South Dakota Wuhan Flu issue gone with no lock downs, Tanks for Covid in Lebanon: Links 3, January 27, 2021

1. Allegedly anti-lockdown protestors in Lebanon scream Allah hu ackbar as they meet tanks and soldiers, presumably enforcing the lockdowns.

2. Update on what would be a criminal conspiracy if we still had a system of equal application of the law, on lockdowns decided by paid union shills.

3. Let’s compare Global News enemy propaganda with scientific accuracy

Notice in the following video, they show how straw men are created to discredit what is factually correct in some of what is spread in ‘conspiracy theories. Also, there is a difference between a conspiracy theory and a conspiracy hypothesis. A hypothesis cannot be a theory unless its tested and bears the weight of the tests.

4. Young Muslims Three-Times More Likely to be Antisemitic, Homophobic Than Atheists Counterparts: Study

(Gonna go out on a thick limb here and say thats a low ball number. If the person is a religious muslim, then they are required to hold those attitudes. Its a scriptural imperitave. If they are cultural muslims and not religious, they likely hold those attitudes to some degree as its pretty pervasive within Islamic culture.)

Young French-speaking Muslims in Europe’s capital Brussels are at least three times as likely to be antisemitic, homophobic and sexist compared to their atheist counterparts, according to a Belgian study.

The study was highlighted by signatories to a letter published by newspaper L’Echo condemning a recent move to allow the wearing of the Islamic veil in Belgian schools by several secular and feminist activists this week.

Published earlier this month, the 70-page study, which was authored by Professor at the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris Joël Kotek and Joël Tournemenne, examined religious attitudes in 38 schools in the Brussels region, compared to atheists.

5. South Dakota, which never did ANY lockdowns, Wuhan Flu numbers have totally collapsed.

Thank you all, who contributed today.

Bill Whittle has a brilliant idea. Watch and apply as possible.



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5 Replies to “South Dakota Wuhan Flu issue gone with no lock downs, Tanks for Covid in Lebanon: Links 3, January 27, 2021”

  1. The Terms of Service video is an interesting idea, use the enemies tactics against them. This is what the people who are suing Biden are doing, using the left’s tactics against Biden, it will be interesting to see what happens. Remember in the First Suit a Federal Court haled the deportation ban until the case could be heard by the Supreme Court.The people who are suing Biden are buying time until his actions turn enough voters against him to make the Dems in Congress worry about their cushy jobs and enough of them do what the voters want.

  2. Please label correctly. South Dakota’s “cases” have apparently gone down, but case numbers have always been a scare tactic. A case does not mean sick. It just means positive on a questionable test.

    The real numbers are the deaths. Are there excess deaths? They seem to be coming down. (Ignore “covid deaths” — they are corrupted.) Soon, final deaths for the year will become available. Look at those.

  3. Suggestion to ALL police forces, if you send officers out to issue tickets for citizens trying to live a normal life, please do make sure they wear brown shirts.

  4. Bill Gates? I should take health advice from him?

    His software crashes all the time, and that’s what he’s supposed to be an expert at!

  5. Another ducking lying cocksucker
    Bill gates
    Fascist with sheep’s clothing
    Fauci and gates giving each other head
    Slimey oligarch and his minion

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