Cotton Pickin slaves is just fine so long as communists are running it: Links 1, April 9, 2021

1. Naomi Wolf warns about the real potential of the ‘Covid Passport”. (May have posted this before, but if so, well here it is again! Its from end of March and was taken down from FB and restored after a bit, and we also have it on 3Speak.)

2. Teachers’ Union Head Rips Jews in Interview on School Reopening

Union leader Randi Weingarten criticized Jews as “part of the ownership class” dedicated to denying opportunities to others in an interview released on Friday.

Weingarten—who is herself Jewish and draws a six-figure salary as head of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)—took aim at American Jews in an interview with the Jerusalem Post. When asked about parents critical of the AFT’s resistance to school reopening, Weingarten took aim squarely at Jewish critics.

“American Jews are now part of the ownership class,” Weingarten said. “Jews were immigrants from somewhere else. And they needed the right to have public education. And they needed power to have enough income and wealth for their families that they could put their kids through college and their kids could do better than they have done.”

“What I hear when I hear that question is that those who are in the ownership class now want to take that ladder of opportunity away from those who do not have it,” she said.

Weingarten’s comments come after months of political conflict about whether to reopen school system as vaccinations ramp up and the coronavirus crisis recedes.

(Once again, we see the problem is commies. Once a person is communist, they happily weaponize whatever other taxonomy they can lay claim to, and transform it into a battering ram with which to attack Western Civ.)

3. This American scientist living in the Philippines was a guest on Dennis Prager today and had some interesting offerings about Covid and the vaccine etc. Apparently, the Philippines has had by far the most severe lock down laws in the world. For over a year, over 60s, if memory serves, and under 15 year olds have been confined to their homes. They also have no vaccines available except what is donated. They purchased none. Their stats are interesting as well, but you would have to find the Prager interview with him for the details. But here is a link to his article on Covid deaths and obesity as by far the most important comorbidity.

4. FASCINATING account of Chinese pressure on Western companies because they object to Uyghurs picking cotton as, well slaves.

The Chinese government is boycotting Western clothing retailers for expressing concerns about forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region. The dispute revolves around allegations that China’s government is forcing more than 500,000 Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic and religious minorities to pick cotton in Xinjiang, which produces 85% of China’s cotton and one-fifth of the world’s supply. Roughly 70% of the region’s cotton fields are picked by hand. Pictured: Women harvest cotton by hand in Hami, Xinjiang on September 20, 2015. (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

The Chinese government is boycotting Western clothing retailers for expressing concerns about forced labor in Xinjiang, China’s biggest region. The companies are being pressured to scrub from their websites language about corporate policies on human rights, reverse decisions to stop buying cotton produced in Xinjian, and remove maps that depict Taiwan as an independent country.

5. Thousands rally against new coronavirus restrictions in Argentina’s Buenos Aires

(Putting masks on the trombones though, that could be considered a mental health benefit)

Thank you M., Oz-Rita, Johnny U., Richard, PC., and all who kept the fires burning overnight.

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  1. On school closure:
    Look at the numbers of hours these private phonics tutors are employed:

    Parents are desperate to ensure that their young children are not falling behind. It saddens me that parents who are themselves literate have lost the ability to teach their own children how to read. What was once a convenience — outsourced education — has become a necessity. Sesame Street is not enough.

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