Israel releases data showing mRNA gene therapy may be causing negative effects in larger numbers than advertised: Links 1, February 24, 2021

1. Apparently there was an accidental data leak on the Israeli injection program that seems to show that the mRNA gene therapy treatment is more dangerous than Covid 19

(Tables and analysis over at Gates of Vienna, linked above)

2. CRUEL END Iranian woman who suffered fatal heart attack on the way to gallows after watching 16 others executed was hanged anyway

A WOMAN waiting to be executed suffered a fatal heart attack as she watched 16 men die before her – but her body was hanged anyway.
Zahra Ismaili was convicted of the murder of her husband Alireza Zamani in Iran and sentenced to be hanged at Rajai Shahr Prison.

The mother-of-two was due to be executed at the notoriously harsh jail, around 20 miles from the capital Tehran.

But according to her lawyer Omid Moradi as she was waiting for the gallows, she was made to watch the men being hanged before her and suffered a heart attack.

He said “they hanged her lifeless body” so that her husband’s mother could exercise her right to kick away the chair from under her.

Mr Moradi said that Ms Ismaili’s death certificate stated that “cardiac arrest” was the cause of death.

3. Is this too good to be true? FBI confirms CONGRESSIONAL REPS are now SUSPECTS in some of the events in DC on January 6 2021

4. About slavery and the West. Something we all should know if we don’t already.

5. It appears that similarly to the last war against Communism, Christians lead the way towards a path to freedom.


6. Let us listen to the wise words of Tony Fauci when he was saying the opposite things he is saying now.

According to Google’s policy, I guess this video above would be illegal now. Which is exactly how it was in Orwell’s 1984. In fact it was Winston Smith’s job to make sure the past did not contradict the present.

Thank you M., Michelle, Wrath of Khan, ML., Richard, Rasmussen, ET., Chris Jones, PC., Death under the Crescent Moon, and MANY more who support the cause, website and stay the course of personal liberty.


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7 Replies to “Israel releases data showing mRNA gene therapy may be causing negative effects in larger numbers than advertised: Links 1, February 24, 2021”

  1. Coronapocalypse: Big Pharma’s Doomsday Vaccine #666

    Neuroscientist Concerns About COVID Vaccines
    Chris Shaw PH.D, specialist in Neuroplasticity and Neuropathology:
    “This is a vast experiment that should have been done in the lab on animals, and now is being done on people…..The potential is that you are going to harm a lot of people while you do this experiment.”

  2. 1/ ugh
    I figured Arutz Sheva for Likud-ish flavored propaganda.
    So I’ve been following Ynet. Which I hate, but it has the best “newspaper” coverage of war. And CoV. Because this has felt like war.

    Why am I not hearing these stories from Israeli friends and family?
    Or bloggers like Brian of London or Seth Frantzman, for example?

    My Russki says it feels Soviet to listen to his son talk: everybody’s enthusiastic, get on the team, we’ll all pull together, it’ll be ok…

    And that’s familiar, normal in a mobilized Israel. (There’s a war-time “normal” that’s not a “NEW normal”, unfortunately.)

    Neither of us has pushed hesitation on them. We’re not there, don’t want to interfere.

      • Thank you yucki.
        We might ask why governments have suppressed effective preventatives such as vitamin D, some asthma drugs, invermectin, hydroxychloroquine……

        Governments should stop fuelling the hysteria that has caused so much pain and suffering, socially, economically and the lack of proper education to millions of children.

        The numbers of deaths and life long illnesses from lack of proper and timely medical treatment are staggering.

        Our latest shame – -Justine Trudeau’s government has caused – – reporting of women being sexually assaulted in hotels the government has forced people to stay while waiting the COVID test results.

        What a scandal of great magnitude this farce is turning into.

        Fear your governments more than COVID. How many people died on ventilators? How many people were given morphine?

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