Merkel is in clear breach of the constitution, NB destroys skating rinks for our health: Links 1, January 20, 2021

1. Red Pill Germany explains some of the new restrictions coming to most of Germany, that is already in Bavaria.

(It will be fascinating indeed to see if muslims get an exemption to the shave edict for shopping in an FFP2 masks.

2. The Left And Deep State Eager To Turn ‘War On Terror’ Tools On The American People

On Monday, The Daily Beast’s Jeff Stein asked “Can U.S. Spy Agencies Stop White Terror?” where he explored whether a government apparatus should be established for use against domestic terrorism.

Calls of this nature – to essentially conduct a ‘War on Terror,’ only this time targeting American citizens supposedly suspected of ‘extremist’ activity – have radically increased since the violent protests at the U.S. Capitol.

Stein explores different scenarios and speaks with different experts about the possibility of constructing extra-constitutional departments and expanding the intelligence community’s domestic spy capabilities.

The author interviews “a highly decorated FBI senior liaison officer to the CIA from 2003 to 2013,” Timothy Gill, who says the creation of an American version of Britain’s MI5 is “long past due.”

Gill doesn’t care if an American MI5 is created within the FBI or independent of it, because the bureau “needs to become more of a domestic intelligence agency and not a federal law enforcement entity.”

(Although communist societies have a vastly higher kill rate than do non-communist states, they use their typical language manipulation to cover for it by declaring, as well as believing, that mass murdering your own people for ideological reasons is not war. War between nations is bad. But mass killing of people within your jurisdiction is perfectly OK and doesn’t count on a metic of evil cause your targets are counter-revolutionary.)

3. Why Angela Merkel has committed treason

4. New Brunswick destroys skating rinks

(Whatever else is true or not about the Wuhan Flu, there does not appear to be the justification for the power grab and destruction of freedoms we are seeing across the Western world except Sweden. And yeah, I have a theory about that to come.)

5. Avi Yemeni of Rebel News busts more MSM propaganda


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US Soldiers release new version of God Bless the USA

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      • I went a-lookin’ all over and never did seed nuthin’… That fella’s got to be plumb loco if’n y’askin’ me…

        An whut’s wrong with bein’ a-called a “bumpkin”? Whatchya s’posed to call folks from “Bumpk”? I’m a-proud to be a iggerent Bumpkin…

    • Hey, Joey Biden, picking nits on lingo is silly in itself. Nobody needs to be Shakespeare to state their case. The point is to be understood.

    • I dunno. Neither is as bad as “Jay” though. As I understand it, the most insulting term for a yokel or a redneck was “Jay”. Car manufacturers hired advertising firms to make adds showing people who crossed the road but not at the lights and got hit by cars were ignoramuses that had it coming. They reversed the onus of responsibility onto the victim instead of the driver, on behalf car companies. Quite a trick.

      Of course that is where the term, “Jay walking” came from.

      This has a different etymology for the term, but offers some great synonyms for Yokel, like rube, or Greenhorn.

  1. 2. The Left And Deep State Eager To Turn ‘War On Terror’ Tools On The American People ——–

    New world order will have 2 paradigms. National governments will answer to the UN, as they do now for the most part. The worlds religions will answer to 1 moral leader. As we have seen with the Trump presidency, any talk against globalism must be censored. That same censorship wil be used against any talk against the ecumenical movement, which will turn into Sunday law. The latter will happen in the USA 1st according to the bible. After that, usa will enforce it on the world. Biden is a Catholic who says he lives by the roman church’s social doctrine. The inquisition period might have been or probably was worse than living under communism. Could Biden lead the new world wide inquisition?

    (True Bible-Believers Denounced at Papal Conference

    Angry at Christian Bible-believers and others who refuse to acknowledge his spiritual leadership, Pope John Paul II and Vatican cronies have called for an all-out war.

    As reported in the Associated Press, with the Tibetan god-man, the Dalai Lama, sitting at his right side, this October in Rome the Pope presided at a special council of some 200 religious leaders of various faiths, sects, and cults………

    The Pontiff told the assembled Buddhist monks, Zoroastrian priests, Catholic cardinals, Hindu gurus, American Indian shamen, Jewish rabbis, and ecumenical clergy that all must join in condemning the Christian fundamentalists who “abuse speech” and whose efforts at converting others “incite hatred and violence.”

    Newspaper sources called the meeting “remarkable,” noting incredible scenes ranging from a ritual in which an American Indian blessed the four corners of the earth from the heart of Rome, to a Moslem Mufti and his followers kneeling toward Mecca and praying.

    All present were in accord on two key points: (1) Pope John Paul II was endorsed by consensus as the planet’s chief spiritual guide and overseer; and (2) Religious fundamentalists who refuse to go along with the global ecumenical movement are to be silenced. They must also be denounced as “dangerous extremists” full of hate.)

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