Three data points for the colour revolution overtaking Western nations: Links 1, February 20, 2021

1. Melbourne police, who Oz-Rita reminds us are the most “Just following orders” agents of tyranny in Australia, and increasingly perhaps in the commonwealth.

(Someone with better legal and historical knowledge than me can correct me on this. But I thought that the Nuremberg trials established that just following orders did not excuse a uniformed person who carries out illegal orders.)

2. ‘Never before’ has the leader of the free world been ‘so cognitively compromised’

(The only reason the headline is wrong is that clearly Biden is NOT the leader of the free world. I doubt he even is the leader of the White House cleaning staff.)

(Please click through to the link to see this important video. Treasure Sky News Australia. its the last news site which could be called MSM that actually challenges the narrative on important things. They discussed HCQ when it was at its peak of being suppressed and many more similar topics.)

3. The Macron government is trying to do to Generation Identiaire, what the Trudeau government did to the Proud Boys. Utterly negate them as terrorists because they represent a pre-revolutionary view which most French/Canadians actually hold if you ask them directly, view by view. This cannot be allowed to stand of course, and this is also why no one should be fooled by Macron’s bill to try and control “Islamic Separatism”. This very separatism is exactly what the revolutionaries depended on to destroy classical values. At some point, the leftists may try and reign in Islamic movements, but I doubt they will for a while yet.

Meanwhile, today Gen Ident had what they believe will be a last gasp protest in Paris. Here is a plea that was sent to me last week by Oz-Rita and I am ashamed to say, I did not find the time to get to it till now.

Below, are videos from the event she asked for:

AFP – Demonstrations in Paris from French extreme right-wing movement

Activists of the extreme right-wing “Génération Identitaire” movement demonstrate at Place Denfert-Rochereau in Paris against the dissolution of their movement.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has reprimanded the group for “assumed hate speech” and has initiated a dissolution procedure against it.

(Extreme right is laughable. We have been tracking Gen Ident since they started, and also calling out the hypocrisy of the media and its very critical-theory use of language to attack them. Having interviewed as well as had many conversations with many members of the Proud Boys, I can say with certainty they are victims of this colour revolution to install communism at the expense of Classical Europe. That isn’t to say some odious people may have penetrated their ranks. But hey, a best buddy with the great grand poobah of the Ku Klux Klan is president of the United States now, so these things happen.)

Scuffles erupt as far-right “Generation Identitaire” group supporters and counter-demo hit Paris

Thank you M., MarcusZ1967, ML., Yucki, Johnny U., and MANY more who are managing to tread water even as the tide comes in.

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5 Replies to “Three data points for the colour revolution overtaking Western nations: Links 1, February 20, 2021”

  1. 1 – The Nuremberg trials did establish that the “Camp Guards” defense isn’t a valid legal defense for any crime. The problem is that most people don’t knnoow enough history to understand this. the is one of the reasons the left stopped teaching the facts of history, they can make the police believe that they are just following orders and thus aren’t doing any thing wrong.

    Post number 2 shows why the US will not be able to do anything to help the French, it will be a few years before we get our mess straightened out enough to be able to help many people. Given the way that it looks like a shooting war is gong to start in the Far East later this year that will probably be our top priority.

    Adding to the problems in France is the chance that a shooting war will start between Turkey and Russia, a war that will see large numbers of people fleeing the fighting flooding into Europe.

  2. 1 The Nuremburg trials were run literally by the soviets who could and did veto anything that they did not like and who had a marked role in everything. The best example was their refusal to allow a copy of the Moscow Berlin pact (which enabled the invasion of Poland by both Hitler and Stalin) to be tabled as evidence in the trials of Jodl and Keitel who were found guilty (of the same crimes that the soviets committed) and were executed. By that example Stalin and his generals should have stood trial but the west, where the UK was financially and manpower exhausted, feared the Red army and still had Japan to consider. Removing Patton was only the tip of the iceberg in how the west allowed the soviets to have their way as they refused to meet halfway on anything.. This was why Stalin was so arrogantly aggressive in 1948 as he had contempt for the west.
    Using Nuremburg as an example for the denial of “Befehlen sind Befehlen” is fraught with danger as it ignores the political overhead. In a western country refusing an order if in service is and always will be punishable even up to death. But in a totalitarian country (islamic, nazi or communist) is is a certain death sentence. Strangely there were those SS TK guards in the KLs who were decent but none really refused to obey a direct command and expressed their decency in roundabout ways.
    So before you discuss the supposed Nuremburg “precedent ” you have to consider the political overhead. Victoria is fast becoming a totalitarian state and refusal to obey an order there would be disastrous for a decent person as they would sack and blacklist that person as that is how western totalitarians treat dissenters. But murdering them will come.

  3. “Génération Identitaire”, “yellow vests”, any so-called “right wing” movement in Europe is instantly under wandered, infiltrated by agents provocateurs, leftist spies & agitprops & secret service police.

    Especially in Germany. People do not generally understand that Merkel (& her obscure hubby) are trained Stasi agents. The level of infiltration & subversion, the long march through the institutions, is almost complete.

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