General Vance gets the Assange/Clarence Thomas treatment for standing up for truth: Links 1, February 3, 2021

1. Facebook suspends account of man who busted Trudeau’s Caribbean vacation without warning or explanation

2. Former top soldier Gen. Jonathan Vance facing allegations of inappropriate behaviour with female subordinates: sources

(General Vance was the leading military figure in Canada that both refused to use a weaponized propaganda campaign against the Canadian public, as well as exposed the Trudeau government plot to the Canadian people. It seems it wasn’t enough to force his resignation, but they have to use the catchall of “Sexual Misconduct”, which at this point means asking a girl out on a date, even if she accepts. So this should temper our assessment of this story as much as it should have tempered the insane allegations against conservative US, now Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas.)

Former chief of defence staff Gen. Jonathan Vance is facing allegations of inappropriate behaviour with two female subordinates, including one regarding an alleged relationship with a woman he significantly outranked.

A source with direct knowledge of the relationship came forward to Global News alleging a relationship with sexually explicit exchanges and repeated private meetings. Global News has viewed evidence that appears to support this, dating from 2019 to as recently as January 2021.

The evidence reviewed also suggests the two met on at least three occasions outside of work.

Global News reached out to the female subordinate alleged to have had a relationship with Vance while he was chief of defence staff. She said the allegations are true but asked to remain anonymous.

(Note that the relationships with these adult females were fully consenting and reciprocal. But Leftist politics requires both the supremacy of women, and the assumption that women are incapable of agency to the degree that even if they are engaged in romantic relationships with men, really, they are too dumb to know better, and the men are 100% to “blame” for said relationships. One of the many contradictions in leftist thought which exposes it as tactical rather than reasoned.)

3. White House asks reporters to submit questions ahead of daily press briefings: ‘Not really a free press’

(Note that The Blaze links to The Daily Beast in this article. Goes to magnitude)

President Joe Biden’s administration apparently does not want to be caught off guard with tough questions by the media during its press briefings.

According to the Daily Beast, Biden’s communications department has requested that reporters submit their questions to the White House staff in advance of press secretary Jen Psaki’s daily briefings, presumably to avoid being scrutinized by reporters with difficult questions.

The issue was reportedly discussed during a White House Correspondents Association meeting last Friday.

Reporters are allegedly upset over the White House’s request, fearing it plays into the perception of coordination between the West Wing and media.

“That’s not really a free press at all,” one White House reporter said, according to the Daily Beast.

4. Ontario doctor let go over COVID-19 advocacy

(Whether it intended to or not, this article exposes the fact that what we are allowed to hear about the Wuhan Flu China virus is not science or medicine but is entirely governed by politics and the distribution of money by politicians. Cannot stress enough how important that is. But a quick look at the history of suppression of Hydroxychloroquine and the fact that many states such as South Dakota, and entire countries like Sweden and many more, did NOTHING in terms of lock downs and are just fine with no excessive deaths or looming catastrophe but in fact have reached herd immunity naturally in much the way everywhere does with every other floating pathogen.)

When critical care doctor Brooks Fallis sat down for a virtual meeting with two of his superiors on Jan. 22, he was still struggling to understand why he had been terminated from his job leading the intensive care division at one of the hardest-hit hospitals in the country.

Dr. Fallis recalled that Frank Martino, the chief of staff at William Osler Health System, the network that serves the coronavirus-battered city of Brampton, Ont., said the move had nothing to do with Dr. Fallis’s work as a physician or as interim medical director of critical care.

The decision was taken,Dr. Fallis said he was told,because of his public criticism of the Ontario government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his failure to warn the hospital’s communications team about all of his media appearances.

According to Dr. Fallis’s notes about the meeting, Rardi Van Heest, the hospital’s vice-president of medical affairs, added that, “some of your remarks have been misconstrued as being harmful to the government so our funding can be put at risk.”

5. Here is another comment on the reasons General vance is being hit with the classic Julian Assange format sexual misconduct BS:

So Many of You saw the “Hit” piece of Jon Vance of sexual misconduct.
Now I will tell You WHY.
Link will be at the bottom.
Oct.2019. Our Military athletes attended the Military Games as well as athletes from over 100 countries.
When our Military returned home, 171 were quarantined in the back of the plane.
Vance was aware of This.
1)”Our source details Canada’s coverup response to a critical pneumonia outbreak in a contingent of 176 Canadian soldiers stationed in Wuhan, over two months before the People’s Republic of China reported outbreaks in the same city, but just a few weeks before the first officially recognized case on November 17, 2019.
While the contingent was returning to Canada on a Polaris jet, one third of the members were quarantined in the back of the plane. They were perhaps the first Canadians to ever quarantine from the Wuhan Virus. Strangely, upon return to Canada, the senior ranks of the armed forces decided to end the quarantine of the soldiers and send them back to their homes across the country.”
“Health Minister Patty Hajdu has ordered an independent review of the Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN) in response to claims by some scientists that their early warnings about the threat of COVID-19 were ignored or inadequately addressed by senior staff at the Public Health Agency of Canada.”
2)”Here we have at least one part of the Canadian intelligence community that was doing early reporting. The question is, where did this reporting go? How seriously was it taken?”
The unit’s reports certainly made it to the desk of Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jonathan Vance, and likely were given to Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan as well.”
3)”Recent revelations that Global Affairs Canada pushed back against a decision by the chief of the defence staff to cancel winter military exercises on Canadian soil with the People’s Liberation Army in 2019 show that Ottawa still engages in wishful thinking about China. This refusal to face reality could harm Canada’s reputation among other democracies that are now choosing to stand up to authoritarian aggression.
Global Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office have yet to get the memo about what China has been up to. Thankfully, others have, and chief of the defence staff, Gen. Jonathan Vance, who made the call to cancel the training exercise, is among them. “

Thank you all, M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., PePi, and MANY more who have been busy today on many things.



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    Look at this. Not only is “Parler” off the air now its CEO, John Matze has been fired. The guy’s being virtually fired from the planet Earth by the Big Tech Gods and all anybody can do is stand there like a gnu watching a lion kill on the Serengeti and pray that they’re not next. The left is going to just keep ruining peoples’ lives until “people” learn to keep their mouths shut. At least the McCarthy era was about real communists who posed a real threat. This “cancel culture era” is nothing but sheer power politics and bullying, like tough guys terrorizing the playground… And the “existential threat” of “white supremacists” is as phoney as gluten being bad for you and climate change…

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