by the Tel-Aviv-based RAY SHIPPING company.

The privately-owned vessel said to be targeted near the Emirati port of Fujairah, where it was heading from Kuwait, according to maritime tracking websites.

Israel’s Channel 12 cited security sources as blaming the attack on Iran, adding that the vessel sustained light damage in a missile attack.

3. A likely next murder victim by Muslims in the name of Islam. This Hindu preacher is sort of an Indian version of Robert Spencer, or Bill Warner. He wants to raise awareness of the facts of the history of Islam in India, which include General Tamerlane’s largest genocide in world history in raw numbers in his zeal to wipe out the Hindus. As a consequence of speaking factually about the scripture of Islam and the undisputed life of Islam’s founder, Mohammad, there is the usual bounty literally on his head.

Read the details at RAIR Foundation and see the rest of the related videos there.

Billboard in India asking for the murder of two Hindus by Muslims

4. YouTube deletes anti-lockdown video by prominent Canadian legal group

April 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – YouTube has deleted a powerful new video blasting COVID lockdowns and the negative social and mental effects they have caused. The video was released by prominent Canadian legal group Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF).

The banned video, titled, “Covid: The Political Pandemic,” was released on April 10 on the group’s YouTube channel. Within minutes, the video was taken down for allegedly violating YouTube’s terms of service.

The JCCF was able to post the video to a Rumble account in short order, however, and to date, it has over 21,000 views.

Here it is below:

5. “They beating up every white person!” “They jumping every white person!”

Thank you Kontrarian K., Johnny U., M., PC., ET., EW., Xanthippa, EB. and a great many others who are managing to hold it together during not just revolutionary times, but times where its forbidden to point out that these are revolutionary times.

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  1. @ count down 1.19 min “You don’t know what I belong to.”

    All threats start here.

    The Collectivists.

    ‘Individualism is freedom,’ is verboten.

  2. GEOPOLITICS: China and Iran, happy together.

    A while ago, right before the U.S. and Iran were going to hold indirect talks on April 6, the CCP and Iran signed a 25-year Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement.

    According to the agreement, China will provide its BeiDou Navigation Satellite System to Iran to enhance Iran’s combat capabilities. Today I’d like to discuss a little bit of the agreement, and what this BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, or Beidou system, means for the US and the world.

    The China-Iran Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement includes three main aspects:

    The CCP will invest $400 billion in Iran for energy and infrastructure construction.

    Oil and trade transactions between China and Iran will be settled in Renminbi; and

    Iran will install the CCP’s Beidou system for its missiles.

    Among the three items, the Renminbi settlement and the Beidou System have caused the most concerns.

    More w/video:

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