Moderna boss: mRNA jabs are “rewriting the Genetic Code” we call it “information therapy” (Ted 2017) Links 2, April 13, 2021

1. London police warn a woman she may be killed if she doesn’t leave speakers corner. Reason appears to be T shirt and muslims.

2. More moral and legal inversion in the UK. Police harass man for filming illegal migrant hotel, but there is no checking of the illegals in the hotel. Police asked for ze paperz of Britain first who did not have to provide them, and did not. So police followed them until they could do a bogus traffic stop and then nailed him for tailgaiting in order to get the papers. This is of course, all to intimidate them for reporting on illegals being put up at a hotel at state expense. The exact same thing happens in Canada when people report from Toronto hotels, or Roxham Rd. where they enter. The RCMP, who are now essentially bell hops for illegals, (who don’t have to pay for a Covid test like Canadians do when they enter the country) have set up a whole method for preventing reporters from reporting at Roxham Rd. They have rented a facility from which they operate so they can claim its private property and prevent you from accessing it, and they wait to transport people into Montreal till after reporters have been removed from the area. If only the rest of us had those kind of property rights public servants have when they pretend its private property.

3. A 50 minute interview with a London UK Mayoral candidate and former actor, Laurence Fox

4. Mumbai: 67-year-old Ahmad Shahi arrested for raping over 30 stray dogs in Juhu area

(This concept is so anathema to a Western, Judaeo-Christian culture, that the term, “Effing the dog” actually means not doing any work when you are supposed to be working. But in the Islamic world, its often a lot more literal)

In a shocking incident, a 67-year-old man was arrested for allegedly raping dozens of stray dogs in suburban Andheri West.

According to the reports, Ahmad Shah, a vegetable vendor and a resident of Juhu Galli, has been arrested after he was caught sexually abusing a female stray dog near Andheri. A complaint was lodged by Vijay Mohnani from NGO Bombay Animal Rights, who submitted a video to the police in which Shah could be seen raping the dog.

The video recorded by the NGO volunteer allegedly shows Ahmad Shah raping a stray dog. The complaint says that despite being warned by locals, he kept repeating such acts.

5. Moderna Boss: mRNA jabs are “rewriting he Genetic Code”. We call it, “Information therapy”

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