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4 Replies to “Important video with 3 Canadian doctors about the harm lockdowns do for no gain”

  1. Great video . It relates exactly my experience within my own social circles. If you question ” it costs lives” ,it is “dangerous!.”
    The whole thing is a scam.

  2. Oh, my God! Is it all really just about the left needing to destroy Donald Trump and get that US signature back on the Paris Climate Accord? Are the power and the money that climate change promises the reason that thousands of people had to die?

    Hold on to your hats, folks. They’re planning to just crucify us over climate change. They’ll have the power to judge every single thing on the basis of how “essential” it is in their left-wing opinions. They’ll make you pay a barbeque tax every time you grill a burger outside but trans-rights marches will be exempt.

    I can just see the sky filled with drones all recording our misbehaviors. And they can always lie if you object and say that people are dying and that you’re worse than Adolf Hitler if you disagree with them…

  3. I watched the entire video. These doctors have high critical thinking abilities, something most people – including most doctors – don’t have. And with critical thinking aptitudes, curiosity is natural. And therein lies the problem.

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