More moral inversion and reality reversal across the West: Links 1, March 26, 2021

1. New petition to get CBC to adopt a more honest motto such as the one below.

2. Paris: Once again we see that social distancing, masks and bans on large gatherings to protect us all from Covid19 only apply to classical thought events and never to any left wing event or event which is deleterious to Western civilization such as a BLM/ANTIFA riot. In this case, its a ton of people camping right close together on a public square, sponsored by unnamed migrant support orgs. Which almost certainly means George Soros and Open Societies groups.

3. Here is a fascinating WANTED poster. Please note that the man is currently in a 2 year prison term, but he is wanted for new crimes and they don’t know where he is. Also of note, his 2 year term included, but is not limited to, possession of a loaded gun for criminal purposes, yet for a law abiding citizen with no history of violence or crime, its a 10 year term for having a legal gun stored outside of state regulations, and they are trying to increase that to 15 years.

4. Gov. Doug Ducey lifts Arizona COVID mandates, including local mask rules

(And yet again, we see that the way to end Covid regulations has bugger all to do with vaccines or masks. Its just by ending them. The claim is however, that its having something like 2 million vaccinated that allow this. Population of Az. is 7.3 million people)

PHOENIX – Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Thursday rolled back the state’s remaining COVID-19 mitigation requirements, including local face mask mandates.

Under a new executive order, all of the state’s business requirements have been changed to recommendations, and bars can now go back to their pre-pandemic operations.

In addition, events of more than 50 people, including youth sports, no longer need approval from local governments.

Businesses still have the option to require social distancing and masks and refuse service to patrons who don’t comply.

5. Man in Atlanta with 5 guns and body armour arrested near grocery store.

Gateway pundit article here:

(The interview with the 2 girls borders on comical as not a word is clear through the masks. But given the hair and skin-tone of the man arrested, it should be fun to watch the Government-media complex make this into an act of white supremacy.)

6. Brilliant example of moral inversion, and the 2 part new law enforcement we have in much of the West now. Part 1 is where police use force and the power of the state, to stop any resistance to the revolution where some abstracted version of a law can be used to do so. And part 2 is groups like ANTIFA/BLM who are defacto police for things which are not yet technically crimes, such as speech and thought which counters the revolution. All of this is clear in this seconds long clip. The demo is clearly illegal.

Thank you all, many of you, who have contributed so much this week. Much more to come today of course.

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3 Replies to “More moral inversion and reality reversal across the West: Links 1, March 26, 2021”

  1. Not to forget Hate Crimes: the Law of Suspects.

    “The Reign of Terror started with the Law of Suspects, which granted the government the power to accuse pretty much anyone of being a rebel. They attacked the priests, who were driven underground—for a while, being Catholic was actually illegal. In the end, anyone who might have been connected to the old nobles could be imprisoned and executed.”

  2. Meanwhile here in Canada, Imams are saying it is OK to have a muta marriage (temporary marriage) with girls 8 years and 9 months. Have sex with them and then divorce them. No outrage, no demanding these men should be charged with sexual assault, no, that would be Islamophobic. Why are Canadian politicians getting a raise, they are incompetent fools.

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