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2 Replies to “Sky News Oz: BREAKING: Blood-clotting disorders ‘very rare’ side effect of AstraZeneca vaccine”

  1. – EUROPEAN COURT of HUMAN RIGHTS rules forced-vaccination is ‘democratic’ –

    ECHR rules obligatory vaccination may be necessary

    The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg ruled on Thursday that compulsory vaccinations would not contravene human rights law — and may be necessary in democratic societies.

    The ruling came following the evaluation of a complaint brought to the court by Czech families regarding compulsory jabs for children.

    “The measures could be regarded as being ‘necessary in a democratic society,'” the court judgment read.

    Although the ruling did not deal directly with COVID-19 vaccines, experts believe it could have implications for the vaccination drive against the virus, especially for those who have so far stated a refusal to accept the jab.

    This judgment “reinforces the possibility of a compulsory vaccination under conditions of the current COVID-19 epidemic,” Nicolas Hervieu, a legal expert specializing in the ECHR, told AFP news agency.


  2. Simply stated: The state’s novid scamdemic is nothing more than the state asserting ownership of you in your person and body, in the most totalitarian, high-handed way imaginable, period.
    They own you. You are a domestic animal. A slave. Lock yourself in your enclosure when the appointee demands it. Line up and let the state inject you with mystery goo.
    All enforced by a goon with a gun, the final arbiter of state power in crapastanada
    Do it, or we will kill you.
    I will not comply, I will not submit. The state is morally wrong, well up into the evil end of the scale. In fact, the state, and the plutocratic despots driving this crappola, contrary to any rational medical or scientific method, is totally un-acceptable fascism, and is medical battery under the laws of the land. It is torture, and the state is killing people.
    I will resist. I will resist using the means I learned for wiping out soviet tank armies.
    This is one of my guaranteed universal human rights, a charter khanaduhstan is signatory to. I have the right to resist authoritarian rule, and state cleansing.
    So do you. It is the law of the land.
    Resist today, by any and all means. It is your duty, and a moral requisite.

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