Tucker Carlson for January 18th, 2021

Oz-Rita tells us that this is a singularly good episode, even important, of Tucker Carlson. Let’s find out.

The embed below appears to be the entire 40 minute show:

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6 Replies to “Tucker Carlson for January 18th, 2021”

  1. The Dems are following the tactics that have worked in other countries, if they continue the new Secret Police/Domestic Spy Agency to fight terrorist are going to be composed by Antifa Thugs that are being handed guns, badges and probably the right to arrest people on whims without evidence and imprison them indefinitely.

    The Dems are driving us into a civil war they can’t win but one that will destroy much of what we know as the United States.We are being driven back into “Tribalism”. We were a civilized nation but are being forced in to an uncivilized future, what the left is ignoring is that the civilized people can learn to act uncivilized when their survival depends on it. Once they have learned this to survive the long civil war the left is starting it will be hard to return to a civilized society that rejects tribalism.

  2. Glad i watched the video earlier, now that it has been disapeared.
    I hear whispering that they’ll be playing the new version of the Presidents Anthem during the festivities today: “All Hail to the Thieves” including an entirely new tune composed by an anonymous chinese composer. Behold: Creepy Joe and his Democ Rat-Cirkus comes to town with a troop of Rino-Clowns for extra amusement. Today’s premiere is proudly sponsored by a vast number of illustrious pillars of society: Zuckerberg, Bezos, Soros, Schwab to name just a few, plus many more sponsors from all walks of life, many of whom prefer to remain unknown….

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