There is only one way to open up everything and this is it

I have had numerous arguments about how much to capitulate to irrational scientism in order to have government condescend to give us back some of our rights and freedoms they have taken away allegedly for Covid19 control.

Close everything for 2 weeks to help stop hospitals from being overwhelmed, then we were lied to about that. Hospitals were never overwhelmed. In fact they produced more choreography than cures it would seem from Youtube.

Over the last year, we were told masks do not help, don’t wear one and save them for front line workers. Ok. Now we all have to wear one and ideally two.

And maybe if you take the experimental mRNA gene therapy, not even approved by regulatory agencies except as emergency measures, you might be able to get a special piece of paper or code on your Big Brother tracking device by Apple or Google, allowing you to do some of what you always did. Maybe. And maybe even if you take the shot, you may still have to wear the mask. Also, there is no immunity passport for those that are actually immune. Vaccine maker, Merck has stated plainly that they won’t bother making this mRNA device as it doesn’t give very good immunity compared to just getting the disease and recovering. Which is what they, (and a family doctor I spoke to) recommends we do. Yet there is no talk of an antibody test so those that recovered from this disease, and there could be millions who never even knew they had it and fought it off, giving them a passport. By the same metric, there is no talk about an antibody test for those who got the shot but didn’t produce enough antibodies to confer immunity.

That makes it feel like the passport is a lot more about obedience than medicine.

At the end of the day, there are only a couple of ways we can get our freedoms back. One is the method by which I would be immediately arrested for describing, even if it is not recommended. And the other is this:

To mangle the Bard:

“Stand not upon the order of your opening but merely open!”

We get our freedoms back by taking them, or having leaders willing to recognize they were never theirs to take away.

It needs to be noted that states that did open, and even ones that never closed, have pretty much the same disease curves and possibly even better ones, than those that took authoritarian control like New York.

Eeyore for Vlad.


Once the bulk of the population is vaccinated, we will still have to do all this crap.


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  1. I remember when my dog won the gold medal. We walked every day, the same drill; sit, stay, pay attention, easy, over and over.

    Trained Canadians: Stay home, stay safe, wear your mask or two, get the gene therapy, over and over we have been conditioned to comply – submit.

    Shame on all the adults who have masked the children, spread fear, complied. Put your faith in God, not the government.

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    “Of course, vaccination is the way out of the crisis. we are gradually getting more vaccines,” Merkel said.

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