Senior Nurse in UK speaks to her experience with the mRNA injections and asks a few questions as to why protocols are so unusual

So far I have only watched 27 minutes of this. But its interesting enough to justify posting. As Tucker Carlson points out, and as we already know, any deviation from what Tucker calls, The Celebrity Industrial Complex, and what we call communist enemy propaganda, will be suppressed. This means that any non-narrative news or information probably deserves to be seen, but that pool is also extremely polluted with both tactical misinformation and just incorrect materials by people trying to work it all out who simply don’t know enough to do so very well. It would be great if this video had more better sources and more solid information like the Pfizer VP we posted yesterday. That, by the way, was a stellar example of what real science sounds like. Even when the results of the research run against the fibre and even total gestalt of the scientist, as it most certainly does in his case. If you don’t bother with this, please do go back and watch that.


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3 Replies to “Senior Nurse in UK speaks to her experience with the mRNA injections and asks a few questions as to why protocols are so unusual”

  1. I rather doubt that this had anything to do with “SAVING” Lives from the word go, it looks to me that it is a setup for a Mass Culling of the Human Race.
    They’ve been promoting and talking about that long enough, so why do people are so complacent and walk freely and happily onto the Scaffold?
    Have they lost their will for Self-preservation?
    If so, then I’m sorry, I just lost my empathy for this apathetic tribe of Humanity, and give all my hostility towards those that are responsible for this.

  2. From a commenter at “CDC pauses Johnson & Johnson injection citing ‘rare’ blood clots, but here’s what you’re not being told”
    April 14, 2021 at 12:36 pm
    Call this what it is……the LETHAL INJECTION. The evil powers that be are murdering YOU and your FAMILIES.
    And (YOU) keep calling it the LETHAL INJECTION, so that the reality of this sinks into your head.

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