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9 Replies to “Klaus Schwab thanks China, pushes the reset”

  1. What a great big flaming Glad bag of foul gas this evil confidence trickster is. Listen to his Marcuse accent and see his elite appearance. Maybe I should start an organization and maybe I should call it “The International Symposium on Racial Justice”, or maybe “The United Nations Multi-Lateral Court of Equality”.

    This guy and all gas-bags like him don’t give a rat’s behind about whatever they are going on about. They just like being met at the airport by a guy with a sign and being seen as one of the high and mighty elite who attracts acolytes and grant money like a dirty sink attracts cockroaches. The UN is full of clowns like this and they’re all the co-founder of this and the chairman of that, and they’re all great at figuring ways of taking great advantage of their glowing resumes. And they have a nasty habit of ending up with one-hundred and fifty million dollars in the bank of Zurich…

  2. Another thing is;
    Bond Villains tend to have STYLE.
    That guy hasn’t, he is just a “glorified” Concentration Camp Guard.

  3. World Economic Forum, isn’t that the name of the cozy get-together of billionaires teaching millionaires to tell the deplorable masses of faceless expendables how to vote, consume and diy as cannon-fodder, where politicians are taught to answer: “how high?” when they are told to jump? Where security-measures are only surpassed by the security around Bilderberg meetings? I believe this little tete-a’-tete is held in idyllic settings, all snowy white nature, clean mountain air, innocence at its purest. Honi soit qui mal y pense…

    • The days of cannon fodder is long past, modern weapons require intelligent people who can and do think for themselves. The soldiers no longer stand shoulder to shoulder and deliver volley fire, that was when you needed cannon fodder.

      • There’s still plenty other ways to make people die, and “cannon fodder” is very much used figuratively speaking in my part of the world. I don’t need lecturing on the subject and i see no reason to split pussyhairs here, i assume you understood quite well what i meant.

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