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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    M Looks like the Kenyan muslim is “coming out”.

    Obama’s New Muslim Podcast: Allah’s “Throwing Shade at Jews and Christians”

    Obama’s gotta do something with his time besides serving as the facade for a bunch of white socialists looking to wreck America. Besides that job only pays in the low six figures, so he’s got contracts with Netflix and Spotify through his own production company.

    The Obama podcasting game includes talking about how racist the country is to fellow working-class millionaire hero Bruce Springsteen, and this Muslim podcast.

    Barack and Michelle Obama have their Ramadan plans ready.

    The couple, who have spent the years since Barack’s US presidency came to an end focusing on developing multi-platform media projects, announced a new season of their Higher Ground podcast called Tell Them, I Am, which will feature a collection of narratives from Muslim voices.

    No, Obama’s not actually in it.

    Produced by the Obamas, the pod will be hosted by Misha Euceph, a first-gen Pakistan-American and exclusively available on the platform, launching on the first day of Ramadan.

    Euceph also appears to have hosted a Koran book club on Instagram. Here’s the description of one episode.

    God is still throwing shade at the Jews and Christians this episode of #quranbookclub

  2. Eeyore. I’ve tried more than once to donate a few bucks to the site but it keeps insisting on a US postal code via Mastercard, which I don’t have because I am Canadian. It’s frustrating… It just won’t let me donate without that “normal” US postal code… I’ve tried a few times and always end up giving up in frustration…

  3. The “musings from dystopia” from David Cullen lay down his arguments and reasonings.

    This, ‘what if a Stalin was behind this ‘pandemic’ to create a new Socialist Man?’ An opportunity to exploit a far less lethal virus, for compliance good behavior.

    Ignoring that two work colleagues have died from Covid, a close friend nearly did, and more elderly family members are gone: is this governmental response for a lock-down destroying all the freedoms of choice beyond Gay Expressions, by helping themselves as a Political Class to free-stuff? Removing the competitive and growing society in which they would never survive, as share-investors who control the market.

    Devaluing money, and invading the privacy of trade between equals, and rewarding though Welfare the reproduction of the Dhimmi Hominoid, over the Homo Sapian.

    These who live by delusions demanding that others should do too. So that every person can be read from their sleeve, and held in perpetuity.

    Make it a Hate Crime to unpick minds attached to heaven and earth.

    Disallowed thoughts and questions in a Brave New World.

    • I doubt that there is one man evil enough and with the requisite cojones to do this alone as a leader. But a Politburo committee of rich, arrogant totalitarian (to others) elitists who rationalize such by intending to “save this world” via severely reducing mankind to a level where they themselves can still live comfortably with their “just” desserts provided by those who they graciously allow to survive the culling.
      There is no doubt that earth is ill and the disease is humanity but common sense long term planning and reduced responsible child numbers will forever be stymied by religions and those posing as a religion. In retrospect, the west in providing neonatal and obstetric care in such countries have unwittingly launched the current disaster as once it took 8 births to have 2 live children (in Africa esp.), now all 8 survive. In the west such refinements as foetal sex determination enables the illegal abortion of many healthy female children by muslims and Sikhs. The former do so so that their males have to marry and convert foolish white women thus doubling the effect of their number increase( the latter have to pay a bride price and that can be expensive a reason not necessarily IMO a justification).
      While we pander to islam the west is doomed as it is only a matter of time. I guess that the globalists do not wish to wait this long or else, they want communism not islam as the control mechanism for the new Untermenschen.

  4. Corona test center in the Netherlands blown up. Just to be 100% clear, I strongly reject this!

    Explosion at Covid test center in Noord-Holland town
    An explosive went off at a GGD coronavirus test center in the Noord-Holland town of Bovenkarspel on Wednesday morning. No one was hurt, the police said on Twitter.
    The explosion happened at around 6:55 a.m. at the test center on Middenweg. The police specifically said that an explosive went off, indicating that the blast was intentional.
    The blast left at least five windows damaged, a police spokesperson said to NOS. The area around the test center was cordoned off and the Ministry of Defense’s explosive removal department EOD was called in to make sure the explosive isn’t still dangerous.
    According to the spokesperson, it will take a few hours to make sure everything is safe, to clean up after the explosion, and to investigate. The police believe this was a targeted attack.
    The affected test center opened its doors at the end of November, according to NH Nieuws.

  5. There are multiple sources in this ZH article, but I include it as is because ZH assembles them. I am finding all of this quite frightening and sickening. It was all fun and games until the Dystopian state under Dear Leader has now asserted itself in earnest into the lives of the people. This is why Dear Leader warned us earlier in the winter that it would be a very difficult few months. He knew what was coming.

    We must find our strength by caring for ourselves and for those around us. Drop the dead wood that becomes a burden.

  6. Turkey Arrests 10 Foreigners Suspected of Links to Daesh, Reports Suggest (sputniknews, Mar 3, 2021)

    “Turkish security forces arrested 10 foreign nationals over suspected links to the Daesh* terrorist group during a special operation in Istanbul, media reported on Wednesday, citing a source.

    According to state news agency Anadolu, the security forces held simultaneous raids in 12 districts of Istanbul to arrest 16 foreigners, who are believed to have been active in Syria and Iraq.

    The source added that digital materials and organizational documents were seized during the operation…”

  7. Turkey Hasn’t Felt ‘Any Impact’ From US’ S-400 Sanctions, Plans to Buy Second Batch, Official Says (sputniknews, Mar 3, 2021)

    “Turkey has not felt any impact from the US’s Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) restrictions against its defence sector over its purchase of Russian defence equipment, according to Ismail Demir, head of Presidency of Defence Industries, a civil institution established by the Turkish government to manage the Defence industry of Turkey and the supply of military technology.

    “We have not noticed any sort of direct impact [from the sanctions]. We’ll have to see how CAATSA will function, but for the moment there are no clear consequences,” Demir specified, speaking to Turkish broadcaster NTV on Wednesday.

    “If [the Americans] think this will discourage us from making any national decisions, they are thinking incorrectly,” the official added, referring to the sanctions pressure.

    Demir also confirmed that Ankara is negotiating the purchase of another batch of S-400s from Russia, notwithstanding US sanctions threats. “The language of sanctions will not affect Turkey’s decision,” he stressed…”

  8. U.S., Danish Troops Targeted in Iraq Airbase Rocket Attack (breitbart, Mar 3, 2021)

    “A military base in western Iraq that hosts U.S.-led coalition troops was struck multiple times in a rocket attack early Wednesday morning, the coalition and Iraqi military confirmed.

    It was not immediately known if there were any casualties in a strike that comes just 48-hours before Pope Francis’s historic visit to the country.

    Initial reports suggest 10 rockets were used in the attack…”

  9. Top British Scientists Helped China Develop Nuclear Weapons Technology: Report (breitbart, Mar 3, 2021)

    “Scientists from at least thirty-three universities in the United Kingdom have worked with Chinese military researchers on the development of nuclear weapons, an investigation has claimed.

    Top academics, including those at the universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh and Manchester, have reportedly worked alongside researchers at China’s top nuclear weapons research institution, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP).

    According to The Telegraph, academics from at least thirty-three UK universities have published papers alongside Chinese researchers at the CAEP or its subsidiaries. Some of the British scientists are believed to have even accepted positions at the Chinese institution.

    The CAEP and its underlings have all been placed on America’s sanction list for their role in developing the communist regime’s nuclear arsenal and advanced weapons technologies. The CAEP and its subsidiaries are also all under the supervision of China’s Central Military Council, which is chaired by Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

    The report went on to claim that the British taxpayer could be in fact funding Beijing’s weapons programmes, as many of the joint projects between the UK and Chinese researchers have taken advantage of UK government grants and taxpayer-funded facilities.

    This includes the use of the United Kingdom’s national supercomputer, known as ARCHER, as well as the Diamond Light Source, a £260 million particle accelerator.

    The report claimed that academics at Edinburgh University, Queen Mary University of London, and Cambridge University have all been tied to a CAEP laboratory that studies “shock wave and detonation physics”.

    The Australian Strategic Policy Institute said that the CAEP’s four main objectives are to “nuclear weapons; research microwaves and lasers for nuclear fusion ignition and directed-energy weapons; study technologies related to conventional weapons; and deepen military-civil fusion.”

    The defence think tank went on to claim that the CAEP is looking to expand “its international presence in order to attract leading talent to assist China’s development of nuclear weapons.”

    The universities all said that their research was in line with UK law and that the projects were not for military use.

    However, former Foreign Office official Charles Parton said: “It is an extremely bad idea to cooperate with an institute that develops nuclear weapons.”

    The chair of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tugendhat said: “Some universities’ apparent lack of curiosity about their partners leaves them exposed to accusations of collusion with hostile states, violating human rights, and undermining the security of the UK.

    “Clearly they need to realise their responsibility but the Government also has an essential role in making sure they’re aware of the consequences arising from these partnerships.”

    British Universities have come under increasing scrutiny for their ties to the Chinese Communist Party, with MI6 reportedly investigating “some of the most prestigious universities in the country” for potentially violating national security laws through their work with Chinese weapons developers.

    Some 200 British academics are also reportedly under investigation for allegedly sharing military technology with the communist regime.

    One of the professors named in the latest investigation as being tied to the CAEP was Prof Simon Redfern, the former head of the Earth Science department at Cambridge University, now based in Singapore.

    In 2016, Redfern took a role as a visiting professor with the CAEP subsidiary dubbed “HPSTAR”, going on to publish 15 papers with the Chinese researchers, while he was still serving on two British government science bodies and receiving public funding for his work.

    Prof Redfern was also given an award from China’s Thousands Talents plan, a programme which has been tied to the theft of sensitive technologies across the world, most notably in America.

    Last year, for example, former Harvard Professor Charles Lieber was indicted for failing to disclose his financial relationship with the Wuhan University of Technology as a part of the Thousand Talents scheme.

    The author of a report from Civitas on the ties between British universities and the Chinese state, Radomir Tylecote, described the latest findings as a “major national scandal” and went on to call for the British government to create an American-style sanction list to bar the partnerships from continuing into the future.”

  10. U.N. Chief Guterres Orders Cancellation of All Global Coal Projects (breitbart, Mar 3, 2021)

    “Future global coal projects must be immediately cancelled to end the “deadly addiction” to fossil fuels by the close of the decade, the U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said on Tuesday.

    Phasing out coal from the electricity sector is the single most important step to tackle the climate crisis, he said. Guterres’s call came at the opening of a virtual summit of the Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA), a group of governments and businesses committed to ending coal burning for power. He said:

    Today, I am calling on all governments, private companies and local authorities to take three steps.

    First, cancel all global coal projects in the pipeline and end the deadly addiction to coal. Second, end the international financing of coal plants and … third, jump-start a global effort to finally organise a just transition [for coal industry workers], going plant by plant if necessary.”

    The veteran Portuguese Socialist called the world’s reliance on coal a “deadly addiction” and appealed for ending international financing for coal and providing greater support to developing countries transitioning to renewable energy.

    He spoke even as many countries struggle with the reality of using renewables to provide reliable baseload power to growing, thriving economies…”

  11. Soft Sweden Risks Becoming Refuge for Returning Jihadists Wanting to Avoid Punishment, Warns Prosecutor (breitbart, Mar 3, 2021)

    “The chief prosecutor of Sweden’s National Security Case Unit has criticised the country’s terror laws, saying they could create a situation where terrorists flee to the country to escape prosecution in other nations.

    Prosecutor Per Lindqvist stated that Sweden could become a haven for members of groups like the Islamic State, as the country’s laws are often much less strict than other European Union member states.

    Lindqvist said the country needed tough laws, telling the Sveriges Radio: “It remains an urgent and almost immediate need, I would say.”

    “We run the risk of having individuals who come to Sweden to avoid criminal proceedings in other countries. I think that could be a concern in the future, and I think it’s a concern now,” he told the broadcaster.

    Lindqvist’s warning comes just a day after it was revealed that not a single individual has been charged or even arrested since Sweden’s new anti-terrorism laws were put into force last year.

    The laws on paper allow for the prosecution of those associated with terrorist groups, but cases have been difficult to prove, as it requires evidence such as handling weapons or explosives.

    “How the rules have been designed makes it quite difficult to prove this crime. A sign of this, of course, is that we have still not brought any charges so far since the law was created, nor have we requested any person to be placed in custody under this new legislation,” prosecutor Lindqvist said earlier this week.

    Over the last several years, many Islamic State members have returned to Sweden. In 2019 there were reports that some of the returnees had begun recruiting followers in the multicultural southern city of Malmö.

    Another investigation into the activities of 41 returned fighters in 2019 revealed that many had gone on to commit serious crimes after returning from the Middle East, including drug crimes, extortion, money laundering, and abuse.”


    Around the corner I have a friend,
    In this great city that has no end;
    Yet days go by, and weeks rush on,
    And before I know it a year is gone,
    And I never see my old friend’s face
    For life is a swift and terrible race.
    He knows I like him just as well
    As in the days when I rang his bell
    And he rang mine. We were younger then,
    And now we are busy, tired men;
    Tired with playing a foolish game,
    Tired with trying to make a name.
    “Tomorrow”, I say, I will call on Jim,
    Just to show that I’m thinking of him.”
    But tomorrow comes — and tomorrow goes,
    And the distance between us grows and grows.
    Around the corner, yet miles away,
    “Here’s a telegram, sir,”
    “Jim died today.”
    And that’s what we get, and deserve, in the end:
    Around the corner, a vanished friend.
    ——By permission Chas. Hanson Towne.

      • LOL, you got me. I thought this poem was fitting in our COVID time.

        For yuck I
        For Yesterday is but a Dream,
        And To-Morrow is only a Vision;
        But To-day, well lived,
        Makes every Yesterday
        A dream of Happiness,
        And every To-Morrow a Vision of Hope.

        The Greatest
        Faith looked out at a drowning man;
        And faith had not a doubt
        But what some hand would reach and pull
        The struggling fellow out!

        Hope looked out at the selfsame man
        And hope had not a frown;
        For she was sure, as sure could be
        The man would never drown!

        Love looked out at the drowning man—
        And love had faith and hope;
        But love had more—her hand was swift
        To throw the man a rope!
        Lon Woodrum

        Have a sweet day.

    • Make Biden irrelevant, it’s the best strategy. All world leaders know Trump was cheated out of the presidency and Joe is a puppet. If Joe has the stamina for a foreign visit, have a deputy welcome him at the airport and no special ceremony. Reduce him to nothing.

      • He’s irrelevant, but the cabal that runs things is not. Nest of vipers in Saudi are working with the spooks in the CIA, DoD, and DoS. The same cast of characters behind the Arab Spring, Benghazi, and all the rest.

        All they need is the perception of MbS weakness, and he’s no longer the Strong Horse. (c.f. 0’s speech in Cairo in 2009 brought down Mubarak.)

    • I would love to know if this really happened (or was attempted) but it might be wishful thinking no the part of the commentator.

  13. Dying in Darkness: Biden STILL Won’t Publish Schedule, Visitor Logs, nor Hold a Presser… Deletes White House Comments and Petitions Pages.

    Six weeks into the Biden regime, Joe’s professed commitment to truth and transparency continues to wane, with the President of the United States failing to hold a press conference, refusing to publish his schedule, hiding visitor logs from the public, and deleting the White House pages for comments and public petitions. Cynics might say that democracy is currently dying in darkness.

  14. DAILY MAIL – Pope Francis warns mankind faces a second ‘great flood’ caused by global warming

    Pope Francis has warned of a second ‘great flood’ due to climate change
    Biblical flood could be repeated if corruption and injustice isn’t fixed, he said
    Francis made the remarks while speaking to writer Marco Pozza for a new book
    Excerpt of the book was released as Pope prepares to travel to Iraq this week

    Pope Francis has warned that mankind is facing a second great flood caused by climate change unless leaders act to fix corruption and injustice.

    The 84-year-old said that, in the story of the great flood in the Bible, God used his wrath to punish injustice and ‘clean up’ the world.

    He then added that humanity is facing another ‘great deluge, perhaps due to a rise in temperature and the melting of glaciers.

    ‘[That is] what will happen now if we continue on the same path,’ he said.

    Francis made the comments to Italian writer Marco Pozza, who is also chaplain of Padua prison, in a new book that is due to be published in March.

    An excerpt from the book – called Of Vice and Virtues – was published by Corriere della Serra on Sunday.

    In it, he also urges world leaders towards ‘prudence’, saying it is the role of governments to ‘stop and think’ before acting rashly.

    Prudence, he says, goes hand-in-hand with ‘sympathy, with empathy, for situations, people, the world, [and its] problems.’

    He also calls for patience in faith, saying that it is a natural part of belief for Christians to have doubts in their faith and in God.

    But the truly faithful, he says, persevere in their beliefs despite their doubts and are in the end rewarded.

    While discussing justice, Francis brings up the example of the biblical flood which destroyed the world except for Noah – who was deemed virtuous enough to survive.

    The flood itself may have been a myth, Francis says, but it is used as an example to show how God uses wrath to punish injustice and right wrongs in the world.

    ‘God’s wrath is against injustice , against Satan,’ he says.

    DAILY MAIL – The Pope says he will still travel to Iraq on Friday despite rocket attack on military base hosting US troops and asks people to pray for him

    Pope Francis is due to arrive in Baghdad on Friday for a three-day visit to Iraq
    84-year-old insisted trip is still going ahead despite attack on US forces today
    Francis asked people to pray for him so trip takes place ‘in the best possible way’
    He will be the first pope to visit Iraq after John Paul II called off a visit in 1999

    Pope Francis has insisted that his historic trip to Iraq which is due to take place this week will go ahead despite an attack on US forces in the country today.

    The 84-year-old pontiff said he cannot disappoint people ‘who have suffered so much’ by calling off the visit, the first ever by a pope to Iraq, at the last minute.

    Instead, he asked people to pray for him and the journey ‘so that it may take place in the best possible way and bear the hoped-for fruits’.

    Pope Francis is due to land in Iraq on Friday for a three-day visit designed to encourage the country’s Christian faithful after years of often violent repression by Islamic extremists including ISIS.

    During the trip, Francis will visit the Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad which was the site of a massacre of Christians in 2010, a church in Qaraqosh that was left charred by ISIS attacks, and pray for the victims of war in Mosul.

    The trip is also designed to broaden the Vatican’s outreach to Islam, and on Saturday will feature a meeting between Francis and Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

    Francis has said the journey will complete the dream of Pope John Paul II who had planned to visit in 1999, but never made the trip over fears for his security and concerns that then-ruler Saddam Hussein would use it as propaganda.

    ‘The day after tomorrow, God willing, I will go to Iraq for a three-day pilgrimage. For a long time I have wanted to meet these people who have suffered so much,’ Francis said in his weekly Wednesday address.

    He added: ‘The Iraqi people are waiting for us, they were waiting for Saint John Paul II, who was forbidden to go.

    ‘One cannot disappoint a people for the second time. Let us pray that this journey will be successful.’

    • The Pope might’ve forgotten The Covenant of the Rainbow – a symbol misappropriated by homosexuals and their propagandists.

      After the flood, Genesis 6:

      11 And I will establish my covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth.

      14And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud: 15And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.

    • ‘Fear ye not me? saith the LORD: will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it?’ Jer 5:22

  15. twitter @disclosetv

    – Design Foundry, a design firm from Maryland, has taken responsibility for the “Nazi-design” of the CPAC stage.

    They provide services to Google, MSNBC, Target, and others. 98% of the company’s political donations reportedly have gone to Democrat candidates.


    JUST IN – Capitol Police chief to recommend “physical hardening” of U.S. Capitol grounds (NBC)

    JUST IN – Capitol Police increase security based on “obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4.”

  16. global pravda – Coronavirus: Concerns about 3rd wave and getting back to normal

    There are growing concerns that the spread of more contagious coronavirus variants could spark a third wave of the pandemic in Canada, as provinces ease restrictions.

    All 10 provinces have now reported at least one case of the variant first detected in the United Kingdom, while other “variants of concern” from South Africa and Brazil have also been reported in Canada.

    As Canada nears the tail end of a second wave, public health officials and infectious disease experts are already raising the alarm about a third peak. Eric Sorensen has more.

    • CBC – Industrial workplaces remain concern as COVID-19 variants spread

      As variants of concern continue to spread, workers in industrial settings remain a big risk. In Peel Region, a major manufacturing centre outside Toronto, many precautions aren’t followed and the lack of sick days is still a major hurdle for employees.

    • Mayo Clinic Insights: What is a COVID-19 variant strain

      Mayo Clinic Insights: Dr. Binnicker provides information on the current COVID-19 variants and how we can help stop the spread of new strains in our communities.

    • sky news UK – COVID-19: Government comes under increasing pressure over Brazil variant

      The Prime Minister has stressed the UK’s border controls remain some of the toughest in the world – despite growing criticism over how a Brazilian COVID-19 variant of concern – made it to the UK.

      Boris Johnson has said there’s “no reason” to think vaccines won’t be effective against the variant.

      But, there are concerns that one of the six cases identified so far is yet to be traced, meaning authorities don’t know if the mystery person is self-isolating.

      There was encouraging news though on how vaccines are helping prevent the need for hospitalisation in the over 80s.

    • sky news UK – COVID-19: The search for the variant in southeast England

      There remains concerns about a single unidentified case of the Brazilian coronavirus variant and how to identify contacts in the UK.

      Efforts to trace it have been narrowed down to 379 possible households in the southeast of England.

      An assessment of the Manaus variant showed it may spread more easily and evade the immune system.

    • AUSTRALIA – Russian variant of COVID-19 detected in Queensland hotel quarantine

      ….prompting tougher quarantine measures for more than 70 travellers.

    • Deutsche Pravda – How mathematics can help fight the pandemic

      These mathematical models help save lives:

      We may not realize it, but we use mathematical models every day.

      Something as simple as the weather forecast is actually a complex model based on countless data points.

      Today, prediction models are critical to coronavirus planning.

      COVID-19 is still new and it’s hard to anticipate how it will spread and whom it will affect.
      Models can give scientists, government officials and doctors pre-views of how to stop the virus and save lives.

    • Dancing for joy: Canindian celebrates Covid-19 vaccination with Bhangra dance on frozen lake

      “Yesterday evening I received my Covid-19 vaccine. Then I went to a frozen lake to dance Bhangra on it for joy, hope and positivity, which I’m forwarding across Canada and beyond for everyone’s health and wellbeing”.

    • europravda – EU vaccine passports might not be ready by the summer. Here’s why

      Concerns on fundamental rights, discrimination, data privacy, and forgery are poised to become stumbling blocks for the cross-border pass.

    • CDC chief opposes lifting COVID restrictions

      The head of the CDC is warning against virus fatigue and says the CDC has been clear in opposing states’ moves to lift restrictions.

    • Exhausted Texas ICU Nurse Says She’s Scared About The Upcoming End To The State Mask Order

      […]“It has been devastating”, ICU nurse Brittany Smart said minutes after the end of her shift.

      In a recent Instagram post the cardio-thoracic nurse said, “I give up. I’ve seen too many bodies stacked like firewood. Y’all don’t understand, or you just don’t care. This isn’t political. These are FUC**** HUMANS! & they are DYING.”

      […]Smart said she doesn’t think now is a safe time to take away the mask mandate and called the governor’s move “nerve-racking.”

      CNN – I’m scared about what this is going to look like: ICU nurse on end of Texas mask mandate

      Texas governor Greg Abbott announced he’s lifting the mask mandate in Texas, even as health officials warn not to ease safety restrictions.

      + comments on the YT page

    • Biden on Texas and Mississippi lifting their statewide mask mandates: “I think it’s a big mistake…It’s critical, critical, critical that they follow the science…”

      Biden: Ending mask mandates ‘Neanderthal thinking’

    • CBC – Vaccine hesitancy expert answers your COVID-19 shot questions

      Dr. Cora Constantinescu of the Vaccine Hesitancy Clinic at Alberta Children’s Hospital answers your questions about spacing out vaccine doses and which vaccines should go to which people.

    • Johnson & Johnson to Test COVID Vaccine on Infants

      Days after the FDA approved J&J’s COVID vaccine for emergency use, the company announced plans to test the vaccine on newborns, despite the vaccine’s risks and strong evidence that COVID poses virtually no risk to healthy children.

      […]On Sunday, J&J revealed plans to test its one-shot vaccine on infants, including newborns, pregnant women and the immunocompromised. The expanded clinical trials were laid out in the company’s application for emergency use approval and in briefing materials provided to the FDA and discussed briefly during the meeting.

      […]A spokesperson for Janssen Biotech, a J&J subsidiary, confirmed the company plans to extend clinical trials to children –– first to children between the ages of 12 and 18, and immediately after to newborns and adolescents, then to pregnant women and immunocompromised individuals.


  17. Over a Dozen Soldiers Stationed at Capitol Are Sick After Provided With Undercooked Food: Report
    By The Daily Caller News Foundation
    March 3, 2021 Updated: March 3, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Daily Caller Logo

    Members of the National Guard allegedly found metal shavings in over 70 meals and some were made sick by undercooked meat on Sunday, an ABC affiliate reported Monday.

    A Michigan National Guard staff sergeant whose identity is being withheld said this is a common problem for service members stationed at the U.S. Capitol building following the Jan. 6 riot, 7 Action News reported.

    “Yesterday, for instance, there were 74 different meals found with raw beef in them,” the sergeant said, 7 Action News reported. The sergeant also said “soldiers had found metal shavings in their food.”

  18. Wyoming Lawmakers Grant Initial Approval to Election Reform Voter ID Bill
    By Isabel van Brugen
    March 3, 2021 Updated: March 3, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    A bill that would require voters to submit photo identification at the polls passed its first vote in the Wyoming House of Representatives on March 1.

    The legislation, House Bill 75, requires voters to present either a Wyoming driver’s license, or identification card, tribal identification card, valid U.S. passport, U.S. military card, or Medicare insurance card when casting their ballots in elections.

    The bill wouldn’t apply to people voting by absentee ballot after registering in person or by mail.

    It still requires a further two votes to clear the House. If successful, it would then proceed to the Senate.

    Secretary of State Ed Buchanan, a backer of the legislation, hasn’t said that voter fraud is a problem in the state, but described the bill as a measure needed to prevent any future problems in the election process.

  19. France bans far-right group Generation Identity (DW, Mar 3, 2021)

    “The Interior Ministry has described the organization as something akin to “a private militia.” Generation Identity has gained prominence in recent years for its attempts to prevent migrants from entering France.

    The French government on Wednesday agreed to ban the far-right group Generation Identity, saying the organization incited “discrimination, hatred and violence.”

    Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin posted the decree to ban GI on Twitter, saying it took into account the group’s “structure and military organization,” adding that GI can be regarded “as having the character of a private militia.”

    Darmanin noted in the decree the group had links to “ultraright groups from which (GI) receives logistical support,” noting that it received donations from Brenton Tarrant, the terrorist behind the 2019 mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Racist ideology
    In the decree, Darmanin pronounced the Lyon-based association illegal, and said its publications and actions spread “an ideology inciting hatred, violence and discrimination of individuals, based on their origin, their race or their religion.”

    Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said: “With that decision we are putting an end to sometimes violent actions from the group.”

    GI has gained notoriety in recent years after staging a number of operations to block migrants from entering the country. The most recent of which occurred in January, with around 30 GI members congregating at the Col du Portillon mountain pass on the French-Spanish border, in what the group called a surveillance operation to “defend Europe.”

    Fences and helicopter missions at borders
    It was the latest in a string of demonstrations by GI members, often involving the deployment of fences at border crossings.

    In August 2019, the group’s leader and two other members were handed six-month prison sentences after they set up a blockade in the French Alps and rented two helicopters to search for migrants.

    Members of the far-right group scaled the mountain pass at an altitude of 1,762 meters (5,781 feet), and unveiled a giant banner which said “Closed border: No way” before erecting a symbolic blockade in the snow using plastic fencing.

    In response, a separate group of activists escorted some 30 migrants into France, sparking skirmishes with police and GI members.”

  20. (Richard: Another tactic in the pandemic scam is getting people use to government handouts of money. When the Governments decide to change to the Climate Crisis lockdowns we will be use to Government handouts of money.)

    Democrats Push Biden to Include Recurring Stimulus Payments
    By Jack Phillips
    March 2, 2021 Updated: March 2, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Several Senate Democrats are pushing the Biden administration to include recurring stimulus payments in the pending pandemic recovery package—rather than just issuing $1,400 checks.

    A letter sent by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and signed by 10 senators calls for President Joe Biden to provide recurring direct payments and unemployment insurance extensions.

    “We urge you to include recurring direct payments and automatic unemployment insurance extensions tied to economic conditions in your Build Back Better long-term economic plan,” a draft of their letter (pdf) says. “This crisis is far from over, and families deserve certainty that they can put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Families should not be at the mercy of constantly-shifting legislative timelines and ad hoc solutions.”

    Wyden and the other senators did not elaborate on what amount the recurring payments should be. The $1.9 trillion bill supported by Biden, known as the American Rescue Plan, includes a provision for a third stimulus check worth up to $1,400.

  21. Efforts underway in key battleground states to return voting systems to pre-2020 rules

    Legislators looking to roll back major changes to mail-in voting, early voter lists.

    Significant legislative attempts are underway in multiple U.S. states, including key battleground states, to roll back major changes in voting rules and regulations to various pre-2020 status quo antes. The efforts come after an historically chaotic election process that has left millions of Americans doubtful of election fairness, security, transparency and accountability.

    Changes to election rules — some of them enacted prior to 2020 and others put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic last year — have included expansive mail-in voting, expanded early voting, relaxation of verification rules, and extensions to ballot receipt deadlines.

    Those rules likely contributed to a record 158,000,000-plus votes cast in the 2020 election. But the relaxation of various voting requirements has also led to significant distrust in the election system: Nearly 40% of voters believe that U.S. elections are beset by fraud, while a similar number claim that such concerns haven’t been properly vetted by public authorities.

  22. Paid To Stay Home— Coronavirus Aid Bill Pays Federal Employees With Kids Out Of School Up To $21K
    Adam Andrzejewski
    Adam AndrzejewskiSenior Contributor

    The U.S. House version of the “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021” – a $1.9 trillion emergency aid package to help America recover from the coronavirus pandemic has an extra perk for federal workers: Enhanced paid time off if your child is enrolled in a school that isn’t back to full-time, in-classroom instruction.

    Critics call it a personal bailout for bureaucrats. It is funded through a new $570 million family leave account exclusively for federal workers.

    While millions of parents struggle to work from home with kids who are enrolled in shuttered or partially shuttered schools, and millions more left the workforce or lost jobs to care for their at-home children, evidently parents in the federal bureaucracy need their own, personal Covid-19 bailout.

    Buried on page 305 of the House bill released late last Friday night (included after the bailout details for states and localities), is a new Treasury Department fund called the “Emergency Federal Employee Leave Fund.”–coronavirus-aid-bill-pays-federal-employees-with-kids-out-of-school-up-to-21k/?sh=4df4f3071223

  23. Eight People Reportedly Injured in Suspected ‘Terrorist’ Stabbing Attack in Sweden (sputniknews, Mar 3, 2021)

    “The incident was initially investigated as attempted murder, local police say, as quoted by Svenska Dagbladet.

    Eight people have been injured in what is now suspected as a “terrorist” stabbing attack in the Vetlanda municipality in southern Sweden, local media reports say.

    According to SVT, the police were called to Bangårdsgatan in central Vetlanda around 3 pm. The callers told the police that several people had been attacked with an axe.

    The suspected attacker is a man in his 20s – he was shot by police during the arrest and was hospitalised, Police Spokesperson Angelica Israelsson Silfver told SVT. Nothing points to the involvement of accomplices, the police said, adding that the situation in the district is under control.


  24. Tucker Carlson, last night, on the Dr. Seuss fiasco. Yesterday, when I looked at Twitter feeds, most of the angry people are seemingly Leftist Jews, all women, with tens of thousands of followers each.

  25. Anarchists Set up Roadblock, Checked Motorist’s Papers in Hunt For Police Officers (breitbart, Mar 3, 2021)

    “A group of an estimated 100 far-left anarchist extremists formed a checkpoint on the streets of an Athens suburb this week, allegedly checking cars to see if police officers were inside.

    The anarchists stopped cars in the Athens suburb of Zografou and demanded to see the identification documents of drivers and passengers.

    According to a report from the newspaper Proto Thema, the far-leftists were from a nearby student dormitory located on Olof Palme street, named after the murdered former prime minister of Sweden.

    Theodoros Chronopoulos, a spokesman for the Greek police, confirmed the incident, saying that members of the public had complained about being stopped and checked.

    The checkpoint comes after anarchist extremists clashed with police during a demonstration in Athens to support convicted terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas, who is currently on hunger strike. The far-leftist, who served as the top hitman for the notorious Revolutionary Organization 17 November, is serving 11 life sentences for murders from 1975 to 2000.

    Since Koufodinas began his hunger strike in January, demanding to be transferred out of a maximum-security prison, there have been several violent incidents supporting the convicted terrorist, including the firebombing of an office of the ruling New Democracy party in an Athens suburb.

    Last week, dozens of Koufodinas’s supporters were arrested after attempting to occupy the offices of the Greek culture ministry in Athens, with protesters also being subject to 300 euro fines for breaking the country’s Wuhan coronavirus restrictions.

    In February, around 5,000 students in Greece’s second-largest city Thessaloniki gathered outside the city courthouse to protest a new law that would allow police to patrol university grounds and make arrests.

    While police access to campuses has been restricted for decades, the Greek conservative government argued that the lack of police presence had allowed for violent protests and other criminal behaviour to take place on university grounds.”

  26. Exclusive: Unreleased Federal Report Concludes ‘No Evidence’ that Free Speech Online ‘Causes Hate Crimes’ (breitbart, Mar 3, 2021)

    “Freedom of speech on the internet did not lead to a rise in “hate crimes,” according to a report sent from the U.S. Department of Commerce to Congress in January — a report that has yet to appear on any government website.

    Breitbart News has obtained a copy of the report, which is published in full below. But sources close to the government say they are baffled as to why it wasn’t released publicly after being sent to Congress.

    The report was prepared by the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which is responsible for advising the President on all matters related to telecommunication and the internet.

    It was drafted to revise the findings of a previous report from NTIA in 1993 titled The Role of Telecommunications in Hate Crimes. Although it was prepared under the Trump administration, the request to revise the report came from the 116th Congress, which was controlled by a 35-seat Democrat majority in the House and only a slim Republican majority in the Senate.

    The 1993 report is still publicly available on the web. But the latest revision to its findings is not.

    Sources who were close to the drafting and approval process suspect that bureaucrats and establishment politicians with a vested interest in the “hate crimes” panic are trying to suppress it, because its conclusions challenge popular media narratives alleging a rise in internet-inspired hate crimes.

    “Reports like this are typically made public,” said a source who worked closely with the NTIA on the report. “I don’t know why this report isn’t up on a government website yet. It’s already been submitted to Congress, it’s not a private thing anymore. I suspect the Civil Rights Division might have something to do with it.”

    According to the source, who formerly worked in the Trump administration, the updated report was bitterly opposed by the Civil Rights Division, which is the part of the DoJ responsible for prosecuting hate crimes.

    The Civil Rights Division, said the source, is also at the forefront of “efforts to drum up hysteria” over white nationalist extremism in the U.S. Despite its opposition, however, the report was approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and sent to Congress.

    But the report does not publicly appear on any website. No one in Congress has mentioned it. And the press has not reported on its findings — until now.

    The report bluntly states that there is no evidence of a causal relationship between the growth in internet usage and hate crimes, pointing out that there is not even any correlation, as media allegations about a surge in hate crimes over the past five years are not supported by the Justice Department’s crime statistics.

    From the report:

    The evidence does not show that during last decade, a time of expansive growth of electronic communications, particularly on the Internet and mobile devices as well as social media, there has been a rise in hate crime incidents. [emphasis ours]

    The report also warns that efforts to clamp down on online communications over unfounded concerns about “hate crimes” will undermine First Amendment values.

    From the report:

    We caution that efforts to control or monitor online speech, even for the worthy goal of reducing crime, present serious First Amendment concerns and runs counter to our nation’s dedication to free expression. To quote President Barack Obama, “The strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression; it is more speech.”

    The report also criticizes academic “extremism” researchers for failing to back up their assertions of a causal link between online hate speech and real-world hate crime.

    From the report:

    …this research, and much like it, fails to demonstrate any causal relationship between increased social media use and increased violence. This research does not present even comprehensive descriptive data correlating increased hate speech on social media with increased hate crimes.

    Finally, the report issues a blistering condemnation of Silicon Valley companies for using the “hate speech” panic to undermine freedom of expression on their platforms.

    From the report:

    Clay Neff reported that tech leaders have recognized that relying on human teams alone to review content will not be enough and that artificial intelligence will have to play a significant role. That said, there are, of course, significant policy and practical limitations to reliance on automated content moderation. Interestingly, much of this technology is being developed from approaches pioneered by the Chinese Communist Party to stifle political discussion and dissent.

    Given that all the major social media platforms have rules against hate speech and, in fact, employ sophisticated algorithmic artificial intelligence (AI) approaches to enforce these often vague and contradictory rules in a manner also used by tyrannous regimes, it is appropriate to ask what they gain from it. Certainly, as this Report shows, the platforms have no reasonable expectation that their censorship will end hate crimes or even diminish it, as no empirical evidence exists linking increased hate speech with hate crimes.

    Further, this censorship poses real dangers to our political system. Under the hate speech prohibitions and other censorship rules, the platforms have removed content that many consider seriously engaged with pressing political and social issues.

    Breitbart News has reached out to the NTIA and the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division for comment.”

  27. Louis Farrakhan pushes vaccine conspiracy theories in videos posted on Facebook, Twitter – Liberty Unyielding
    Daily Caller News Foundation
    6-8 minutes

    Louis Farrakhan pushes vaccine conspiracy theories in videos posted on Facebook, Twitter

    Farrakhan and friends (Image via TH)

    By Chuck Ross

    Louis Farrakhan, the influential leader of the Nation of Islam, continued his crusade against the coronavirus vaccines over the weekend, calling the vaccine a “vial of death” during remarks at the extremist group’s convention, where other speakers falsely claimed that the vaccines have caused more than 900 deaths.

    Videos of the convention, which was held for the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day, are posted on the group’s social media pages.

  28. Deutsche Pravda – Germany places entire far-right AfD under surveillance — reports

    Germany’s domestic intelligence agency is investigating the far-right Alternative for Germany — the largest opposition party in parliament — according to national media. The move comes ahead of national elections.

    Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) have placed the Alternative for Germany (AfD) under surveillance, according to local media.

    That designation gives state agents more powers for surveillance in certain circumstances, including potentially tapping the party’s communications.

    The BfV refused to comment on media reports from Der Spiegel magazine, the DPA news agency and public broadcaster ARD. The Interior Ministry, which oversees the BfV, said it would neither confirm nor deny them.

    Why has there been no official statement?

    The BfV is apparently unable to announce the decision officially because of an ongoing legal dispute.

    A court in the city of Cologne last week rejected an urgent motion by the AfD to stop the BfV from placing it under formal investigation. The party said any announcement that it was being investigated would undermine its right to fight the election on an equal footing to other political parties.

    In response, the BfV said it would not make any formal announcement on investigations into the AfD for the foreseeable future. The same would apply to candidates standing in elections in 2021.

    The court in Cologne said that, because the BfV had confirmed it would postpone any public announcement on the matter, the AfD’s motion was redundant.

    The AfD’s co-chairman Tino Chrupalla on Wednesday accused the BfV of leaking the information to the media. He said it was a “scandalous” attempt to influence opinion about the party.

    Meanwhile, Volker Ullrich — interior affairs spokesman for the CSU, the conservative Bavarian sister party to Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats — appeared to suggest the new surveillance status was a fait accompli.

    In a tweet, he described it as a “consistent and correct decision.”

    “The concept of a defensible democracy means naming and fighting the opponents of the free democratic basic order,” said Ullrich.

    German Green party lawmaker Konstantin von Notz also welcomed the decision, telling DW: “We know from our history that even in a democracy, enemies of the rule of law can be elected … to then eliminate democracy and the rule of law.”

    Several other prominent politicians outside the AfD responded to the news.

    Who are the AfD?

    The AfD started out as a party campaigning against Germany’s membership of the euro as a currency in 2013, before adopting more of an anti-immigration and anti-Islam mantle.

    It arrived as a significant opposition force in the Bundestag in 2017, capitalizing in large part on public anger in parts of the electorate over Merkel’s 2015 decision to allow in a wave of asylum seekers from conflict-torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

    The party has often caused outrage by questioning Germany’s culture of remembrance and atonment after World War II. One of its foremost figures, Alexander Gauland, notoriously described the Nazi era as just “a speck of bird poo” on German history.

    Although the AfD is the largest opposition party in parliament, it has seen its popularity flat-line and even wane since establishing itself in 2017’s election.

    It is set to contend six regional elections this year and a general election on September 26. Nationwide, it is currently polling in the region of 10%, after logging 12.6% in 2017.

    The party has repeatedly faced accusations of ties to right-wing extremists.

    Parts of the AfD — including the party’s youth division and the Flügel (Wing) extremist group — have already attracted the attention of the intelligence community.

    The Flügel came under full surveillance by the BfV last year after the agency said its members included proven right-wing extremists.

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