When the little guy fights back, they shut down the game: Links 2, January 28. 2021

1. CBC does some 1st rate fear mongering.

Meanwhile, Americans are being told they should wear 4:

Doctor Scott Segal told NBC News that Americans should consider wearing FOUR face masks if they want the most effective protection against spreading COVID-19.

Yes, really.

As we highlighted yesterday, Dr. Fauci advised Americans to begin wearing two masks, saying that it “makes common sense” for more than one layer to be more effective.

However, Fauci was outdone by researchers at Virginia Tech, who said that two face masks only provide 50-75% efficacy and that three masks should be worn to achieve 90% effectiveness.

But why stop at 90 per cent?

According to Dr. Scott Segal, chair of anesthesiology at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, even that may not be enough.

(Tweet I saw a few days ago: “I wear 12 masks now and have achieved immortality”.)

2. Another Freudian slip? Biden refers to Trump as “The President”.

3. Police rough up an anti-communist/anti-covid measures march in Toronto

4. NY under reported number of Wuhan Flu deaths by 50% and it looks like KNOWINGLY.

5. Personally I have always been against short selling as a concept. A hundred times more so because short sellers can become a self fulfilling prophesy. That doesn’t just rig the game it blows up the spirit of shared risk benefit that the market is supposed to be, and that advances civilization.

Something happened in the past couple of days that showed one company fight back against this highly predatory practice by asking share holders to not allow their share holdings to be borrowed for short sales. As a consequence, the vultures lost a lot of money, and suddenly, the rules changed.

Here are two perspectives on events. FWIW, I trust the second one. But there are people who read this site who have orders of magnitude better understanding of these matters than I do. I welcome their comments.



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  1. 5- In 2008-9 when I lost a wack o’ dough in the crash I sat angrily in front of my broker and said “What now?”

    He answered, “…At least you have your health…”.

    He had done nothing to mitigate my losses prior to, during, or after the drop. His fees were exorbitant. He was feeding me his best line. The retail stock market is a rigged game for suckers. The “big boys” like George Soros are “big” because they act on a combination of smarts and inside information. To make it on your own you had better have great analytical skills, and sharp intuition. Otherwise you’re some asshole’s lunch.

    This is nothing but a foreshadow to what is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    • I think a little explanation is necessary:

      Investing money: You think the company is a good company making a good product and you buy shares in the company expecting that over the long term it will grow and you shares will increase in value.

      Playing the Market: You know nothing about the company whose stock you are buying all you know is that the company’s stock has been raising so you buy some expecting the price to raise over the short term and you can sell for a profit. When you discover that a company is doing poorly you then sell short expecting the stock price to fall over the short run and you can then buy the borrowed stock at a lower price and make a profit.

      Bulls make money when the Stock Price(s) are raising.

      Bears make money when the Stock Price(s) are falling.

      Then there are the Hogs that try to manipulate the market so they always make money. We saw an example of the Hogs when Robin Hood stopped selling Game Stop shares to the little people. The Hogs were loosing money and thus the game had to be stopped. For hogs to make money the game has to be rigged, insider information, using predatory selling to drive the price of a companies stock down etc.

      The tactics of the Hog are also used by the people who make money by hostile takeovers of companies.

      The Predators like the Hogs think nothing of destroying the little investors who bought stock to hang on for the long run so their retirement would be more comfortable.

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