Conspiracy theory? Or 20 deaths from AZ blood clots: Links 1, April 8, 2021

1. UK halts AZ injection for under 30s:  (“There is no safety signal associated with these mRNA vaccines; its a different kind of technology…”. What exactly is he saying here? That the mRNA ones have unknown safety factor, or that the standard model vaccines are worse or…?)

2. CNN does what it does best in this photo:

What is missing in this photo?

3. Two states now ban any kind of “Vaccine passport”

4. AZ injection deaths move from conspiracy theory to cancelling the injection for under 30s. 22 second video.

(A few people have told me personal stories that if you get one of the injections issued under Emergency Measures act in Canada or the USA, but not approved by these national health agencies, insurance will not payout on death or for injuries related to the injection or possibly related to the injection. If anyone has solid knowledge of this, please post in the comments. This would be both interesting, important, and dramatically under-reported if it is the case.)

5. Bill Warner: Slavery in Islam

Thank you M., Johnny U., Richard, MarcusZ1967, Yucki, Chris Jones and MANY more who have contributed already this week.


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  1. Shari’ah Law – – -“ Captive Women”

    Non-Muslim girls, Jews, Christians, Yazidis, Hindus or others taken in jihad wars may be made sex slaves, forcibly married and bought and sold in the marketplace.

  2. 1. “Blood Clotting Needs to Be Watched with All COVID Vaccines” AAPS – April 5, 2021


    The U.S. has not yet granted an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the AstraZeneca product. Unlike the Pfizer and Moderna products being rolled out here, it does not use mRNA. Instead, it uses a chimpanzee adenovirus whose DNA has been genetically engineered to code for the spike protein on the surface of the COVID-causing virus. The chimpanzee virus is able to enter human cells and uncoat its DNA but cannot replicate.

  3. No. 1:

    As a Vlad-Tepes/Gates of Vienna Translator, I have been a little slack lately (technical and other problems), but my short translation of the answer to Vlad’s question:

    “…What exactly is he saying here?…” :…saltwater..inthe..billgates..syringe…youget….blablablabla.

    A more informed answer to the more general question: “What is that all about ?” can be found here:

  4. – ITEM 3 – QUEBEC now heading toward VACCINE PASSPORTS –

    MONTREAL — The idea of giving citizens “passports” proving they’ve been vaccinated is controversial around the world, and in Ottawa—but less so in Quebec, whose health minister said Thursday that the province is going full steam ahead on the idea.

    “The goal is easy,” said Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé when asked about passports at a press conference.

    Passports would be “quite helpful,” he added later. He said it’s natural for people who are “enthusiasts” about getting vaccinated that they’d want proof, and businesses are calling for it as well.

    “I heard many enterprises that said they would like to be able… to open their doors if they had the proof that the people inside [had been vaccinated],” he said. The province has already asked its information technology staff and public health experts to work on the passport idea, Dubé said.

    “We are in the digital world, and I don’t see why we could not have… what we call the QR code that we have on our boarding pass when we fly,” he said. “So I think it’s just normal that we go there.”

    … The World Health Organization, meanwhile, is against the idea of vaccine passports for public health reasons, reminding the public that it’s still unclear how much vaccines reduce COVID transmission, even though they protect the vaccinated from becoming sick.

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