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3 Replies to “Update on BC dad on trial for speaking out against the state mutilations on his daughter”

  1. After the enlightening revelation with my Orthodox Christian neighbor about his use of prostitutes and Jesus holding his hand each time he worshipped at the Alter of his Mother; today, I asked a man living on and off with a divorced muslim, (and totally disinterested in her kids as not his responsibility), about prostitutes. Yes, he too was this kind of Christian: a Robert Aaron Long who had finally submitted with the Guarantee of St Paul involved in the idolatry of Jesus, and with his LGBTQ membership of ‘they are just like us.’

    Death to the Unbeliever in Heaven and to use, abuse and play with them on Earth. Seeking out the least conscious. The Perfect Religions of the Ego.

    The biomechanically functioning. But not muslims. For only dhimmis pay to draw life-off-sex like a pedophile to fill a worthless they were taught to believe. Pederasts enforce the joy of pain and excitement from disbasement and disgust, and never pay except for honor-money if unable to silence. Four wives and all your right hand possess. Four witnesses and delights never end.

    Which is why John Wayne’s meditation exercise was scary, to want to portray the better man in his movies, because all Hell is going to be observed.

    When Harry, met Harry.

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