How to deal with state thugs in matching pants suits: Links 3, April 3, 2021

Before we even get to the list of items in this post, a quick lesson on how to deal with state thugs in matching pants suits, when they come to your personal space attempting ultra-vires measures over Covid

1. When this program was announced by Google, how many readers here actually didn’t work out that it would be to make sure we didn’t get to see how many people dislike Biden and the Biden admin. Google makes it crystal clear that they work with a single standard. Delegitimize and foment hatred towards a popular classical American president, and make sure that an illegitimate president who is barely even mentally present, is not seen to be as disliked as he actually is.

2. When your government asks for any personal data, be it census or otherwise and assures you its secure, here is yet another major piece of data you can point to and laugh while you tell them to stick it where the Chinese can read it.

Personal data of 533 million Facebook users leaked online

Facebook has suffered another data leak, which could be its biggest one yet.

According to Business Insider, the personal information of 533 million Faceook users has been posted in a low-level hacking forum. <b>The personal information includes phone numbers, Facebook IDs, full names, locations, birthdates, and email addresses. Over 32 million from the U.S, 11 million from the U.K, and 6 million from India are affected. </b>

Alon Gal, CTO of cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock, told Insider that cybercriminals could use these information to impersonate or scam users into providing login credentials. The leaked data was apparently discovered in January when someone posted in the same forum about an automated bot that could deliver phone numbers of Facebook users for a price. Motherboard verified the data to be legitimate.

While Facebook has not commented on the matter, Gal claims that there is nothing much the social media firm can do to help affected users except to warn them of possible phishing schemes or fraud.

Facebook suffered a series of data breaches in the past three years. The company had a major security breach in September 2018 when its engineering team discovered hackers had access to personal data of over 29 million users. In December 2018, Facebook suffered another data breach as a Photo API bug exposed up to 6.8 million users’ photos to third party apps.

Three months later, Kerbs on Security reported that Facebook stored the passwords of million of users in plain text for years. Facebook confirmed the issue and said there’s no evidence that the passwords were exposed outside of the company.

3. Demo against lockdowns in Stuttgart

Police use a new tactic here and high 5 the protestors. I guess they figure its time to hedge their bets.

4. Brad Johnson: British people being slaughtered in Mozambique by muslim jihadis

5. Police smash their way into a man’s home in Australia, arrest him in front of his wife and children, even though he presented evidence that he was in full compliance with all Covid regs and tests.

Thank you Richard, M., C., ML., Johnny U., Malca and many more who I have lost track of in the email stream. but the gratitude is real.

Here is the header paragraph of the Babylon Bee newsletter. By the way, the BB is being branded as far right wing and hate speech, so they are being demonetized by the usual tyrants. Remember though, the state now is using the metric where “far right wing” means counter-revolutionary, in as much as mocking revolutionary policies is counter to their ambitions, and those who mock classical thought and Greek civilization and any of its components such as reason and reality, are revolutionary and therefore extra funded and immune from prosecution.

The military is recruiting chihuahuas in an effort to be more equitable. Plus, parents are disguising their kids as illegal immigrants, and virtuous actors are boycotting Georgia in favor of more righteous places like China. It’s time for The Babylon Bee Week in Review!

On the theme of the state and even private apparatus now being a revolutionary force, check out how a university denied a libertarian club. Their words, “Concerns about hate speech and bigotry, which of course is code for counter-revolutionary.


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6 Replies to “How to deal with state thugs in matching pants suits: Links 3, April 3, 2021”

  1. ‘Vaccine’ Depopulation
    David Icke is a jerk IMO but the video is interesting. Not saying it is all believable but sets one to thinking. Some of what the person on the video says towards the end is hooey which is sad because then people will discount what he has said about the shot. Then he goes back to the shot mixing it with the hooey and back again to things that are pertinent.
    Towards the end he speaks about the next step as being a hoax about it being in pets & farm animals and that they must be done away with or jabbed to protect us. Russia has announced that they have a jab for farm animals so this will be the next step.

  2. Item 1: It’s in Calgary. Just a wonderful video clip. An example for all of us.
    I doubt all police officers, same with store clerks, agree with the measures in place. But they know there is at least one traitor among them, and that is the problem.

  3. The Item 1: They can’t do a thing against him because he didn’t allow them to enter, he stopped them. They can’t issue a ticket, no nothing, because they didn’t see if there were people inside, and how many rooms there are.

    Had they forced their way in, it would have been a very bad look for the officers especially if there were women and children screaming and crying.

    The officers were stuck between a rock and a hard place. They did the right thing by leaving and him, he stirred their conscience.

    • Yeah, exactly, Laws come and go, your conscience doesn’t.
      You could see it in their eyes that those cops were not comfortable in what they’re forced to do through illegal and power-hungry Mandators under the guise of “LAW”.
      The making of arbitrary “Laws” to fit a Agenda are Nazi/Communist Methods.
      But far to many Police seem to thrive in this kind of Government induced Fear Environment.

  4. “…far too many police seem to thrive…”

    The female officer trying to impose herself. Very persistent. She lasted much longer than any normal person should in the absolute wrong, meaning she is one of those who thrive. All those guns, tasers, night sticks and all that brawn defeated by a single man’s clear thinking resolve. Lovely.

  5. Sick , sick , what is happening in Canada and all over the world!!, new world order in action , Trudeau can burn in hell!!!, same with this traitors: Merkel, Macron , and on and on , Europe is really in bad shape , if people don’t get up we will be end up in the communism , it’s happening now ..

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