One toke makes murderous antisemitism not a crime in France: Links 3, March 4, 2021

1. CTV narrative article misleads public about HCQ, attempts to heap scorn on prof. who leaked document to president Trump

(There is not one mention of zinc anywhere in this article. It only discusses HCQ as a treatment for Covid19 as a stand alone, which is a blatant form of dishonesty, as no one who advocates for HCQ does so without mentioning its intended purpose as a zinc ionophor.)

2. French Court Waives Trial for Antisemitic Murderer Because He Took ‘Delusional Puff’ of Weed

The highest court in France on Wednesday began deliberations on whether to overrule a lower court’s decision not to put the alleged antisemitic murderer of a Jewish woman on criminal trial because his excessive consumption of marijuana triggered a “delirious episode” that made him not responsible for his actions.

The actions included brutally beating his 65-year-old neighbor before throwing her out of the window of her third-floor apartment to her death while screaming Allah Akbar.

The Court of Cassation (apellate’s) has launched the hearing on Paris Court of Appeal’s Dec. 2019 decision to excuse 27-year-old Kobili Traore from standing trial on the basis that his heavy consumption of cannabis before the death compromised his “discernment.”

The court maintained Traore’s “delusional puff” negated any criminal responsibility for the April 2017 death, sparking an outcry from France’s Jewish community, The Algemeiner reported.

The judge did, however, concede the Traore was an antisemite. While he was beating Halimi up, Traore screamed Islamist and anti-Semitic slogans.

However, despite the high court’s deliberations, the report cited France’s Advocate-General as saying “will rule in favor of confirming the criminal irresponsibility of the perpetrator of the murder.”

(And with the bang of a gavel, equality before the law became old fashioned and negated even as murderous antisemitism became sanctioned once again. “We are all Vichi France” the signs would have read instead of “Je Suis Charlie” if the French had any honesty at all.)

Muriel Ouaknine Melki — a lawyer representing the Halimi family — argued that French law is more likely to call for further penalization for people who commit crimes while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“I want to recall that for several offenses, for example the crime of rape, taking narcotics is an aggravating circumstance. In willful violence, it is also an aggravating circumstance,” she said.

She added that the case, should it not go to trial, would mark a watershed moment for French citizens as a whole because it would mean that “the consumption of narcotics can be a cause for exonerating from penal responsibility in criminal matters.”

(And not just in France)

3. The leader of the “Conservative Party” has hired a former high-up from Huawei for an important post.

4. Antifa Violent National Autonomous Day of Action Planned – The Kids Won’t Be Quiet, They’re Going To Start A Riot

ANTIFA is planning another day of chaos and destruction. They’re calling it the “Autonomous Day of Action” and it’s scheduled for March 6th.

The video posted is an advertisement for the events on March 6th. The video calls on ANTIFA Worldwide to come together for a day to create, destroy, and cause chaos.

Related article from Green

5. Gates of Vienna on the Cancelling of Dr. Seuss

When I was about nine years old I liked to read the Hardy Boys mystery books. The first in the series was published in the late 1920s, and the publisher continued putting out titles until long after I was grown up.

In the late 1950s, as the cultural trend now known as political correctness was just getting started, the publishers ordered a rewrite of the older Hardy Boys books. To be fair, it was only partially for PC reasons. Yes, it’s true that the books’ depictions of negroes in the ’20s and ’30s tended towards the “sho nuff” and “dat sure am good” sort of stereotypes. But there were also rumble seats and roadsters and other dated cultural artifacts that had to be revised in order to make sense to the boomer generation. Needless to say, the new versions were less interesting than the originals. Boys like me held onto their ragged old copies rather than buy the new ones, and fortunately my school library had a lot of the old ones — that was in the days before libraries purged their collections for politically correct reasons.

My favorite books, however, were those by the immortal Dr. Seuss. His early works — before about 1957 — were (and are) timelessly superb. My mother thoughtfully preserved my Dr. Seuss collection, so that when the future Baron came along, I only had to acquire the newer books (some of them — a lot of the later ones are not at all interesting). Reading the old books to him when he was little reminded me of how wonderful they were.

About two-thirds of our combined Dr. Seuss collection here in Schloss Bodissey consists of my old books, most of them worn and tattered and taped together after being well-loved by two generations of kids. Some of the titles from the mid to late ’50s came from the first printing.

Considering what can be found in those old books, it was obvious that Dr. Seuss would someday have to be cancelled. When I saw the list of six titles that were withdrawn from publication a few days ago, I realized that I had four of them on the bookshelf right here in the Eyrie — McElligot’s Pool, If I Ran the Zoo, Scrambled Eggs Super, and On Beyond Zebra. According to various news stories, they are now available on Amazon only as “used” or “collectible”, with prices ranging from about $100 to as much as $2,500. If I wanted to cash out, I could make a fair amount of money on them. But it’s not worth it — I’d rather have the books.

Please finish the article over at Gates of Vienna

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, ML., S., Sassy, Yucki, Johnny U., PC., MarcusZ1967 and anyone who can even fake a few minutes of sanity these days.

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  1. 4. That’s OK
    “Biden* Justice Dept Quietly Dismissing Hundreds Of Cases Against BLM/Antifa Rioters…”
    WZ by Rob – March 4, 2021

    “for months – I’ve been tracking dozen of federal cases stemming from last summer’s protests in downtown Portland. So far, 34 of 90 cases have quietly been dismissed by the U.S. Dept. of Justice – including both misdemeanor and felony charges.”
    Kyle Iboshi – March 3, 2021 – Twitter

  2. 1.
    “delusional puff” or psychotic episode?
    Mean drunk or happy solitude?
    Religious fluff or misogynist attitude?
    Bullets preloaded. Now legal.ineptitude.

  3. 2 I have never accepted the excuse of drugs or psychiatric illness as an excuse for violence. A reason perhaps but NOT an excuse. I only see it from the POV of the victim and or their families. No one really cares about WHY someone is hurting or killing them at the time I can certainly assure you of that. The number of already threatened people murdered after a paranoiac was judged harmless and released would stagger people if they did not conceal the facts.

    If I had my “druthers” I would like to see everyone who played a role in a disaster that ruined my life and that of not a few others,
    dead, as ONLY then will i know that they can no longer hurt anyone else. My ability to forgive died that day.

    The leftist takeover of the law has bastardized it and prostituted its principles and justice is now under political auspices only.
    Locally a 3rd years law student walked out of a moot which was a discussion supposedly about human rights but warped into about how they can improve and protect the rights of perpetrators of violent crime and one case was discussed.
    He had the nerve to suddenly ask the tutor: “what about the rights of the woman he killed” The other students and the tutor were shocked as if he had suddenly “flashed”. Finally the tutor said: “that is not the issue here”. To which the student said: “well it damn well should be”. He was told to leave and lost all marks associated with the moot.(not many IIRC). These are the lawyer scum being churned out by delusional leftist law schools. So what did anyone expect WRT the antifa/blm criminals? Justice?
    Fact might be nice but it will take blood to reverse the slide into political anarchy and serfdom.

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