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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. OUR GOVERNMENT is littered with SOCIALISTS and people don’t see it:

    “Effort to remove socialist councilmember accused of misconduct during Seattle riots can proceed, court rules”

    – The Washington Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the effort to remove a Seattle councilwoman, who was accused of allowing protesters into city hall during riots in the city, can proceed.

    City official Kshama Sawant, a socialist, faced a recall after she purportedly “admitted hundreds of people into Seattle City Hall,” “led a protest march to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s private residence,” and “failed to comply with public disclosure requirements,” the court wrote.

    Charges were “factually and legally sufficient for recall,” and the effort was allowed to continue, justices concluded. –

    “While it is true that protestors defaced and damaged Mayor Durkan’s home, there is no support offered showing that Councilmember Sawant herself threatened to cause bodily injury or physical harm to property; or that she exhorted others to engage in such conduct,” the justices wrote.

    The petition to remove the local official, which was first brought by Seattle resident Ernest Lou, will need to collect 10,000 signatures in the next 180 days. The movement has generated nearly $300,000 and spent roughly $100,000. Sawant’s defense has raised more, approximately $310,000, and expended $182,000.

    A group committed to preserving Sawant’s spot on the government body has blamed business and “right wing” influence for the recall effort. =

    “While it is true that protestors defaced and damaged Mayor Durkan’s home, there is no support offered showing that Councilmember Sawant herself threatened to cause bodily injury or physical harm to property; or that she exhorted others to engage in such conduct,” the justices wrote.

    The petition to remove the local official, which was first brought by Seattle resident Ernest Lou, will need to collect 10,000 signatures in the next 180 days. The movement has generated nearly $300,000 and spent roughly $100,000. Sawant’s defense has raised more, approximately $310,000, and expended $182,000.


      The Federal NDP Party in CANADA is set to debate whether or not to phase out the Canadian Armed Forces at their upcoming 2021 convention to be held April 9-11.

      The policy resolution titled “Elimination of the Canadian Armed Forces” was submitted by the party’s Spadina-Fort York Electoral District Assoc.
      It claims that in a world with a globalized economy traditional militaries are becoming increasingly unnecessary and points to other countries like Costa Rica and Iceland which have allegedly abolished their armies.
      At the government’s expense they will be trained to work in parks, health…………

      This is the party that voted in favour of M-103
      Voted against a bill to increase prison time for people with illegal guns
      Support gun control for Canadians


      I picked up a flyer yesterday “The Natural Path”.
      There is an article. – – The first herb to fight COVID

      Perhaps for the first time, a herb has been shown to reduce the risk of dying from COVID. The herb is Nigella sativa, or black seed. In the just completed and not yet peer reviewed, study, black seed was combined with honey. 313 people with moderate or sever COVID were given the natural supplement or a placebo.

      The results were remarkable. People on the herbal supplement got over their symptoms significantly faster than people on the placebo. for people with moderate symptoms, recovery improved from 7 days to 4; for people with severe symptoms, it improved from 13 days to 6. They also tested negative to COVID 4 days faster.

      • Now we are going into another lockdown, our government does not want us getting together for Easter.
        When will this transformation take place, the switch from COVID lockdown to the government bringing in 400,000 plus migrants?

        If COVID seems to be a problem for all the “fragile people” just wait until our new problems come forward.

        Infectious Disease Epidemiology Annual Report July 12, 2017
        The report suggests this may be the tip of the iceberg. Doctors believe the RVI may be downplaying the threat in an effort to avoid fuelling anti immigration sentiments.
        Surgeon, Carsten Boos, has warned the German authorities have lost track of hundreds of migrants who may be infected. he warned that 40% of TB pathogens are multi drug- resistant

        Inherently dangerous to the general population, is the Federal Institution using political correctness to conceal the unpleasant reality?

        Some of the diseases have not been seen in 40 years.
        Adenoviral conjunctivitis, botulism, chicken pox, cholera, crytosporidiosis, dengue fever, enchinococcosis, giardiasis, haemophilia influenza, hantavirus, hepatitis, hemorrhagic fever, HIV/AIDS, leprosy, louse-borne relapsing fever, measles, malaria, meningococcal disease, mumps, typhoid, rubella, whooping cough, typhus, tape worm, scabies, tularaemia, 300% jump in Hepatitis B in lat 3 years………..

        Build Back Better means more suffering, job loss, sickness, anarchy ………..

  2. The succinct, logic elimination of financial options:

    “I founded DiamondWare, a software company which I sold to Nortel Networks on August 19, 2008. It was the last acquisition Nortel ever did.

    All my wealth was in cash. And suddenly, the world was collapsing into a global financial crisis. As Lehman fell, and Countrywide was not allowed to fail, I first moved my accounts to some too-big-to-fail banks. As events unfolded, I thought about how I could better protect myself.

    I looked at real estate, including in remote and isolated places like New Zealand’s south island. Real estate can’t go to zero. But it can crash, especially if buyers can’t get credit. I also thought about stocks, but then (as now) many formerly-successful business models were wiped out when the world changed.

    Real estate is not a financial asset. It is illiquid in the best of times, and is impossible to sell when credit is contracting. Bonds are financial assets, but corporate bonds dropped. Although government bonds went up, spending was spiralling out of control (although nothing compared to 2020). I did not want to be a creditor to the government. Stocks are also financial assets, but companies like Nortel can declare bankruptcy which it did, a few months after they bought my company).

    Tangible assets are illiquid. Financial assets are liquid, but they incur counterparty risk. It seemed a dilemma with no way out. Then it hit me.

    Gold is the way out. It’s the financial asset which is no one else’s liability. In 2008, the price of gold dropped the least of all assets. And in 2009, it was first to make new highs. Stocks did not recover their prices until years later, and real estate (in America) never did.

    I founded Monetary Metals with a simple idea. Everyone should be able to earn interest on their gold, in gold.”

    Keith Weiner is the CEO of Monetary Metals

    So you see it is not an “archaic relic” as some will say. It is the only asset (and silver) without counterparty risk. Even Bitcoin stops working when the power goes out, which makes you subject to a different type of counterparty risk, but one nonetheless.

    • Brad says that China will move on Taiwan when they are ready, this probably means when Biden’s policies have done more to destroy the US military and/or the Antifa riots are going strong all across the nation.

      The time is fast approaching when the States and the people will have to decide which side they are going to support. The Dems and Dictatorship in the US or the Trump headed Repubs who support freedom.

  3. It would have been enough for us
    Had any of the things below occurred – as they should have – the USA would be vastly different today.

    On Passover night at the Seder, we sing this song. And those lyrics prompt me to think:

    Georgia now — finally — has passed some new sane election laws. Other states are in the process of doing so, too.

    Had any of these laws been in place when they should have been, before last November 3, today there would not be thousands upon thousands of unaccompanied youthful illegal aliens — there, I said both words — sleeping in Obama-Biden cages wrapped in aluminum foil like a Kosher-for-Passover kitchen.

    The battleground state elections, the two senate seats in Georgia, if only . . .

    If only they had required voter ID at polling places
    . . . It would have been enough for us.

    If only they had required voter ID for mail-in ballots. . .

    If only they had inspected signatures on each and every mail-in ballot as they did in all prior years. . .

    If only they had rejected all mail-in ballots that lacked clear postmarks by election day. . .

    If only they had banned vote harvesting. . .

    If only they had evaluated why Texas chose to reject certain manufacturers’ voting machines that other states chose to use. . .

    If only they had restricted ballots cast by dead people. . .

    If only they had required polling places to allow poll watchers to sit close enough to the actual counting. . .

    If only they had investigated why so many Midwestern and other battleground states all stopped counting in the middle of the night at virtually the same time with Trump well ahead and then resumed almost simultaneously at a later time with Biden suddenly ahead. . .

    If only they had curtailed the use of certain drop boxes for absentee ballots. . .

    If only they had required counties to hold hearings within ten days on challenged ballots. . .

    If only they had criminalized third-party political advocacy groups that hand out food and water to people on line to vote. . .

    If only they had banned mobile voting vans. . .

    If only they had addressed Twitter’s and Facebook’s unilateral suppressions of one side’s political messaging but not the other’s. . .

    If only they had not suppressed the New York Post report on Hunter Biden’s laptop. . .
    If only they had followed the ways of all other civilized democracies that ban universal mail-in balloting. . .

    If only they had enforced federal Constitutional provisions that assign governance over election procedures to state legslatures, not to individual state officials and not to state courts. . .

    If only the United States Supreme Court had consented to hear appeals from lower courts on disputed election matters. . .
    [More at the link – quite a list !]

    • This is why the Dems are trying to pass HR1 that legalizes and requires all of the above in all states. Anyone reading what they are trying to pass will see that they are legalizing election theft.

      When HR1 fails to pass the problems will start when the Dems sue in all of the battleground states to get the laws set aside because they ‘Suppress” the votes of minorities.

      Everything depends on what happens between now and the 2022 elections and how many of the State Elections reforms are allowed to stand by activist Judges and the State and National Supreme courts. If as I suspect WWIII has entered into the Kinetic phase by then the majority of legal voters will vote to put people in Congress who will oppose the Dems policies that will destroy the US Military (assuming they haven’t already destroyed it). When the majority of the voters get scared enough and/or mad enough the more intelligent politicians and Judges will be afraid to go against the will of the voters.

    • This tells us how close we are to a civil war, the President of the United States is trying to destroy a State’s economy because that State disagrees with him and his desire to ensure one party rule.

      It took a lot of hard work to reduce the US to this sorry state,

  4. Hungary: Orban hosts Salvini and Polish PM Morawiecki to discuss European political alliance

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, welcomed his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki, and Italian right-wing Lega party chief Matteo Salvini, to discuss an alliance in the European parliament, Budapest on Thursday.

    The meeting came weeks after Orban’s political party officially left the European People’s Party group and is seeking a new alliance for the European Parliament.

    Orban said that European “Christian democrats don’t have efficient representation, ” adding that he “will work in order to make these people have a voice, have representation and have weight in European politics.”

    The next meeting between the leaders is set to take place in Warsaw in May, the exact date depending on the epidemiological situation.

    SOT, Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary (Hungarian): “Our diagnose on Europe’s present situation can be summarised in one sentence: there are numerous millions of European citizens, who remain without appropriate and effective political representation in Europe. With so far the strongest right-wing party, the European People’s Party committing to the cooperation with the European left-wing (led to) a great many millions of European citizens remain without representation. Christian democrats don’t have efficient representation, and we will work in order to make these people have a voice, have representation and have weight in European politics.”

  5. (Richard: this video starts out blaming the water problem on Global Warming, if you ignore this and instead think about the Dams the Chinese have on the upper Mekong River that is holding back water for power production or diverting most of the water to China the Video makes more sense. one or two weeks back I posted a video about how the Han river was dry at Wuhan because the 3 gorges Dam is holding so much water back for power production..)

  6. Russia moves tanks to the border sparking worldwide alarm ‘It’s a conscription campaign.
    •Apr 2, 2021

    • zero hedge – As Russian Tanks Move Toward Ukraine, The Globe Braces For World War 3

      At this hour, more Russian military forces are massed near Ukraine’s borders than we have ever seen before.

      Video of Ukrainian tanks reportedly rolling today into the Luhansk & Donetsk region:

      Western military leaders say that they are concerned that the troop movements that we have witnessed in recent days may be leading up to an invasion, and if an invasion does happen it will greatly test the resolve of the Biden administration, EU leaders and NATO brass. In particular, the hawks in the Biden administration would almost certainly not be willing to just sit back and let the Russians conquer all of Ukraine. There would likely be a major response by the United States, and that could set off a chain reaction that could ultimately spark World War 3.

      So what made the Russians suddenly move a massive invasion force toward Ukraine?

      Well, it turns out that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky essentially signed a declaration of war against Russia on March 24th. The document that he signed is known as Decree No. 117/2021, and you won’t read anything about it in the corporate media.

      I really had to dig to find Decree No. 117/2021, but eventually I found it. I took several of the paragraphs at the beginning of the document and I ran them through Google translate…

      In accordance with Article 107 of the Constitution of Ukraine, I decree:

      1. To put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of March 11, 2021 “On the Strategy of deoccupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol” (attached).

      2. To approve the Strategy of deoccupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (attached).

      3. Control over the implementation of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, enacted by this Decree, shall be vested in the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

      4. This Decree shall enter into force on the day of its publication.

      President of Ukraine V.ZELENSKY

      March 24, 2021

      Basically, this decree makes it the official policy of the government of Ukraine to retake Crimea from Russia.

      Of course the Russians will never hand over Crimea willingly because they consider it to be Russian territory, and so Ukraine would have to take it by force.

      This is essentially a declaration of war against Russia, and Zelensky would have never signed such a document without the approval of the Biden administration.

      Following the signing of Decree No. 117/2021, we started to see Russian forces pour into Crimea and into separatist-held areas of eastern Ukraine at a staggering rate.

      For example, you can watch a column of Russian tanks being transported by rail right here.

      In addition, it is being reported that the 56th Guards Air Assault Brigade is on the move, and that is not a good sign at all.

      The Russians are taking Zelensky’s declaration of war very seriously, but the corporate media in the western world is blaming “Russian aggression” for the increase in tensions in the region.

      But the truth is that the Russians never would have made any of these moves if warmongers in the Biden administration had not given Zelensky the green light to sign Decree No. 117/2021.

      And what most people in the western world don’t know is that fighting has already begun in Ukraine. The ceasefire that was agreed to in July 2020 has been violated hundreds of times over the past week…

      The OSCE’s civilian Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine has reported hundreds of cease-fire violations in recent days. On March 26, four Ukrainian soldiers were killed and two others injured in the eastern part of the country.

      The Ukrainian military said its soldiers were hit by a mortar attack it blamed on Russian troops. Russia denies having a military presence in eastern Ukraine, where it backs separatist forces.

      At this point, the ceasefire of July 2020 is completely dead.

      In response to the renewed fighting, U.S. European Command “has raised its alert status to the highest level”…

      U.S. European Command has raised its alert status to the highest level after fighting resumed between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian soldiers in the Donetsk Region of eastern Ukraine, marking the end of a June 2020 ceasefire, and Russian forces began building up military equipment along the border.

      And we just learned that the chairman of the joint chiefs actually had a telephone call with his counterpart in Russia on Wednesday to address the escalating situation…

      In a statement on Facebook on Wednesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that at the initiative of the U.S., chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Mark Milley, had a telephone conversation with his counterpart. “Issues of mutual interest were discussed,” the statement said.

      In the days ahead, the corporate media in the western world is going to continue talking about “Russian aggression”, and the Russians are going to continue to blame Zelensky and the Biden administration for the rise of tensions in the region.

      Ultimately, we could spend countless hours debating who is in the right and who is in the wrong.

      But what really matters is keeping this from escalating into a global conflict. Because if someone does something really stupid and the Russians feel a need to send their invasion force into Ukraine, there will be no going back ever.

      I have been warning about a future conflict between the United States and Russia for a very long time, and we have never been closer than we are right now.

      With Trump in the White House, relations with Russia were relatively stable, but now Joe Biden is in charge.

      Biden is a hothead that is showing signs of advanced cognitive decline, and he is surrounded by a team of warmongers that are determined to put Russian President Vladimir Putin in his place.

      The inmates are running the asylum, and it won’t take much of a mistake at all for things to go horribly, horribly wrong.

    • It could be that it was Russian intelligence.

      Reporter Tracy Smith: Was that your laptop?

      Hunter Biden: For real, I don’t know. I just don’t know.

      Tracy Smith: You don’t know yes or no if that was your laptop?

      Hunter Biden: I don’t have any idea. I have no idea.

      Tracy Smith: It could have been yours?

      Hunter Biden: Of course, there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was Russian intelligence.

    • US warns Russia against attempts to ‘intimidate’ Ukraine

      “We would be concerned by any attempt on the part of the Russian Federation to intimidate its neighbors and our partners – of course Ukraine is among them,” US State Department spokesman Ned Price says during a news briefing in Washington.

      • Thank You, this tells us what Xi is waiting for, he is waiting until the balloon goes up in Ukraine and the entire world is watching that war along with transferring military assets out of the China Sea region. Once he thinks the alliance against him has been weakened enough he will attack Taiwan.

      • CABAL wants war with Russia.
        PROXY war: Ukraine and Russian-speaking Ukraine dead.
        We spoke with my Russki’s son today in Kiev.
        This is NOT what they want!

  7. Netherlands halts use of AstraZeneca vaccine for people under 60

    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) -The Netherlands on Friday temporarily suspended use of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for people under 60 following the death of a woman who had received a shot, the Health Ministry said.

    About 10,000 scheduled appointments for vaccinations were to be scrapped as a result of the decision, news agency ANP reported.

    The decision was made following new reports from medicine monitoring agency Lareb and discussions with health authorities, a Health Ministry statement said.

    AstraZeneca said it was working with Dutch authorities to address any questions they had.

    “Authorities in the UK, European Union, the World Health Organization have concluded that the benefits of using our vaccine to protect people from this deadly virus significantly outweigh the risks across all adult age groups,” it said.

    Dutch agency Lareb, which tracks medication side effects, said earlier on Friday that it has received five reports of extensive thrombosis with low platelet counts after vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine, including in a woman who died.

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — The Dutch government said Friday it is temporarily halting AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccinations for people under 60 following reports of very small number of people suffering unusual blood clots after receiving the shot.

    The Dutch decision comes three days after authorities in Germany also stopped using the AstraZeneca’s vaccine in the under-60s, citing fresh concerns over unusual blood clots reported in a tiny number of those who received the shots.

    Earlier Friday, a Dutch organization that monitors vaccine side effects said it had received five reports of blood clots with low blood plate counts following vaccinations. All the cases occurred between seven and 10 days after the vaccinations and all the people affected were women aged between 25 and 65 years.

    The organization said in the period when the five cases were reported, some 400,000 people were vaccinated in the Netherlands with the AstraZeneca shot.

    Health Minister Hugo de Jonge says the temporary halt is a precautionary measure.

    “I think it is very important that the Dutch reports are also properly investigated,” De Jonge said. “We must err on the side of caution.”

    The news is another setback for the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is critical to Europe’s immunization campaign and a linchpin in the global strategy to get shots to poorer countries, for it is cheaper and easier to use than rival vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. It comes two weeks after the EU drug regulator said the vaccine does not increase the overall incidence of blood clots following a similar scare.

    The European Medicines Agency said at the time that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks, but it could not rule out a link between the shot and some unusual kinds of clots, and recommended adding a warning about possible rare side effects.

    Most European Union countries, including Germany, resumed using the AstraZeneca vaccine on March 19.

    De Jonge said the Dutch pause comes ahead of an update next week from the EU medicines agency on the AstraZeneca vaccine.

    • CDC updates its COVID-19 travel guidance

      The CDC has updated its travel guidance and says fully vaccinated people can travel within the U.S. without getting tested for the coronavirus or going into quarantine afterward.

    • CBC – ICUs filling with younger COVID-19 patients

      The third wave of COVID-19 is putting a lot of strain on ICUs across the country and doctors say this cohort of patients is significantly younger than in previous waves.

    • CBC – ‘Variants are winning,’ Alberta premier says

      Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said for the first time Thursday that the province is in the third wave of the pandemic.

      He also said in the race between vaccination and coronavirus variants, the variants are winning.

    • global news – Missteps lead to wasted COVID-19 vaccine doses in Canada

      Thousands of COVID-19 vaccine doses have gone to waste in Canada.

      Canada … will need to up its game to get a single dose to every eligible person by Canada Day.

      ….with ongoing fears that anxious Canadians will reject the troubled Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

    • AUSTRALIA – Dr Norman Swan on the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clotting reports

      Authorities are investigating a “probable” case of a rare clotting disorder in a 44-year-old Australian man who received the AstraZeneca vaccine and is now being treated at Melbourne’s Box Hill Hospital.

      Coronacast host Dr Norman Swan told ABC News the man “fits the description of vaccine-induced pro-thrombotic thrombocytopenia”.

    • Vice News – Serbia’s COVID Vaccine Rollout Is All About Political Power

      Serbia has one of the highest COVID vaccination rates in the world.

      That’s largely due to the government’s vaccine deals with Russia and China, who are trying to gain influence in the region.

    • No vaccine, pay a TAX?! Listen to the left’s new attempts to FORCE compliance

      ….But the left continues to do everything in its power to steal the freedom of choice away from you.

      From vaccine passports and a proposed tax, to arguing that those not receiving the shot aren’t following the teachings of Christ, Glenn runs through their latest attempts to force compliance.

    • CBC – Which COVID-19 vaccine is better? (spoiler, they’re all good)

      Dr. Samir Gupta explains how the four COVID-19 vaccines now approved in Canada (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen) work and why efficacy rates aren’t the most important number to look at.

    • bloomberg – Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation Spread on Social Media

      Bloomberg’s Sarah Kopit discusses how anti-vaccination groups target women and spread misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

  8. Here Are Three Major Takeaways From Biden’s ‘Bold’ Infrastructure Package

    Human Events Staff | Apr 2, 2021 | Fresh Ink | 0
    Here Are Three Major Takeaways From Biden’s ‘Bold’ Infrastructure Package

    In his second whopping package since taking office, Joe Biden outlined what he called a “bold” $2 trillion plan to aggressively invest in repairing American infrastructure and addressing climate change.

    Breaking News: Capitol Lockdown — Suspect Shot Dead After Ramming Into Barrier, Pulling Out Knife; 2 Officers Injured

    The investments would be made over a total of eight years, relying on a hike of the corporate tax rate to 28 percent.

    Here are five major takeaways from the announcement, as reported by The Hill.

    1. The proposal is not dreamy enough for progressives

    Progressive democrats aren’t so happy with Biden’s proposal, arguing it isn’t large enough to address climate change.

    (Richard: The politicians think we are so stupid that we don’t know that Corporations have no source of income besides their sales to the public, this means that when you raise corporate taxes they have to increase the selling price to stay in business. Unfortunately in way to many cases they are right.)

  9. President Joe Biden speaks about fans returning to stadiums, vaccination progress | SportsCenter
    •Mar 31, 2021

  10. The Left Opposes IDs for Voting, But Not For Vaccines

    Human Events Staff | Apr 2, 2021 | Fresh Ink | 9
    The Left Opposes IDs for Voting, But Not For Vaccines

    When it comes to carrying identification, democrats are simply hypocrites.

    While they largely oppose Georgia’s new election law requiring voter identification, dubbing it “racist,” many on team-left are gung-ho on creating a “vaccine passport” despite the actual vaccine hesitancy in black communities.

    As reported by The Federalist, the Biden administration is supposedly working with private tech companies to create vaccine passes for Americans to use as proof that they’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine.

    These “passports” will be required in order to gain access to certain services, like concerts or large gatherings.

    While some states, like New York, are all for the idea, others, like Florida, have already taken swift action to denounce it due to privacy concerns and manipulation into participation in “normal society.”

    These concerns, however, have not stopped a slew of other initiatives by organizations like the WHO and IBM from pushing for the collection of vaccination information in order to “return to normal.”

    Meanwhile, team-left is spewing outrage against Georgia now requiring voter ID.

    Democrats, activist groups and the mainstream media have cried racism, urging the law as a republican push to marginalize black voters. They claim that provisions in the new law ? like requiring proof of identification with mail-in ballots, limiting the acceptance of absentee ballots to 11 days prior to the election and banning third parties using goods and gifts to appease voters at a polling place ? make it more difficult for minorities to vote.

    Even Joe Biden called it a “blatant attack on the right to vote, the Constitution and good conscience.”

    “It’s Jim Crow in the 21st Century,” he said in a tweet.

    However, the real racism exists within the idea of a vaccine passport.

  11. “HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Arizona Senate Republicans Courageously Announce Team Who Will Perform Maricopa County Election Audit and It’s Good News for America!”
    by Joe Hoft – March 31, 2021

    “#BREAKING #ScanTheBallots #KinematicArtifacts #Arizona #JovanHuttonPulitzer #Announcement”
    JovanHutton Pulitzer – March 31, 2021 – Twitter

  12. Arkansas State Senate Passes Bill Banning Enforcement of Federal Gun Control Laws
    By Jack Phillips
    April 2, 2021 Updated: April 2, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    The Arkansas state Senate voted this week to block federal law enforcement officials enforcing certain gun laws and regulations, sending a bill to the state House in the midst of congressional gun-control proposals.

    The Senate voted 28-7 to approve the measure, which will then be sent to the House. Arkansas’ Legislature is overwhelmingly Republican.

    “All acts, law, orders, rules, and regulations of the United States Government, whether past, present, or future, that infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Arkansas Constitution, Article 2, [Section] 5, are invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state,” according to the text of the bill.

    (Richard:The State of Missouri passed a law like this 4 to 6 years ago and one County went so far as to authorize the County Sheriff to arrest any Federal Officer trying to enforce any Federal Gun Control Law.)

  13. 8 Days After Joe Picks Kamala To Fix The Border – The Vice President Is Still Missing In Action
    Adam Casalino
    3 minutes

    8 Days After Joe Picks Kamala To Fix The Border – The Vice President Is Still Missing In Action
    What’s Happening:

    We all had a good laugh when Joe Biden announced Harris was put in charge of the border crisis.

    But this is really no laughing matter. It’s been over a week, and we haven’t heard anything about Harris’s plans over the migrant crisis.

    The border is exploding as hundreds of thousands of migrants demand entrance. Detention facilities are overwhelmed as the administration dumps people into small towns or puts them up in hotels.

    And more are coming.

  14. US couple arrested for trying to join Islamic State
    Police arrested a US couple planning to join Islamic State in Yemen just before they boarded a cargo ship bound for the country, according to the Justice Department Thursday.
    Court documents said newlyweds James Bradley, 20, from New York, and Arwa Muthana, 29, from Alabama, were IS sympathizers on their way to join the terrorist organization. Authorities caught them on the gangplank boarding the boat.
    An undercover agent learned of Bradley’s radicalized views in 2019, as well as his willingness to carry out an attack in the US. A friend of Bradley’s was arrested for plotting to travel to Afghanistan and join the Taliban earlier that year, bringing Bradley to the FBI’s attention.
    Another agent received $1,000 from Bradley to cover his and Muthana’s travel expenses on board the cargo ship.
    Bradley “has continued to express his desire to carry out violence in support of radical Islamic ideology, directed his support and allegiance to ISIS, and attempted to travel overseas to join and fight for ISIS,” the FBI said.
    Both Bradley and Muthana face up to 20 years in prison on the charge of conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

  15. Assassination of senior al-Qaida leader is clear message to Iran
    Iran understands it is again penetrated and in the crosshairs of the Israelis and Americans. This message should not be underestimated: Iran is mulling its nuclear options and must know this comes with zero-tolerance.
    One key question surrounding the assassination of senior al-Qaida leader Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah still remains: Why was the incident divulged only now?
    There’s no doubt that the New York Times story was intentionally leaked. The report is replete with accurate details, meant to negate Iran’s and al-Qaida’s denials in advance. Whoever relayed the information wanted not only to shed light on an assassination carried out in the shadows but to send a message that would reverberate throughout the entire Middle East. This message was meant for numerous entities. For al-Qaida, of course, which lost yet another senior leader, and on the 22nd anniversary of the terrorist bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, which he helped plan. It was meant for Iran, which was exposed as harboring a leader of an organization that is supposed to be its bitter ideological and religious enemy. And it was meant for any other extremist actor in the region, that the United States and Israel, regardless of their coronavirus and political problems at home, will continue working together in the war on terror.
    According to foreign reports, this level of cooperation is not unusual and has been evidenced many times in the past. The relationship between the Mossad and IDF Military Intelligence Directorate and their American counterparts is a deep one. It entails the sharing of intelligence information, and for the past 15 years, operational intelligence as well. Two of the most prominent examples were “Operation Olympic Games,” in which the Stuxnet computer worm attacked Iran’s centrifuge apparatus and disrupted its activities for many months; and the assassination of former Hezbollah military leader Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus in 2008.
    This type of cooperation, it appears, can be attributed to Abdullah’s case as well. It seems the Americans provided the intelligence and the Israeli Mossad carried out the operation. It indicates the Americans lack a sufficient operational infrastructure in Iran. Even the assassination of Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani was carried out in Iraq.
    The Mossad, on the other hand, has proven over the past decade (based on foreign reports) to possess impressive operational capabilities on Iranian soil – from the assassination of several Iranian nuclear scientists, also by trigger men on motorcycles using silenced weapons; to the explosion that rocked the centrifuge facility in Natanz last June. In all these cases, the Mossad was said to have employed the services of others. This is a customary mode of operation in the world of espionage, which the Mossad likely practices as well in order to protect its agents as much as possible.
    Yet still, the Mossad’s involvement in Abdullah’s assassination shouldn’t be seen as a given. While Abdullah – whose alias is Abu Mohammed al-Masri – did plan attacks against Israeli targets in Kenya in 2002, Israel’s declared policy is that assassinations are only a means for preventing future attacks, not exacting vengeance. Although Israeli officials have claimed Abdullah was busy planning attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets across the globe, it isn’t very likely considering the fact that al-Qaida – which for years now has struggled to carry out high-profile attacks – is focusing its efforts on fighting the Americans and moderate Sunni regimes in the region, not Israel. It’s more reasonable to assume that Israel lent a hand to its most important ally (despite concerns that doing so would make it a target of al-Qaida). There is clear operational value in this, but also considerable deterrence value. Toward al-Qaida, obviously, but mainly toward Iran, which understands it is again penetrated and is under the crosshairs of the Israelis and Americans. This message should not be underestimated: Iran is mulling its nuclear options and must know this comes with zero-tolerance.

    Regardless, Iran isn’t likely to alter course. The clear takeaway is that the Middle East is largely motivated by interests, rather than ideology. Iran, which is fighting al-Qaida in Iraq and Syria, is hosting one of the organization’s most senior figures because he serves its interest by fighting the Americans in Afghanistan. It will continue doing this as long as it serves its objectives. Al-Qaida, too, won’t alter course. Al-Masri is not the organization’s first senior member to be assassinated, and won’t be the last. In recent years, his symbolic importance outweighed his operational importance, and he belonged to the gradually vanishing founding generation. A new and younger operational leadership has sprouted in its place, operating under the patronage of the organization’s leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, whose health and whereabouts are in question. It’s safe to assume that officials in Washington (and perhaps in Jerusalem as well) would be glad to add his name to al-Masri’s list as soon as possible.

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