Covid regs, police states, reopening in leftist regions, and doctors silenced who report non-narrative facts: Links 1, April 14, 2021

1. The last conservative standing in Canada speaks to a reopening plan, which no one seems to want in government. Its nice to hear a person in parliament speak in such a way that even though he doesn’t say it, he seems to know that the term “progressive” actually means communist.

2. Here is an interesting contrast. Fauci does shared platform with Chinese Communist party promising there would not be normal in the US for some time.

3. Police in the UK continue to use insane Covid lockdown rules to flagrantly run roughshod over people’s rights. In this case, bust into someone’s house for quarantine something something.

4. This is crazy important. A doctor who has been administering the mRNA shots to people, was ordered not to discuss HIS OWN OBSERVATIONS as to the reactions to the shots, which is about 100X what is reported so far, which makes Tucker Carlson’s segment on the shots last night spot on when he said they would only cancel it if the risk was substantially higher than is reported. From the PoV of this site, the issue is less about the safety of the shot, than it is our system is so marxist that reporting must only be done which reflects a narrative and MUST NOT be done if its truthful and deviates from that narrative. Please watch this video:

It appears that part II has already been removed: This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

This appears to be the whole interview on Rumble. Start the video below at around  18:30 if you have seen the first part above on YT

Here is a link to the open letter that the doctor wrote to the head of the health bureaucracy.

Thank you all who increasingly realize that bravery is required now to disseminate, and even recognize unto oneself, what truth is.

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