Ditch the Clorox: CDC tells businesses to ‘end hygiene theater’ because risk of being infected with COVID through surfaces is ‘low’

(I guess they figure Biden has unpacked now, and has the White House as his home location on Uber-Elderly)

Daily Mail:

It’s time to stop obsessively Clorox-ing every surface and object, U.S. health officials announced Monday.  

An army of sanitizing robots, round-the-clock cleaning staffs and UV lamp-wielding workers is being called of by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has deemed the risk of contracting COVID-19 by touching surfaces ‘low.’ 

Schools, businesses, and households have spent millions collectively over the past year in an effort to step up cleaning practices and make their spaces safer – or at least to make them feel safer. 

It has given rise to the term ‘hygiene theater,’ referring to the suspicion that most of these high-tech sanitization practices are a waste of time and money, as reported by The Atlantic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) latest guidance update confirms that the benefits of constant scrubbing and disinfectant-dousing robots do not outweigh the risks of contracting coronavirus from a contaminated surface. 

(We at Vlad Tepes have been referring to this as “medical theatre since it started)

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4 Replies to “Ditch the Clorox: CDC tells businesses to ‘end hygiene theater’ because risk of being infected with COVID through surfaces is ‘low’”

  1. Remember when they called it ‘science’?
    Just wait till they realize the number of people who will develop health problems because of a weakened immune system that would be the result of too much hand washing (sanitizer included).

  2. If testing was stopped today, the “cases” would decline dramatically. Health officials should stop telling healthy people they are sick. Operating rooms would start trying to clear the thousands life saving operation that have been put on hold. Do politicians know that Karry Mullis, the man who discovered the Polymerase Chain Reaction technology, said it should never be used to diagnose disease in humans? Why should we listen to Teresa Tam, the WHO puppet?

    Let’s work on taking politics out of Canadian healthcare.

  3. Perhaps the government injectable will affect people’s immune system over time, lowering it. Bleaching surfaces given such a possibility/probability may reduce exposure to diseases that are already a huge problem, such as hepatitis.

  4. I went to my convenience store today. No more aseptic soap, it’s gone.

    The clerk is on our side for everything including the ‘stab’. Never will she get the ‘stab’. And the ‘mask’, she hates them, dangerous for our health.
    I initiated the conversation and I couldn’t stop her. She talked and on and on she went. She’s on our side. And I gave her a well-needed voice.

    On my way there, on foot, I met a girlfriend. We spoke for a few minutes. She’s terrified.
    She kept repeating the number of deaths, every day. She’s consumed by this. I tried softly reasoning with her. Impossible.
    Every day, she looks at the number of deaths and cases everywhere. This includes Brazil and other nations. How many people like her? There are many.

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