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2 Replies to “92 year old German woman has a warning for all of us”

  1. The old fraulein is correct. I wouldn’t dream of talking to somebody I don’t know any more for fear of them screaming, “Off our streets, Fascist scum!” at me and punching me in the face, and that means that we no longer have freedom of speech and that means we are now living in a totalitarian dictatorship in which the state decides what is true and what is not. Welcome to Nazi Germany. Soon they will be arresting people for questioning Climate Change or the so-called COVID-19 virus, otherwise known as “the flu”. The media/Hollywood/Washington etcetera axis has made it so I just look at the ground and mumble rather than talk to pretty much anybody. It’s sad. I think it’s enemy agents with billions of dollars in their pockets who have caused this. I can’t prove it, but it’s the only thing that makes sense. Why would any one of us be so hell-bent on destroying the pleasant lives that we enjoy in the West? Is it all guilt? I think it’s the Communist Chinese and the Iranians, and the Turks, and the Pakistanis. That’s what I think…

  2. Some people are fighting back and some of those are the State Governors and Legislatures, they are providing the leadership that the people need to resist the Federal (Democrat/Far Left) Tyranny. There are Dark Days ahead but there is freedom in our futures.

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