Snapshot of the new global tyranny: Links 1, January 19, 2021

1. Gotta love an actress with this kind of courage

2. Michigan:

3. On the PCR test, and the origins of lockdowns

4. Single mother in Oz. gets visit from police

5. Speech by Bilyana Martinovski: English starts at two minutes. This is about the suppression of freedom of thought, speech and in general. Especially in Sweden.

(We have interviewed Bilyana a few times. She is quite a brilliant and astute observer)

Thank you all who contributed to this post. Jan Sjunnesson, Tania Groth, M., Wrath of Khan and many more who posted to the daily Reader’s Links post as well.

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    Imagine if you were trying to run a small landscaping and gardening business and you saw the videos of thousands of young, fighting-age men from Central America flooding across the border. To a doctor or a teacher or to a real estate tycoon it makes little difference but to you, it means you’re going to be unemployed soon and it looks a lot like the government is doing it to you on purpose. Why do leftists hate landscapers and cab drivers and truckers so much? Why do they need to be put out of work and placed in the welfare line? How the hell are you supposed to run your business when the Central Americans can bring ten strong young illegals to the job and pay them peanuts because they’re all hiding and aren’t paying taxes anyway? They can get by sleeping on a couch and soon you will be following them. Then they send the money that would have been yours down to their families in Honduras. Sheesh!

    Like I said. Doctors don’t need to worry about mass immigration but it beats the hell out of certain segments of the workforce and I fail to see why our beloved governments can’t see that. I’ve never heard a citizen say they want to be pushed out of business by illegal aliens…

    • The left wants everyone to depend on the government for everything, they don’t want people who want to work so they aren’t depending on the government for everything. When we are independent the left has much less control over us, a fact they hate, they thrive on the power to force people to live and act the way the left wants them to.

      Politicians want power, that is their drug of choice, they want money but only because it buys them power and the goods that they can use to rub our noses in their power. Nancy Pelosi with her multi-thousand dollar freezer and her designer ice cream was telling us that we are at best second class citizens and probably Third or Fourth class citizens. The Tech Oligarchs have become hooked on the same drug and will resist it being taken from them just as the politicians resist losing power.

    • Neither. They are taking advantage of Covid and the false flag at the Capitol to tighten and consolidate power, and also create an excuse to cover for why no one will give a crap about the inauguration. Had they done no security, it would be a feeble event like Biden’s campaign. But they can’t let people see that. So this gives cover because yes, they did steal the election, so not that many people are enthusiastic about Biden and they don’t want that seen.

      At least that is my opinion as to in part, why this is all happening.

    • The opening moves of the kinetic portion of the Civil War are starting, While the left will have some successes in the beginning I don’t think they can win in the long run.

      • The left can NEVER win in the long run because truth always defeats fantasy eventually. It boils down to the laws of physics at one point. The question is how much damage will the left do until then? How many will they slaughter and enslave to make their fantasies appear to work for a while?

        Read the Gulag Archipelago. I only made it a few hundred pages of volume 1 at the most before the horror, not just of what the Soviets did, but HOW THEY THOUGHT made me stop listening to the audiobook of it.

        One example is how they killed or enslaved engineers who said rail tracks could only handle so much weight and communist engineers who replaced them were DECORATED for tripling the load on the tracks even though it killed hundreds and hundreds of people as trains ran off the rails and destroyed crops etc.

        So in the end, the left loses because you can’t pretend things work that don’t. In fact you can come up with math for that.

        The farther the fantasy is from reality, the faster it will fail.

        If you pretend you can fly and jump off a building, your fantasy fails almost immediately. But most communist fantasies just do a horrible slow grinding damage for decades as they kill more, and make more suffer to create the illusion that it is working.

        Once again, the words of National Socialist Propaganda minister Goebbels:

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

        The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels

        • I couldn’t make it very far through the Gulag Archipelago either, the true horror is how the managed to make people accept their tyranny.

          I don’t think the left is going to maintain control of the US for very long, they are moving way too fast to force us into full Communism. They have roughly half of the adults in the US mad at them not and are creating the political and economic environment that will make another quarter (at a minimum) hate them. Their openly bragging about vetting the Guard troops in DC because white male troops may have voted for Trump is upsetting a lot of soldiers of all ranks. They are dependent on the Soldiers if they want to hold on to power and they are telling them they distrust them.

          This is not how you treat the people who are protecting you.

          If I am rambling blame it on the weather induced head and back ache and the pain pills.

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