More on Israel, pushback against Biden, Protests in Montreal: Links 3, March 13, 2021

1. Mississippi governor overturns Biden’s decision. Women’s sports is now Women’s only

2. A discussion about the agenda being pushed in Israel

3. Fauci teaches us all the meaning of “weasel words”. In fairness, some of his answers are good and reassuring. But for sure, Fauci faced much tougher questions than he was expecting most likely, and he was nailed with some lazy and inaccurate answers.

4. Montreal Que. March against Covid measures

Things get a bit rough below


5. Whatsherface compares the coming rules against those who don’t get the mRNA treatment will be similar to Jim Crow in more ways than one.

Thank you EB., M., Richard, Gates of Vienna, PePi, Xanthippa and many MANY more for your vigilance.

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