Biden does bad green screen fake take on answering questions from media

At this point understanding of ‘green screen’ or chromakeying is fairly common. But for those that don’t know what it is, it is where you film a subject walking or acting in front of a solid colour screen, usually green but it doesn’t matter, and then use software to remove green to reveal whatever film is on the track below it. Its how most weather forecasts and a ton of news footage is done, not to mention most hard to believe movie sequences.

This appears to be Joe Biden walking towards reporters, but when you see the microphones move to the wrong side of Biden, this is a tell that it was an improperly or lazily done green screen. We have here, proof that Joe Biden FAKED taking questions from reporters. The president of the United States is now the character, O’Blivion from the James Woods movie, Videodrome. Except without the genius but twice the evil.

From another angle but still green screened

Thank you Gates of Vienna

Story from PJ Media

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  1. I recently saw a screen shot from… I think it was Biden’s corona speech. The WH building front appeared to be a stage set. With what appeared to be a sniper on the roof of the set. Very odd. If he were not in Washington when he did the speech, why fake the location?

  2. The video just seems intended to make the Public think the Press were there. That the microphones, and possibly reporters, added. A Public Relations job rushed to make the news cycle. With the color palet of the video tweeked to blend in, and making Biden stand out.

    Nothing more than positive publicity spin.


  3. Speaks to the desperation of his handlers trying to extend and pretend his competence by hiding his deterioration. He walks like a fart in the wind.

  4. I’ve said this more than once, I learned it from the great Wictor Thomas: Go full screen, mute the audio.
    Surprises, so many await us, at times.

  5. Somehow, looking at the margins, one can tell that it’s green-screened. It doesn’t look quite right. At least I can tell. It’s a very good green-screen job, compared to many that I’ve seen, but not *that* good.

  6. Done to incite rebellion?

    This is far worse than a freshman lark. If you listen to the audio with watching the video (Thanks, @Sassy), you can imagine it as two conversations, with PB’s replies as something generic to be recorded in. However, there are no popping splices, so the audio was apparently recorded in whole. That means that PB was reading a teleprompter somewhere or that the voices were added to the video later. I am doubting that PB could have memorized the words and timed them correctly.

    Take a look. The scene does not require the video and audio to line up, does it? for what it’s worth.

    Let’s see what happems after someone downloads the video and starts looking inside for time and location stamps.

  7. Here is an interesting suggestion to slow down the video from the comments from someone claiming expertise who says this is caused by an optical illusion from a zooming camera. (because-like-this occurs all the time when we watch news-related events…)

    I’m a VFX artist.
    It’s not greenscreened.
    It’s just an optical illusion caused by the camera zooming out as he walks up, giving it a bit of the vertigo effect and making it hard to gauge depth. Also he takes two small steps forward which leaves the mic under and slightly behind his elbow from the cameras point of view.

    Also the other mic hits his other hand.

    Watch it at 0.25 speed, it’s a setting YouTube has. Hit the gear icon and change the speed.

    • Excellent! – the mics were on extended arms. Getting in front of them was easy. And with the angle of the cameras’ mono-lenses, limited depth and perspective created the illusion. Also, that video processing and rendering of ‘dead cat’ mic covers is dodgy when trying to compress data.
      Well done, malca.

      Hard luck Vlad, pinning colors to the mast too soon. 🙂

      • Actually you can SEE the Green edge to the microphone wind muffs for most of the video if you go full screen. It takes a lot of work or know how to eliminate that little green edge around your objects especially when they are complex like a wind muff. So you can actually see it for most of the video. I forget which one now.

  8. mea culpa for under-estimating our President’s ability to answer a press question real time.

    — Here is more on videos:
    5 hours ago
    Theres a better quality video from the AP where you can still see his hair. The Bloomberg clip suffers from compression artifacts and contrast washout

    The “dead cat” video in youtube is from:
    Mick West
    15.4K subscribers
    A video of Biden talking to reporters from March 16, 2021 has several very large microphones bobbing around at the bottom of the frame. Because the large grey microphone (which has a wind cover on it called a “dead cat”) is bigger than you expect, people think that Biden’s hand is superimposed on top of it.

    It isn’t. It’s just a large fuzzy microphone that’s behind his hand. I explain this in the video with recreation in my backyard, and also explain why the black microphone appears in front in some shots and behind in others (spoiler, it’s because it is).

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