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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. This reply I was about to post WRT the article below posted by Martin (thank you) but I thought it better to do so here:

    Gates general attitude is NOT philanthropic he invests nothing unless it has a return that suits him and that he can control. His WHO deals have shown this, He now sees himself as almost a pharaoh and his tomb should be an interesting landmark.

    However, I cannot understand greed , especially greed of such proportions. But then I cannot understand power and the need some have for it so that they can control others. I could not be bothered, so I guess that I am part of the problem as my contempt for both has disarmed me totally. I always tried to treat everyone as a fellow human being and wasn’t I shocked at how that turned out! At least now I have grown an “edge” for whatever that is worth. But we direly need leaders who can help out Trump and Farage, the last of the few.

    • Painting Bill Gates as Machiavellian.

      Investing is the only way to create and keep money.

      “Investing in People,” however, has become a platitude turned towards ticking and promoting Equal Outcomes of Diversity.

      When Bill’s investments in industry turn out just as dumbed-down and hollow, then I will worry.

      Investing in Equal Opportunity and seeing who the real people squander it, based on facts, and not the dream that a Privileged majority in any successful country- who got off their backsides – are holding them back.

      • Chinese industry is not diverse, but it understood Pride and Diversity.

        Diversity takes away loyalty. There are no forefathers, and what there are, are “racists”.

        So to buy a cheaper Chinese good, to drive to the Mall and avoid local shops, is no longer capitalism ‘I win, you win,’ but consumerism, ‘I win, you loose.’ A vanity that has been the biggest seller ever since. Go Woke is not go Broke.

        And China has artificially reduced the exchange rate, to have goods go out and fewer goods come in. To build pre-weapons factories making to toys.

        The Western Politician who don’t believe in borders and countries; with nations that do, and are fighting to increase them.

  2. UK Supreme Court Rules Schoolgirl Who Joined Daesh Should Not Be Allowed to Return to Britain (sputniknews, Feb 26, 2021)

    “Shamima Begum was 15 when she travelled to Syria, with two other teenage friends, and ultimately married a member of Daesh. In 2019 the Home Secretary stripped her of her citizenship, a decision her lawyers have sought to challenge.

    The UK Supreme Court (UKSC) has ruled that the schoolgirl who joined Daesh in Syria should not be allowed to return to Britain.

    The unanimous ruling reversed findings by the Court of Appeal that Shamima Begum was denied the right of an effective appeal against the Home Secretary’s decision to strip her of her citizenship, by refusing her entry into the country in order to challenge the decision.

    “[T]he Court of Appeal misunderstood the scope of an appeal against a decision of the Secretary of State to refuse a person leave to enter the UK”, the UKSC said, adding that, “Ms Begum’s appeal against the [decision to refuse her entry to the UK] could only be brought on the ground that the decision was unlawful under section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998. As Ms Begum did not advance that argument before the Court of Appeal”, her appeal “should have been dismissed”, they said.

    Significantly, the UK’s highest court also found that the Court of Appeal, “mistakenly believed that, when an individual’s right to have a fair hearing of an appeal came into conflict with the requirements of national security, her right to a fair hearing must prevail”.

    Instead, the justices found that, “the right to a fair hearing does not trump all other considerations, such as the safety of the public. If a vital public interest makes it impossible for a case to be fairly heard, then the courts cannot ordinarily hear it”.

    “The appropriate response to the problem in the present case is for the deprivation appeal to be stayed until Ms Begum is in a position to play an effective part in it without the safety of the public being compromised. That is not a perfect solution, as it is not known how long it may be before that is possible. But there is no perfect solution to a dilemma of the present kind”, the UKSC determined.

    The decision by the court may well impact the cases of at least 40 other people, currently stuck outside of the UK, and whose citizenship has been revoked or is at risk of being revoked. The Supreme Court was asked to determine whether Begum has been deprived of the right to an effective remedy when she was unable to return to the UK in order to challenge the Home Secretary’s decision to strip her of her citizenship. The court did not make a final determination regarding whether the depravation of citizenship had been lawful…”

    • sky news – Shamima Begum not allowed to return to UK – Supreme Court

      The Supreme Court has ruled that IS bride Shamima Begum should not be allowed to return to the UK.

      Miss Begum wanted to fight a decision to strip her of British citizenship after she joined the Islamic State group in 2015.

      A Sky News journalist at the Roj camp in northern Syria where Shamima Begum is living said she refused to talk to any journalists because her lawyer asked her not to speak to anyone.

  3. Arab Coalition Reportedly Intercepts Explosive-Laden Drone Launched By Houthis Towards Saudi Arabia (sputniknews, Feb 26, 2021)

    “The Saudi-led coalition has intercepted and destroyed a drone launched by the Yemeni Houthi rebels, Saudi Arabiya TV reported.

    The drone launched by the Houthi rebels was heading toward the city of Khamis Mushait in southwest Saudi Arabia, according to reports.

    Recently, the Houthis stepped up their attacks on Saudi Arabian settlements and facilities.

    Yemen has been gripped by a civil war between the Yemeni government forces, led by President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, and the Houthi movement since 2014. The Saudi-led coalition entered the conflict on the side of the government in 2015, after the Houthis made significant gains during the early days of clashes.

    The Houthis continue to maintain control over a vast part of the north of the country, including the capital Sanaa.”

  4. Gunmen Kidnap Over 300 Schoolgirls in Northwestern Nigeria, Reports Say (sputniknews, Feb 26, 2021)

    “Militants have abducted more than 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria’s northwestern Zamfara state, media reported on Friday.

    According to the Punch newspaper, gunmen targeted a secondary school in the Jangebe village on Thursday night. The school staff said that the militants arrived at the school on motorcycles and pickup trucks shortly after midnight.

    “When they came into the school, we thought they were security personnel but to our utmost fear and dismay, they started putting the girls into Hilux vehicles and motorcycles then drove out of the school,” a source told the newspaper on condition of anonymity.

    Meanwhile, Nigerian media outlet PM News reported that gunmen attacked a military checkpoint nearby before heading to the school. Several soldiers were reportedly injured after the militant attack.

    Local vigilante groups are searching for kidnappers to rescue abducted girls, PM News added.”

  5. Officials: Attack targets Afghan reporter’s family, kills 3 (abcnews, Feb 26, 2021)

    “Three family members of an assassinated journalist in western Afghanistan have been killed by gunmen, local officials said Friday, amid a rising wave of attacks targeting journalists and civil society actors.

    Ghor provincial council member Hamidullah Mutahid said that at least five others were wounded in the attack late Thursday.

    The gunmen stormed the family home of Afghan journalist and activist Bismillah Adil Aimaq, who was shot dead in an unclaimed attack nearby Ghor on Jan. 1.

    No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack Aimaq’s family. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid quickly rejected the involvement of the militant group in the gun assault.

    The Islamic State group, blamed for a series of attacks on a range of targets in Afghanistan in recent months, claimed it had killed another Afghan journalist earlier in December. Two assailants opened fire and killed TV anchorwoman Malala Maiwand as she left her house in eastern Nangarhar province. Her driver was also killed…”

    German defense minister visits troops in Afghanistan (abcnews, Feb 26, 2021)

    “he German defense minister arrived in Afghanistan Friday for a unannounced visit to the country’s troops there.

    Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that Germany is ready to “continue supporting Afghanistan during its peace process,” the defense ministry said in a written statement.

    Earlier this week, the German government prepared the way for the country’s troops in Afghanistan — the second-biggest contingent in a NATO force — to stay in place until next year if needed.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Cabinet on Wednesday approved a new draft mandate that would enable German troops to stay until Jan. 31. The current mandate for Afghanistan expires at the end of March.

    German troop deployments overseas require parliamentary approval, which is typically granted on an annual basis.

    NATO has just under 10,000 troops in the war-ravaged country, helping to train and advise Afghan security forces. Germany’s contingent of nearly 1,100 is the second-biggest in the Resolute Support mission after the United States.

    “Afghanistan urgently needs perspectives and a balance in society of the warring groups,” Kramp-Karrenbauer said. “Our soldiers are contributing an important part together with our allies especially in the north.”

    The defense minister landed in Mazar-E Sharif to visit with German troops.”

  6. Lavrov: Russia Has Information that US Plans to Stay in Syria Forever, Destroy the Country (sputniknews, Feb 26, 2021)

    “During its first month in office, the Biden administration did not reverse its predecessor’s policy of keeping troops deployed in northeastern Syria to “keep the oil”. On Thursday, the White House approved airstrikes against the bases of Baghdad-allied Iraqi militia groups in eastern Syria following attacks on US and coalition forces in Iraq.

    Moscow has evidence of US plans to keep forces deployed in Syria indefinitely, and will ask Washington about this directly, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said.

    “We have recently received different information from various sources. We cannot confirm it for now, and want to ask the Americans about this directly. Supposedly, they are making the decision to never leave Syria, even to the point of destroying this country,” Lavrov said, speaking to reporters at a press conference alongside Afghani Foreign Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar on Friday.

    Commenting on Thursday night’s US airstrikes against “Iranian-backed” militia bases in eastern Syria, the foreign minister said that the US side only provided the Russian military a few minutes’ warning before carrying out the attacks.

    “Our military was warned four or five minutes ahead of time. Of course, even if we are talking about deconfliction, as is customary in ties between Russian and US military personnel, this is nothing. This was a kind of notification when the strike was already being carried out,” Lavrov said.

    Military concerns aside, the Russian diplomat also suggested that it’s impossible to consider the strikes separately “from the fact that the US are present on Syrian territory illegally, in violation of all norms of international law, including Security Council Resolutions on reconciliation in the Syrian Arab Republic.”

    Lavrov went on to blast Washington over its efforts to pressure other countries to prevent the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria, and efforts to obstruct reconstruction efforts.

    “They continue to play the separatism card. They continue to block, using their levers of pressure on other states, any supply even of humanitarian aid, not to mention equipment and materials necessary to restoring the economy in the territories controlled by the government, and in every way possible force their allies to invest in territories outside Damascus’s control,” he said. “At the same time, they illegally exploit Syria’s hydrocarbon resources.”

    The foreign minister stressed that aside from the military-to-military deconfliction channel, Moscow considers it “very important” to resume Russia-US contacts on Syria at the political-diplomatic level. “We hope that the new administration will soon create its teams for this purpose,” he said…”

  7. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE Reportedly Mull Joint Defence Alliance (sputniknews, Feb 26, 2021)

    “Recently, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would “do everything” to prevent Tehran from getting hold of nuclear weapons.

    Israel is in talks with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to establish a four-nation defence alliance, i24NEWS reported.

    Although Israel doesn’t have official diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, it has had ties with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates since they signed the Abraham Accords normalisation deal.

    The accords marked the first public normalisation of relations between any Arab country and Israel since Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994, signed peace treaties with Israel. Sudan and Morocco also later agreed to deals similar to those of the UAE and Bahrain.

    The report comes amid the news that Washington and Tel Aviv are set to summon a strategic group to work on Iran’s nuclear agreement. Iran has been steadily deconstructing the remains of the 2015 Nuclear deal abandoned by the US in 2018, stressing, however, that these moves are reversible…”

  8. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE Reportedly Mull Joint Defence Alliance (sputniknews, Feb 26, 2021)

    “Recently, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would “do everything” to prevent Tehran from getting hold of nuclear weapons.

    Israel is in talks with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to establish a four-nation defence alliance, i24NEWS reported.

    Although Israel doesn’t have official diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, it has had ties with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates since they signed the Abraham Accords normalisation deal.

    The accords marked the first public normalisation of relations between any Arab country and Israel since Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994, signed peace treaties with Israel. Sudan and Morocco also later agreed to deals similar to those of the UAE and Bahrain.

    The report comes amid the news that Washington and Tel Aviv are set to summon a strategic group to work on Iran’s nuclear agreement. Iran has been steadily deconstructing the remains of the 2015 Nuclear deal abandoned by the US in 2018, stressing, however, that these moves are reversible.

    The new US administration under President Joe Biden showed its aspirations to negotiate the possibility of the nuclear deal’s reconstruction but Tel Aviv has regularly expressed its misgivings, claiming that the “old agreement” could help Iran create a “nuclear arsenal”.

    Previously, some partners, including French President Emmanuel Macron, have advocated for negotiating an expanded deal with Tehran to include Saudi Arabia and Israel, as well as stronger limits on Iran, but the Islamic Republic has rejected the suggestion.”

  9. I didn’t know of this org but they did presentations at Canada unis last year

    Throwback to January 2020 from UIAW last year! Sheikh Mohamed Yaffa gave a talk titled: THE TRIPLE THREAT ?

    “Black, Immigrant, Muslim. Can Islam provide solutions to meaningful and successful integration within our Canadian context?”

    It seems like eons ago that we could meet in packed lecture halls, but around this time last year we were fortunate to go through the rich history of the culture and presence of Islam within the diverse communities of West Africa with our esteemed guest Sheikh Yaffa!

    Check out the pictures from just one of the 5 talks that took place across 5 different university campuses! Pictured: SFU

    Also their current countdown:

    There are officially 12 days to go until our week-long campaign in which we’ll have dynamic and engaging lectures regarding different topics in Islam each night! Together with @sfu_msa, @msa_mun, @uofsmsa and @msaubc, we’re looking forward to sharing the true message of what Islam is all about!

    Mark your calendars for United Islam Awareness Week (March 8-12th) and follow us for more updates

  10. Biden’s CIA pick received Super Bowl group trip from Saudi ambassador – Liberty Unyielding
    Daily Caller News Foundation
    2-3 minutes

    Biden’s CIA pick received Super Bowl group trip from Saudi ambassador

    William J Burns (Image: YouTube screen grab)

    By Chuck Ross

    William Burns, the nominee for CIA director, received a Super Bowl group trip from Saudi Arabia’s ambassador when he served as president of a prominent foreign policy think tank, according to responses he provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee ahead of his confirmation hearing on Wednesday.

    Burns disclosed other gifts from foreign dignitaries he received while at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

    The veteran diplomat does not say in the disclosure what year he received the Super Bowl group trip, or who else attended. He joined the think tank in 2015, after leaving the State Department, where he served as deputy secretary of state.

    Trending: George Mason University to discriminate in faculty hiring based on race

  11. British Ship Hit by Explosion in Gulf of Oman, UKMTO Says (sputniknews, Feb 26, 2021)

    “The incident occurred at 20:40 GMT on Thursday, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) said without providing further details.

    A ship was hit by an explosion in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, the UKMTO said on Friday.

    “Investigations are ongoing. Vessel and crew are safe…Vessels transiting the area are advised to exercise caution,” the notice reads.

    The UKMTO did not give details on the possible cause of the explosion.

    The International Maritime Security Construct, a consortium of countries officially tasked with maintaining order and security in the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Gulf of Aden and Southern Red Sea, issued a statement about the reported incident.

    ?The Gulf of Oman connects the Arabian Sea with the Strait of Hormuz, which then runs in to the Persian Gulf. It borders Iran and Pakistan to the north, Oman to the south and the United Arab Emirates to the west.

    The region has been a scene of tension between Iran and the US in recent years after Washington…”

  12. Happy Purim!
    Secular stuff like travel and internet are kosher today, unlike the Biblical holidays when "work" is prohibited.

    From Haman in Persia 25 centuries ago to Stalin in the Soviet Union 1953 – we win, they lose, let’s eat, drink, and be merry as we Hew to the line of right, let the chips fall where they may.

    A celebration of topsy-turvy: it looked bad, but ended up terrific. Good Guys triumph over the really, really Evil – hoist by their own petard!

    • Dan Greenfield’s collection of Purim essays, here’s the one from 2009. 0 had just been installed as Prez and it looked like bad news. This resonates today:

    The Meaning Of Purim: Ahashverosh’s Feast And Obama’s Inauguration

    • J.E. Dyer, 2019
    On Purim, the spiking of Iran’s land bridge across Mesopotamia

    • • The Nuremberg war crime trials (excerpts from “jewfaq”):

      In the Book of Esther, Haman’s ten sons were hanged; in 1946, ten of Hitler’s top associates were put to death by hanging for their war crimes. An 11th associate of Hitler, Hermann Göring, committed suicide the night before the execution, a parallel to the suicide of Haman’s daughter.

      On Purim we dress up in costumes like Halloween;
      Göring was a transvestite

      On the way to the gallows, Julius Streicher shouted “Purim Fest 1946!”.

      [I]n the text of the Megillah (Book of Esther)… the list of the names of Haman’s sons, the letters “Tav” in the first name, “Shin” in the seventh name and “Zayin” in the tenth name are written in smaller letters than the rest.

      The numerical value of Tav-Shin-Zayin is 707, and these ten men were hanged in the Jewish year 5707… [No numerals for thousands in Hebrew numbering].
      • Stalin and the Purim Miracle
      “A week before the Purim of 1953… Jewish faces were far from merry.… In train stations all over Russia, train cars were being requisitioned to carry huge caravans of Jews into exile and slow death.…

      “That Purim night… Stalin was said to have ‘collapsed in a fit of rage’ [a stroke]… That Purim, thousands of Jewish prisoners were freed. Joseph Stalin died on March 5, just a few days later, to the great relief of Russian Jewry.”

  13. (Richard: The left is trying to keep up the scare and make the Trump supporters look bad, probably nothing will happen, especially with the massive military lock down at DC. Having said that there is a chance that there will be a false flag operation that sets off a small bomb during the speech.)

    Trump supporters want to “blow up” Capitol: Police chief

  14. Albania sees cosmetic surgery boom during the pandemic

    Demand for cosmetic surgery has soared in Albania during lockdown, fuelled by digital platforms and pandemic-induced anxiety.

    • bloomberg – FDA Advisers to Vet J&J’s One-Shot Vaccine for Emergency Use

      Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine is set for vetting by a panel of outside advisers to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Friday, one of the final steps toward potential authorization of the country’s first one-dose immunization against Covid-19.

      If the panel votes that the vaccine’s benefits outweigh its risks, as expected, the agency could grant emergency clearance within days, providing a badly needed boost to U.S. vaccine supplies. While the committee’s decision is non-binding, the FDA usually follows its advisers’ recommendations.

      Biden administration officials have said the U.S. expects J&J to release 3 million to 4 million shots next week, assuming it’s authorized for use. The company is ready to deliver 20 million doses by the end of March, an executive said earlier this week at a congressional hearing.

      “If — if — the FDA approves the use of this new vaccine,” President Joe Biden said Thursday at an event to celebrate 50 million doses administered since he took office, “we have a plan to roll it out as quickly as Johnson & Johnson can make it.”

    • CBC – Health Canada approves AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

      Health Canada has approved use of the COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca, clearing the way for millions of more inoculations in Canada.

      The country has secured access to 20 million doses of the vaccine.

    • Interview

      CEO Albert Bourla discusses the company’s Covid-19 vaccine — including the potential for a booster shot, vaccine trials for children and more.

    • CBC – Quebec plans for COVID-19 ‘immunity passports’

      Quebec plans to introduce ‘immunity passports’ at some point, which will allow people to prove they’ve been vaccinated and make it simpler to travel and perhaps even open some sectors of the economy.

      The concept is controversial, however, with some leaders calling it divisive and discriminatory.

      + comments on the YT page

    • channel 4 – ‘Don’t wreck this now’ – UK government’s Covid warning

      The latest figures show that Covid-19 cases in one-in-five local authority areas in England have risen in the last week.

      This is on the same day that the government announced that the next phase of vaccinations will be prioritised by age, with 40 to 49-year-olds next in line rather than people in certain vulnerable occupations, such as police officers and teachers.

      The latest 24-hour government figures show a further 345 people are reported to have died with Covid, bringing the official UK total to 122,415.

      There have been another 8,500 new cases in the UK, and another 485,000 people received their first vaccine dose yesterday.

      So now more than 19 million people have received their first jab.

      + comments on the YT page :

  15. Dems’ latest rallying cry: Death to the Senate Parliamentarian – Liberty Unyielding
    Ben Bowles Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to “Liberty Unyielding.”
    3 minutes

    Dems’ latest rallying cry: Death to the Senate Parliamentarian

    World’s largest gavel, outside courthouse in Columbus, Ohio

    Democrats’ plan to push through a $15-an-hour minimum wage as part of Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus package hit a snag on Thursday when the Senate Parliamentarian ruled that the increase could not be included in the bill. The provision, the Parliamentarian decreed, violated the strict budgetary rules that determine what can and can’t be included in such a package.

    Video at site

  16. Gang Clashes Increased by 24 Per Cent in France in 2020 (breitbart, Feb 26, 2021)

    “Clashes and brawls between rivals gangs increased by 24 per cent in France in 2020, the Interior Ministry has revealed.

    The Interior Ministry figures show that gang clashes have been on the rise for the last seven years and that 80 per cent of the clashes take part in the Ille-DeFrance region, where both Paris and the no-go Paris suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis are located. In all, such events increased by 24 per cent to a total of 357 so-called violent clashes over the course of 2020.

    The majority of those involved in the violence are minors under the age of 18 and the average age of those involved is just over 17-years-old, broadcaster Franceinfo reports. The site characterises the brawlers as “young men” in its report”.

    Alain Bauer, a professor of criminology in Paris, stated that nearly any reason can become an excuse for violence, including arguments over drug trafficking in a certain area of simply someone looking at someone else the wrong way.

    The levels of violence are also escalating per incident, with 41 people stabbed as a result of gang violence in 2020 and 68 more attacked with other weapons such as hammers or baseball bats.

    The Ille-de-France region has become a major area for gang-related violence, and several incidents have made headlines this year, including the lynching of a Ukrainian-background teen boy who was put into a coma after a brutal attack by a gang in January.

    The boy, a 14-year-old named Yuriy, was beaten nearly to death by a mob wielding iron bars, a sledgehammer, a crutch and a golf club.

    Earlier this week, two 14-year-olds were killed during gang brawls over a period of two days, with one of the victims reported to be a local schoolgirl who was stabbed in the stomach on Monday.

    Just a day later, another teenager was stabbed in the throat near the Boussy-saint-Antoine swimming pool. The brawl saw two boys stabbed in total and is said to have involved around 40 gang members from Epinay-sous-Senart and Quincy-sous-Sénart.”

  17. Prosecutors Ask Judge Not to Dismiss Bannon’s Indictment Despite Trump Pardon
    By Zachary Stieber
    February 26, 2021 Updated: February 26, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Prosecutors this week asked a federal judge not to dismiss an indictment against former President Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon following Trump’s pardon of his ex-aide.

    Bannon was facing charges related to allegations he and three others involved in a campaign to build barriers along the southern border kept some of the money they raised.

    Bannon pleaded not guilty and said the charges amounted to a “political hit job.” Just before leaving office last month, Trump pardoned him.

    Prosecutors said in a new motion that the government “has no objection to the Court entering an order exonerating Bannon’s bail.”

    “However, the government respectfully submits that the pardon granted to Bannon is not a basis to dismiss the Indictment against him. A pardon is ‘an executive action that mitigates or sets aside punishment for a crime,’” they wrote.

  18. IRAQ – Installing a Kaaba Model in Iraq Triggers Anger

    Twitter users have widely shared photos and videos for a Kaaba model in Karbala’s city in Iraq. The model is believed to be installed near the shrine of Imam Hussein Bin Ali Bin Abi Talib.

    The videos showed a group gathering next to a Kaaba model circling around it and some people have started to even kiss it as if it was the real one.

    Muslims across social media platforms have denounced the act saying that it is an offensive move against the Islamic world and it’s also considered as a transgression of the Islamic sanctities.

  19. Death of a Defector: Ion Mihai Pacepa, RIP – Frontpagemag
    Paul Kengor
    12-15 minutes

    A leading Cold War defector leaves the stage.

    This article originally appeared in

    On February 14, 2021, the world quietly lost one of the most intriguing, enduring figures of the Cold War. He was Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet Bloc official ever to defect to the United States.

    Throughout the 1970s, Pacepa had been arguably the top official in communist Romania, behind only the insane and vicious dictator Nicolae Ceau?escu. He served Ceau?escu in numerous capacities, including as intelligence chief and liaison between the brutal Securitate and the KGB. He knew where bodies were buried.

    After yet another request by Romanian goons to bloody his hands, Pacepa had enough. One day in the summer of 1978, he slipped into the U.S. embassy in West Berlin while on routine business for the Romanian madman who was his boss. He said he wanted to defect. He was hustled out in a late-night flight to the United States — a country he came to love.

  20. Horowitz: Oklahoma House votes to enable legislature to block Biden’s executive orders
    Daniel Horowitz
    4-5 minutes

    James Madison once asserted that “in a republican government, the legislative authority necessarily predominates.” Well, today, only executive power predominates, because federal and state executive agencies seem to be the only ones doing the legislating. As Joe Biden continues to pass sweeping “laws” unilaterally with no authority from Congress, the red states are the only even potential check on his abuse of power. It appears that the state of Oklahoma has now taken up the mantle as the second state to move to block these executive orders.

    On Thursday, the Oklahoma House overwhelmingly passed a bill, HB 1236, that would grant the state’s attorney general and state legislature the authority to review the president’s executive orders to determine constitutionality. Specifically, the bill would authorize the legislature to recommend that the attorney general review any executive order, federal agency rule, or federal congressional action to determine whether the state should seek an exemption or declare it unconstitutional. If either the attorney general or the legislature, by concurrent resolution, declares the act unconstitutional, then all state and local officials and any publicly funded organization are prohibited from enforcing it.

  21. Federal Judge Rules Nationwide Eviction Ban Is Unconstitutional
    By Janita Kan
    February 26, 2021 Updated: February 26, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    A judge in Texas on Thursday ruled that the federal government does not have the authority to issue a nationwide eviction moratorium.

    U.S. District Judge John Barker, a Trump appointee, ruled in favor of a group of property managers and landlords who challenged a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) order that prevented them from temporarily evicting tenants for non-payment of rent during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

    The CDC order in question was initially issued in September 2020 and was originally set to expire on Dec. 31, 2020. It was extended to Jan. 31 and then again until the end of March. The order aimed to mitigate the spread of the pandemic by reducing congregation in shared living settings or in unsheltered homeless areas, and support state and local responses to the disease.

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