Now that Trump is gone, time to end mail in ballots: Links 2, January 23, 2021

1. Whatsherface does a recap of Biden’s first 2 days in office

2. Toronto police move to more advanced thuggery for less provocation


3. Here is a good thread from ANTIFA Watch showing who and how many people have been arrested for what should have been very serious crimes, only to be released right away. Some of them many, many times.

4. Some states are setting up 2nd amendment sanctuaries, copying the tactics of leftist states to avoid immigration laws.

5. Now that they have gotten rid of President Trump, the left and megacorps want to get rid of mail in ballots.

Amazon Seeks to Postpone Alabama Unionization Vote

Tech company pushes for in-person union ballot in place of mail-in option allowed due to pandemic Inc. is seeking to postpone a unionization vote at a warehouse in Alabama and is asking federal labor authorities to reconsider a decision to allow mail-in voting due to the pandemic.

The company Thursday filed an appeal to a decision by the National Labor Relations Board, which is allowing a mail-in process due to Covid-19 risks instead of the in-person elections that are typical in such unionization votes.

The ballots are set to be mailed to about 6,000 workers associated with its Bessemer, Ala. facility on Feb. 8. In its petition, Amazon said the board’s decision was flawed in part because it had not adequately defined an outbreak, among other objections.

AAaaaand now the Washington Post:

Thank you all who have contributed to this effort in any way this weekend so far.

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  1. Back in the Obama years Missouri passed and signed into law a bill making it a felony (5 years in the pen) to enforce and unconstitutional firearms law.

  2. paraphrasing– Now that the former First Lady is in Florida, time to disparage her fashion choices as being retail and off-the rack, devoid of political messaging about climate change and racial injustice, reflecting the Hellish Trump years in the White House.
    “But throughout the past four hellish years, while watching crisis after crisis unfold, covering something as simple as what brands those closest to power were wearing felt not just wrong, but impossible. ” Vapid details here will help in understanding media obsessions:
    Here’s hoping that for future State events (funerals and inaugurations), Mrs. Trump wears something whimsical made in Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, or the Carolinas.

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