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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    We all saw Mike Lindell visit the White House yesterday….
    And today we just got the scoop about why, and what was discussed!
    In a new interview with Right Side Broadcasting (that was immediately deleted by YouTube after uploading), Mike Lindell breaks down his whole meeting.
    He explains what happened, some of the nefarious gatekeepers he interacted with, and the evidence he brought to President Trump.
    Lindell claims he brought it all, internet records with IP addresses and the full documentation that proves President Trump won big….to the tune of and exact final count of 79 Million votes for President Trump and 68 Million votes for Joe Biden.

    • More BS for the gullible.
      Trump called a pointless rally, and when things went south, he threw the participants under the bus.

      It did not take a brainiac to see that Pence would do nothing. It did not take a brainiac to realize that there would be agents provocateurs.

      Enough already.

    This site does NOT pull any punches so the hypersensitive should best avoid it.
    1) Amazon banned Parler but allowed people to buy T shirts with “Kill All Republicans” on them.
    2)Biden’s “Stimulus” Blowout = Blue State Bailout
    The economic sabotage of imposing a $15 minimum wage is not the only intolerable aspect of Biden’s planned $1.9 trillion spending spree. In the name of the ChiCom virus, the bill bails out tyrannical and fiscally irresponsible blue states.
    Rep Michael Waltz (R-FL) is enraged:
    “This is a bailout package for blue states for their bad policies, for their lockdown policies. The best stimulus that we could have as a country is to allow the economy to smartly and safely open like we have done in Florida. Kids have been in school in person since last August. And we are not having a statewide meltdown.

    Paranoid and OTT?? I would have thought so 20 years ago but NOT now as STASI clones are alive and well in the west.

    Surveillance Detection And Counter-Surveillance For Use In A World With Gangstalking
    “Intelligence is paramount in all matters of war.” What do you know about intelligence? Has anyone ever put you under surveillance? What is the intelligence operation like, which is supporting this socialist takeover we have seen the last couple of decades? What kind of intelligence gathering do they do? What kind of surveillance do they run? What does it look like? What do they know? Do they already know who you are? Where you shop? What food you buy? The answer, more likely than not is yes, believe it or not.
    I will tell you how your revolution will end. You will pull out a half gallon of the same brand of milk you buy every week at the same corner store, selected according to expiration date. You will take a glass of it to the TV, months before the revolution begins. You will drink it, and the carcinogen put in it will give you a fast moving cancer that will hit just before the revolution begins. How did it get there?
    They had already ID’d you as a problem in the course of regular surveillance every citizen gets every couple of years, documented how you bought all your food, figured out when you bought everything, how you selected it, and just before you arrived at the store, a woman pulled a custom made half gallon of your favorite brand of milk, with a super far-off expiration date, out of her over-sized purse and put it on the shelf. And just as she placed it and turned away, in the front door you walked.

    • “Each of these pages was crafted as my retaliation for some “vibration of the night,” as is this one, and each has probably triggered its own nightly vibration as it was made public. I think this page’s genesis was me warning some plebe on another website to be careful about the fact he revealed something of his foreign-born wife’s hostility to her nation’s intelligence services. They do not like anyone even mentioning surveillance to their fellow Americans. I’ll probably get hit tonight, and tomorrow we will explore the vehicular surveillance of southern Alaska. (Turns out I was right about that one – and we did do Alaska below.)

      The vibrations are attempts to “teach” me what to say and what not to say, using the threat of an attack it is difficult to respond to kinetically, or use law enforcement to stop. I try to respond to each with an escalation here until they abate. I hope that if surveillance comes to believe vibrations equal such retaliations they will cease trying to use them to suppress such content, and perhaps other countrymen will have somewhat more freedom of speech than we have today. Thankfully I have a ridiculously high pain tolerance, and view my physical body as disposable.”

      Michelle, the people behind Planet Niburu and the end of the world do not go away. They flit to every new conspiracy and mistrust, and Trump has caught their imagination through his hubris, his secret code, because they are paranoid. They get off on this stuff. Looking for an answer and for a leader.

      The muslim can construct a False Creation
      The Socialist, One World without a Nation
      Gonads imprinting Affectation
      Their Pride. Without substantiation.

      “Thankfully I have a ridiculously high pain tolerance, and view my physical body as disposable.”

      We see what we want to see from those bearing gifts, and block out the rest.

      • Check up to see how the Gestapo managed to be so efficient at removing any potential opposition even before it became more than theoretical. Now with the electronic surveillance capacity it may not be the joke that you seem to think that it is.
        WRT the “watching where you shop etc” bit It is obvious that you think that it is all a big joke and TBH even I “cracked up” at the Mel Gibson irradiated milk bit
        BUT go and live somewhere where you are under suspicion (for what does not matter) and see how you then cope with both the surveillance and the associated harassment.
        I have and any paranoia I possess is well justified.
        BTW are you always so literal in your interpretations of posts? IIRC the planet Niburu is not due for some >30000 years so we can all relax. Including you.

  4. Where are you all?
    We are having VPN problems as our usual servers are ?down while the others give only limited or no access to certain usually conservative sites. Being paranoid I wonder if this is intentional as no large company in the west can now really be totally trusted.
    So no URL on this PC for the below as the site is blocked.
    Perhaps some here may learn something from this.
    From Africa Unauthorized:
    My Best Friends are Black.
    by Hannes Wessels
    Maybe it’s just me, with my dystopian view of this fast-changing world which I fear, (and sincerely hope I’m wrong), is careening in the wrong direction, but I’m finding the company of others, increasingly pointless. While I still have the occasional pleasure of being with dear friends of old, more and more, I get the impression that people are inclined to say, not what they think, but what they think they ought to say and I find this irritating and underwhelming. Needless to say, they probably also find me irritating and underwhelming and are all thrilled to see the back of me; but being someone who enjoys good company, lively discussion and a laugh, this is not a stage in life I celebrate.

    To some extent I suppose it is understandable. With ever tightening rules regarding what is loosely referred to as ‘Hate Speech’, the Mainstream Media black-out of contrarian opinions and facts, and the crack down by social media companies on anything they consider to be deviating from their ‘progressive’ view of the world, I sense I now know what life might have been like in Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China. Then, as now, people were afraid to talk frankly and honestly because articulating dissenting views was similarly dealt with; by banishment to where those ‘dangerous’ voices could not be heard, loss of employment, public humiliation and sometimes worse. But with that said, there seems to be a slavish desire from the majority to toe the line, no matter how idiotically their leaders behave, and no matter how distorted and untrue their sources of information are. The rump of the population appears to be sleep-walking into democratic totalitarianism imposed by a liberal dictatorship.

    Out of this milieu I find myself increasingly drawn to engaging, and being in the company of black people, some of whom I have known a long time and some only recent acquaintances I have made in the course of my work. In a way this is nothing new. In days gone by, when I followed a different lifestyle and lived and worked more closely with black people, I always relished their earthy, uncomplicated approach to life, their cheerful resilience in facing adversity, and their wonderful ability to laugh at themselves no matter what was said. Conversation was relaxed, convivial and invariably enlightening and seldom had I to worry about giving offence as I do in the company of most white people.

    Recently, in the course of my research, I have been in touch with several men who once tried to kill me while I tried to kill them and astonishingly, out of my current gloom about the state of Africa and the world, they have boosted my morale and given me renewed hope.

    They are all senior, hardened combat veterans of the armies raised with strong Chinese and Soviet backing, and the support of most of the world, to end white rule in Rhodesia. Although we differed strongly then, I respect them for having had the courage to risk their lives for what they believed would be a better dispensation and I have welcomed the discourse.

    Somewhat surprisingly, they are one voice, in lamenting the course of events since ‘liberation’ in 1980 and, unlike most white liberals I know who seldom have the gumption to acknowledge their mistakes, they are utterly unafraid to say they erred. From this platform we have had discussions which have fascinated and frustrated me because these voices of sense and reason are seldom heard from Africa, and coming from them with their provenance their words carry an unusual potency.

    They are united in stating bluntly, the departure of the whites from their homeland was a tragedy and the fundamental cause of the country’s socio-economic collapse. They are scathing in their criticism of African politicians throughout the continent who do little more than abuse their power for self-enrichment. They acknowledge a huge governance deficit, the existence of bloated, useless bureaucracies and the fact their country was far better run by the whites they sought to dislodge. While Europeans everywhere are being vilified for their historic links to slavery, they point out slavery remains alive and well in Africa, but nobody is doing anything to stop it simply because there is no European involvement. They are scathing about their erstwhile allies the Chinese who they see as avaricious racists plundering the continent’s resources for their own enrichment while, unlike the white colonists, they contribute little or nothing to the welfare of Africans in general and do not regard Africa as ‘home’. They are gravely concerned about the spread of militant Islamic groups south and the fact there is no effective opposition to stem this tide. We are Christians, they say, but where are the Christian soldiers of the ‘free’ West to fight these people?

    The list of endemic, post-colonial woes is a long and expanding one; but when all is said, I ask, ‘so what is to be done?’ And they say quite unequivocally, we need the white people back on the ground here; we need the Americans, and we need the British and we need the French and we need the Germans. We want them to invest but we also need their expertise in the private and public sectors; we are rudderless and badly led they say. If the Europeans come back, they assure me, we will all prosper together.

    Irritation, and a measure of anger follows when I point out they are not coming back; not because they don’t want to; these countries are brimful of the people and resources they so desperately seek; but because powers of the West are cowed by guilt relating to their imperial pasts and connection to slavery. And herein lies the ongoing tragedy of Africa. A powerful media peddling a false narrative, bolstered by a relentless propaganda campaign in schools and universities, have destroyed the confidence of hitherto great nations and people who hold the key to making Africa and the world a better place.

    To my former adversaries I say, I can only help transmit your message, but I’m white in a white-hating world, and ‘illiberal’ to boot, so few listen; but you men of war have the skin colour and hard-won credentials to make people in high places listen and I’ll do all I can to help.

    • Wonderful, vital writing, Michelle. I believe your experience with devolving friendships is one shared by some here. Thanks.

      • Thank You BUT That was NOT my article. I only reposted it from Africa Unauthorized. However I have had exactly the same experiences with not a few “friends” who dislike me being honest about how I feel and now it seems to sort out the sheep from the goats quite effectively.
        Hannes Wessels is a man whom I have tried to meet several times when I was forced to return to Africa. But he rightly is very suspicious of “new friends”. Pity! but who can blame him?

        • I’ve given up on “friends” altogether. I find that the average Canadian is so chock-full of misinformation that it’s impossible to carry on a conversation with one of them without stopping and explaining why they are wrong with every second word. “No! Climate change is not an established fact.” and “Wrong! Trump has never said a racist word in his life”, and “Incorrect! The Vostok ice-core samples prove the exact opposite of what Al Gore said they prove”, and “Nope! There is no such thing as income inequality between men and women so stop whining about it” and “Wrong again! There is no epidemic of white police officers murdering young black males for sport while the white justice system turns a blind eye”. And, of course, they in turn assume that I’m a delusional old racist neo-Nazi who forgot to take his medication this morning…

          The mainstream is a constant barrage of wrong stupid illogical “facts” and they have succeeded in turning the populace into a gaggle of ignorant morons who think that the oceans will rise if the arctic ice-cap melts and that all the polar bears are dying. They’ve turned all their brains into mush with the constant gaslighting and agitprop and just plain enemy propaganda and lies. I just can’t even be bothered with people anymore. They’re mainly all idiots and they’re going to let the three-eyed purple space zombies destroy the country in the near future…

          • Exactly!!!

            I am beginning to feel that the idiots are simply going to reap exactly what they deserve. Unfortunately that culling will include most. if not all, of us. As the totalitarian mass production facilities(schools and uni’s) go into mass production, we will be banned, ignored, silenced then crucified and any youngster who dares to ask why will find herself in a re-education camp quick smart. The globalists have orchestrated it beautifully and the two totalitarian ideologies of control will remove any dissent and pave the way for the cleansing of planet earth.

  5. …The old spy sat. He wondered where the years had gone. He wondered at what point his beloved technology had shaken him, leaving the trail cold. It was as if he’d just woke up from a 50-year sleep. The world had zoomed ahead, leaving him in its dust. He sipped his coffee. He liked it black without sugar. Lots of it.

    The playing field was so much more complicated. What used to be a clear target was now a target within a target. No. It was a mark within a mark within a mark. This sand box was like a field of Russian dolls. He and his bunch called their operations the “sand box”, back in the day. But he was too old for it. Too damned old. He downed his coffee, smirking at his own pessimism. Wasn’t it his way. His own stupid, complicated way to shoot down the very righteous thing he was about to do by confessing first that he couldn’t do it. Every time it was the same song and dance. You can’t do it, Harry. But there’s no one better so you gotta do it, Harry. His mother always said he always did the right thing in the end, and she was right about that…

  6. Simple as A B C

    A. Agenda 21 accomplished- Trump out – accelerate Agenda 2030.

    B. Biden begins “ Build Back Better” bullshit.

    C. Create Climate Crisis / Carbon crap.

    • D. all whites classified as 2nd class citizens, all over the west including very surprised white leftists.
      E. globalists sit back and enjoy the slide of the once powerful west into a coven of chaotic bastard child states born of communism raped by islam.
      F. As the local political warlords fight for the control of the rapidly diminishing state wealth the welfare state slowly slides into oblivion and the sick, the injured and the elderly begin to suffer and starve. those capable of work who will not are forced into re-education camps to learn how to work or simply allowed to starve.
      G Famine rears its head in the west as the destruction of the western meritocracy placed “diverse” fools in charge while the carbon emissions rubbish has totally undermined agricultural competence.
      H extreme famine now hits those non western countries who have overbred their resources for decades and have subsisted on western charity now no longer possible. Resource wars was multiply with no food for prisoners or enemy civilians.
      I within a 100 years white Christians have ceased to exist, world population is down to 1 billion , multiple heavily irradiated sites pocket the planet and what we see now is a collective sum of all of those post holocaust books we once read, now eagerly grabbed for use as fire starters as most are illiterate.

      • J. Justice – lockdowns, replace rule of law, replace democracy.

        K. Kill free speech.

        L. LOCKDOWNS

        M. Mandate, manipulate, migrate

        N. New normal – lockdowns, pandemics

        O. Obama orchestrated oppression

        P. PANDEMICS peddle pandemics to the little people

        Q. Questioning government NOT allowed.

        R. Replace, re-educate, relocate – Great Reset

        S. Submission – Sustainable Development. stay home, stay safe, shut up.

        T. Treason, treacherous

        U. U N dictates people are at risk – conform to our standards.


        W. Our world must change forever – Great Reset.

        X. Xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic

        Y. Yesterday is but a dream. — NEW WORLD ORDER.

        Z. zoogeography


    Look at this! Listen to the hatred and the condemnation and the slander they are heaping onto anybody who dares to say that the lives of white people actually matter. We are the frog who doesn’t notice he’s being boiled, folks. These Democrat lefties are dreaming of a day when they can rid themselves of the hated Christian-background white man forever and they are steadily gaining power and heading to their secret goal which is the genocide of people of western European heritage, especially the British Isles. If they can ban saying that our lives matter how long will it be before they justify a separate “reparation tax” for whites along with enrolment limits at schools and punitive hiring practices, especially in the civil service? I hate to be hysterical but how much more obvious can it be. It’s now illegal to say that your effing life matters. Doesn’t that tell you something…?

  8. Richard Dawkins in fiery attack on ‘cowardly’ liberals with ‘fundamental flaws’ (express, Jan 17, 2021)

    “RICHARD DAWKINS launched into a furious attack on a breed he calls his own: liberals.

    Professor Richard Dawkins is one of the most respected scientists in his field, and has become a household name. An evolutionary biologist, Mr Dawkins is now known more for his dogmatic Atheism and staunch opposition to Brexit. Following the publication of several science orientated books, he wrote the ‘God Delusion’ which sought to put the argument for a God to bed.

    It of course sparked heated debate between the religious and scientific communities, and Prof Dawkins has doggedly fought the corner of natural selection ever since.

    In an interview with The Sun last year, the scientist took aim at his ‘fellow liberals” who refused to condemn what he described as “rampant” homophobia and misogyny in Islam.

    When asked whether it’s possible to have a sensible conversation about Islam, he said: “It is difficult and many of the people who think I’m right-wing.

    “Decent liberal people who I regard as my own people, I’ve always been among those people.

    “Who I regard as cowards because they cave in and they do not observe their principles of feminism, of gay rights – all of the things decent liberal people believe.

    “But suddenly they forget about them when it comes to Islam.”

    He continued: “And I think I know why: I think it’s because they mistakenly think Islam is a race – which it isn’t, it’s a religion – if you can convert to it or apostatise out of it it’s not a race.

    “And because they’re decent liberals and extremely against racism, as I am, the fear of being thought racist trumps the fear of being thought misogynist or homophobic.

    “And so they overlook the homophobia and the rampant misogyny of extreme Islamism, and so they betray their decent liberal principles in that one case.

    “If a liberal like me does not betray those principles and does condemn the misogyny and the homophobia of Islamic theocracies, they will turn on us and call us right-wing Islamophobes, because they have betrayed their liberal principles.”

    Prof Dawkins has received a considerable amount of criticism for his views on Islam….”

  9. Consultant anaesthetist struck off for beating his 10-year-old son with broom handle gets NHS job back after blaming his Nigerian ‘cultural upbringing’ (dailymail, Jan 17, 2021)

    “A consultant anaesthetist who was struck off after he beat his ten-year-old son with an aluminium broom handle has got his NHS job back after he blamed his conduct on his ‘cultural upbringing’ in Nigeria.

    Dr Adekunle Okunuga, 59, caned his young son with the kitchen brush for misbehaving at school and made him perform squat thrusts and stand on one leg with his arms in the air while he kicked him.

    During the assault, he also caned the boy’s open palms with a walking stick before finally stopping when he saw his son’s blood spatter over the kitchen floor.

    In 2015, Okunuga’s name was ordered to be erased from the medical register after he was found guilty of serious professional misconduct by a disciplinary panel.

    But earlier this month the order was lifted and he was deemed fit to practise medicine again after the doctor, who worked at University Hospital Coventry, admitted his behaviour was ‘excessive and uncalled for’.

    He claimed similar corporal punishment would be routinely carried out on children in his homeland.

    The doctor has been working at the National Orthopaedic Hospital in Lagos hospital in Lagos for the past three years.

    The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester was told the assault occurred in June 2014 after Okunuga and his wife, who at the time lived in Rugby, Warwickshire, were summoned to their son’s primary school after the boy got into trouble for not submitting homework and lying to other pupils to seek attention.

    On the day of the incident itself the boy – named as Child A – had been facing expulsion for swearing, using the word ‘rape’ and stamping on an injured girl during a PE lesson.

    The couple collected the child from school but in the car, Okunuga began slapping his son from the passenger seat then once at home forced him to undertake squats and then to stand on one leg with his arms in the air.

    Whenever Child A lost his balance, Okunuga would hit him with the handle of the floor brush on the back of his legs and then kick him to make him stand up again.

    He went to fetch a hammer and destroyed Child A’s games consoles before caning the boy across his open palms with a walking stick. He stopped when he became aware the boy had wounds on his hands that were bleeding.

    The boy was treated in hospital for cuts and bruising and was later taken temporarily into foster care.

    Okybnuga was arrested and convicted in September 2014 at Leamington Spa magistrates court of ill treating a child and was sentenced to eight weeks in jail suspended for a year with a requirement to complete 160 hours unpaid work. The boy was later returned to his family.

    In 2015, a disciplinary hearing panel accepted the attack on the child was a ‘one off’ but said it was ‘sustained’ and ruled Okunuga should be struck off to send a message that his behaviour was ‘wholly intolerable.’

    He had earlier described the attack as ‘unfortunate domestic matter outside his work’ and asked if he could ‘return to work as soon as possible.’

    The restoration hearing began last September after Okunuga applied to General Medical Council to get his job back.

    He said he had kept up to date with his medical skills and produced testimonials from patients and colleagues and also character references from his family – including his wife and son.

    He said he had grown up in a ‘different era, when physical chastisement of children was seen as part of a child’s discipline’ but told the hearing: ‘My actions towards Child A were excessive and uncalled for, and I accept I caused harm to Child A.

    ‘My actions embarrassed the medical profession and brought it into disrepute and as a member of the medical community, I should be role model. I apologised sincerely to the GMC and the wider public.

    ‘My behaviour was born out of my cultural upbringing, I should have known better and I take full responsibility for my actions. If I were to witness a similar occurrence by one of my colleagues, I would be the first to speak up and take action and report it to the appropriate authorities.’

    He added: ‘I have been working abroad but have always given full disclosure of my sanction to all employers and the relevant medical authorities.

    ‘I have attended courses in order to maintain my professional development and am clinically ready to resume practice in the United Kingdom where I could be of tremendous support to the medical community.’

    In giving Okunuga the all-clear to return to medicine, MPTS chairman Ms Sharmistha Michaels said: ‘Then tribunal noted that Child A was returned to Dr Okunuga four months after the incident, and a child protection order placed on Dr Okunuga was removed three months after this in January 2015.

    ‘The Tribunal was mindful this was an isolated incident and noted the 2015 Panel found that the risk of Dr Okunuga repeating his actions was very low.

    ‘There has been no evidence of any repetition in the six and-a-half years since the incident. Dr Okunuga has reflected on his actions and developed significant insight into their impact since the hearing in 2015. He has been open and honest about his actions and apologised fully and sincerely.

    ‘In his reflective statement he understands the 2015 Panel were ”fair and just in its decision”.

    ‘He also stated it was naïve of him to think that the incident was a ”private matter” which had no bearing on his professional conduct.

    ‘The tribunal considered that Dr Okunuga had now developed sufficient insight into how his actions had impacted on public confidence and the need to maintain and uphold proper standards of behaviour.

    ‘His expressions of remorse are genuine and was satisfied. There are no public safety concerns in relation to Dr Okunuga. He would be fit to return to unrestricted practice in the UK given his current medical skills.'”

  10. Iraqi Migrant Deported from Denmark for the 17th Time (breitbart, Jan 17, 2021)

    “A 30-year-old Iraqi migrant with Swedish citizenship has been deported from Denmark for the 17th time after coming to the country consistently for drug deals.

    The 30-year-old Iraqi man was arrested earlier this week and police have demanded that not only he be deported from the country but that he should be banned from Denmark for life.

    The arrest and deportation is the 17th time the Iraqi has been ordered to leave the country. He told officers that he comes back time and time again because illegal drugs are easier to purchase in Denmark compared to Sweden where he is a citizen, Ekstra Bladet reports.

    According to the newspaper, the man had been arrested last year in October and had presented a fake Italian drivng licence to police as his identification. In one instance the man came to Denmark the same day he had been released from a Swedish prison, exploiting the European Union’s borderless Schengen regime.

    In April of 2018, the man was sentenced to eight months in prison in Denmark, deported, and given a six-year entry ban. Just months later he was sentenced to 15 months in prison and the entry ban was increased to 12 years.

    The Iraqi is also accused of assaulting four officers while in Vestre prison, which he has denied.

    The issue of migrants reentering countries after being deported has been a problem for years in several European Union nations, such as Germany, where in 2019 it was revealed that thousands of migrants had returned to the country after deportation, some of them multiple times.

    The total number of migrants returning after deportation was listed as 28,283 since 2012. Almost 5,000 of the total number were migrants who had previously been denied asylum.

    In the United Kingdom, deported criminal migrants have allegedly been using European Union era law and human rights laws to stay in the country.”

  11. Violent youth protests hit Tunisia amid economic turmoil (abcnews, Jan 17, 2021)

    “Police used tear gas to disperse violent protests led by disgruntled youths in several Tunisian cities overnight, including in the capital of Tunis and in the seaside city of Sousse.

    Tunisians in general are angry that the North African country is on the verge of bankruptcy and has dire public services. And many feel disappointed that on the 10-year anniversary of the revolution that ousted autocratic President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali there is little to show in terms of improvement.

    Police swooped in as shops and banks were looted and vandalized, arresting “dozens” of youths, according to state news agency TAP. Protesters blocked roads by burning tires and threw stones and other objects at police and businesses, according to the Interior Ministry, which said the situation was now “calm” across the country on Sunday.

    Videos circulating on social media showed dramatic chases down alleys between groups of young people and the police who used tear gas to disperse them.

    Tunisia on Thursday commemorated the 10th anniversary since the flight into exile of the iron-fisted Ben Ali, who was pushed from power in a popular revolt that foreshadowed the regional pro-democracy uprisings, strife and civil war in North Africa and the Mideast that came to be known as the Arab Spring.

    A budding democracy in Tunisia grew out of the aftermath. And yet, despite gains, a pall of disenchantment hangs over the North African country, which has been stressed by extremist attacks, political infighting, a troubled economy and promises unfulfilled, including development of the interior.

    Despite guaranteed rights and numerous democratic elections, protests flourish, especially in the central and southern regions where the jobless rate among youth reaches 30% and the poverty level is above 20%.

    According to the Tunisian Forum of Economic and Social Rights, more than 1,000 demonstrations took place in November alone. Months of sit-ins have paralyzed oil and phosphate production for months, putting holes of billions of dollars in the country’s budget.”

  12. Iran asks watchdog not to publish ‘unnecessary’ nuke details (abcnews, Jan 17, 2021)

    “Iran urged the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog to avoid publishing “unnecessary” details on Tehran’s nuclear program, state TV reported Sunday, a day after Germany, France and Britain said Tehran has “no credible civilian use” for its development of uranium metal.

    The report quoted a statement from Iran’s nuclear department that asked the International Atomic Energy Agency to avoid publishing details on Iran’s nuclear program that may cause confusion.

    “It is expected the international atomic energy agency avoid providing unnecessary details and prevent paving ground for misunderstanding” in the international community, the statement said. It did not elaborate.

    On Saturday, Germany, France and Britain pressed Iran to back off its plan to develop uranium metal, calling it “the latest planned violation” of its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. The goal of the deal is to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb, something Iran insists it does not want to do.

    “Iran has no credible civilian use for uranium metal,” they said in a joint statement. “The production of uranium metal has potentially grave military implications.”

    On Thursday, the IAEA said Iran had informed it that it had begun installing equipment for the production of uranium metal. It said Tehran maintains its plans to conduct research and development on uranium metal production are part of its “declared aim to design an improved type of fuel.”

    Iran reacted to the European statement Sunday saying Iran informed the U.N. nuclear watchdog nearly two decades ago of its plans for the “peaceful and conventional” production of uranium metal. It also said it provided updated information to the agency two years ago about its plans to produce silicide advanced fuel.

    The statement said uranium metal is an “intermediate product” in the manufacture of uranium silicide, a fuel used in nuclear reactors that is safer and has more power capability than uranium oxide-based fuel, which Iran currently produces.

    The three European nations alongside the U.S., Russia and China signed the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran that prohibited research and production of uranium metal.

    President Donald Trump in 2018 unilaterally withdrew the U.S. from Iran’s nuclear deal, in which Tehran had agreed to limit its uranium enrichment in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. After the U.S. then ramped up sanctions, Iran gradually and publicly abandoned the deal’s limits on its nuclear development.

    President-elect Joe Biden, who was vice president when the deal was signed during the Obama administration, has said he hopes to return the U.S. to the deal.”

  13. ‘Extreme urgent need’: Starvation haunts Ethiopia’s Tigray (abcnews, Jan 17, 2021)

    “From “emaciated” refugees to crops burned on the brink of harvest, starvation threatens the survivors of more than two months of fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

    The first humanitarian workers to arrive after pleading with the Ethiopian government for access describe weakened children dying from diarrhea after drinking from rivers. Shops were looted or depleted weeks ago. A local official told a Jan. 1 crisis meeting of government and aid workers that hungry people had asked for “a single biscuit.”

    More than 4.5 million people, nearly the region’s entire population, need emergency food, participants say. At their next meeting on Jan. 8, a Tigray administrator warned that without aid, “hundreds of thousands might starve to death” and some already had, according to minutes obtained by The Associated Press.

    “There is an extreme urgent need — I don’t know what more words in English to use — to rapidly scale up the humanitarian response because the population is dying every day as we speak,” Mari Carmen Vinoles, head of the emergency unit for Doctors Without Borders, told the AP.

    But pockets of fighting, resistance from some officials and sheer destruction stand in the way of a massive food delivery effort. To send 15-kilogram (33-pound) rations to 4.5 million people would require more than 2,000 trucks, the meeting’s minutes said, while some local responders are reduced to getting around on foot.

    The specter of hunger is sensitive in Ethiopia, which transformed into one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in the decades since images of starvation there in the 1980s led to a global outcry. Drought, conflict and government denial contributed to the famine, which swept through Tigray and killed an estimated 1 million people.

    The largely agricultural Tigray region of about 5 million people already had a food security problem amid a locust outbreak when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Nov. 4 announced fighting between his forces and those of the defiant regional government. Tigray leaders dominated Ethiopia for almost three decades but were sidelined after Abiy introduced reforms that won him the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019.

    Thousands of people have been killed in the conflict. More than 50,000 have fled into Sudan, where one doctor has said newer arrivals show signs of starvation. Others shelter in rugged terrain. A woman who recently left Tigray described sleeping in caves with people who brought cattle, goats and the grain they had managed to harvest.

    “It is a daily reality to hear people dying with the fighting consequences, lack of food,” a letter by the Catholic bishop of Adigrat said this month.

    Hospitals and other health centers, crucial in treating malnutrition, have been destroyed. In markets, food is “not available or extremely limited,” the United Nations says.

    Though Ethiopia’s prime minister declared victory in late November, its military and allied fighters remain active amid the presence of troops from neighboring Eritrea, a bitter enemy of the now-fugitive officials who once led the region.

    Fear keeps many people from venturing out. Others flee. Tigray’s new officials say more than 2 million people have been displaced, a number the U.S. government’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance calls “staggering.” The U.N. says the number of people reached with aid is “extremely low.”

    A senior Ethiopian government official, Redwan Hussein, did not respond to a request for comment on Tigray colleagues warning of starvation.

    In the northern Shire area near Eritrea, which has seen some of the worst fighting, up to 10% of the children whose arms were measured met the diagnostic criteria for severe acute malnutrition, with scores of children affected, a U.N. source said. Sharing the concern of many humanitarian workers about jeopardizing access, the source spoke on condition of anonymity.

    Near Shire town are camps housing nearly 100,000 refugees who have fled over the years from Eritrea. Some who have walked into town “are emaciated, begging for aid that is not available,” U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said Thursday.

    Food has been a target. Analyzing satellite imagery of the Shire area, a U.K.-based research group found two warehouse-style structures in the U.N. World Food Program compound at one refugee camp had been “very specifically destroyed.” The DX Open Network could not tell by whom. It reported a new attack Saturday.

    It’s challenging to verify events in Tigray as communications links remain poor and almost no journalists are allowed.

    In the towns of Adigrat, Adwa and Axum, “the level of civilian casualties is extremely high in the places we have been able to access,” the Doctors Without Borders emergency official Vinoles said. She cited the fighting and lack of health care.

    Hunger is “very concerning,” she said, and even water is scarce: Just two of 21 wells still work in Adigrat, a city of more than 140,000, forcing many people to drink from the river. With sanitation suffering, disease follows.

    “You go 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the city and it’s a complete disaster,” with no food, Vinoles said.

    Humanitarian workers struggle to gauge the extent of need.

    “Not being able to travel off main highways, it always poses the question of what’s happening with people still off-limits,” said Panos Navrozidis, Action Against Hunger’s director in Ethiopia.

    Before the conflict, Ethiopia’s national disaster management body classified some Tigray woredas, or administrative areas, as priority one hotspots for food insecurity. If some already had high malnutrition numbers, “two-and-a-half months into the crisis, it’s a safe assumption that thousands of children and mothers are in immediate need,” Navrozidis said.

    The Famine Early Warning Systems Network, funded and managed by the U.S., says parts of central and eastern Tigray are likely in Emergency Phase 4, a step below famine.

    The next few months are critical, John Shumlansky, the Catholic Relief Services representative in Ethiopia, said. His group so far has given up to 70,000 people in Tigray a three-month food supply, he said.

    Asked whether combatants use hunger as a weapon, one concern among aid workers, Shumlansky dismissed it by Ethiopian defense forces and police. With others, he didn’t know.

    “I don’t think they have food either, though,” he said.”

    • It is unwise for western white racists to interfere with Muslim affairs. I just hope the best for both sides and that they both win.

  14. Official: Gunmen kill two women judges in Afghan capital (abcnews, Jan 17, 2021)

    “Gunmen fired on a car in northern Kabul on Sunday, killing two women judges who worked for Afghanistan’s high court and wounding the driver, a court official said. It was the latest attack in the Afghan capital during peace talks between Taliban and Afghan government officials in Qatar.

    Supreme Court of Afghanistan spokesman Ahmad Fahim Qawim, said the women were judges who worked for the high court but he did not identify them by name.

    No one claimed responsibility for the attack and Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the insurgent group wasn’t responsible.

    The Afghan government has repeatedly blamed the Taliban for targeted killings in recent months and the insurgent group accuses the government of staging the killings to spoil the peace process.

    The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for multiple attacks in the capital in recent months, including on educational institutions that killed 50 people, most of them students. IS has also claimed responsibility for rocket attacks in December targeting the major U.S. base in Afghanistan. There were no casualties.

    The Taliban and the Afghan government earlier this month resumed peace talks in Qatar. Negotiations were off to a slow start as the insurgent group continues attacks on Afghan government forces while keeping their promise not to attack U.S. and NATO troops.”

  15. “STUNNING HYPOCRISY: Demon Nancy Pelosi Cheers National Guard Troops in DC Today After She Attacked Trump For Sending in National Guard During DC BLM Riots”
    By The Scoop – January 16, 2021


    “I hope that the fact that you are here will be a deterrent to those who have come to undermine our Constitution,” says Pelosi to a group of around 20 or so soldiers.

    “We want the message to be clear,” Pelosi continues, “that the Capitol, our Democracy, our Constitution are safe because of your patriotism.”

    “JB Williams exposes DNC conspiracy in 2008 General Election”
    by John Charlton – September 10, 2009

  16. 2021 and the power and scope of revelation – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    14-17 minutes

    2021 and the power and scope of revelation

    Lady Liberty faces the dawn. File;YouTube video

    In the last 10 days, we have learned even more about the factional interests trying to control America. Many people probably didn’t think it possible. How much more did we need to know, after they egregiously broke state law on a mass scale in multiple states to try to tamper with the vote? What was really left to learn?

    The riot at the Capitol has shown us. It is being used as the pretext for a “crackdown” on civil rights of an unprecedented nature and scope. The revelation is not so much that members of the faction – the hard left that forms the institutional establishment in the West today – would do this. It’s that they have been so prompt and prepared to do it.

    They’re not interested at all in what actually happened in the riot. Indeed, they are selectively unwilling to have that question inspected publicly. Their determination is not to get to the bottom of anything, but to rule the narrative at the top of it – in lockstep, with no dispute or skepticism allowed – for the purpose of neutralizing their political opponents.

  17. High Decibel Social Distancing ‘Dog Collars’ for Factory Workers Deployed (breitbart, Jan 17, 2021)

    “A Swedish manufacturer in France has been accused of treating their employees like dogs after the company asked its workers to wear a social distancing device that emits a high decibel sound if employees are too close to each other.

    The French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT), the largest union representing workers at Essity, a Swedish global hygiene and health company, compared the device to a dog collar, saying it is “a system comparable to that which deters dogs from barking”.

    The CFDT said according to the French newspaper Le Monde, that the necklaces emit a sound of 85 decibels as soon as “social distancing is no longer respected”.

    CFDT union representative Christine Duguet said that “the idea is to discipline employees and call them to order,” going on to say that the implementation of the system represents “an attack on individual freedoms”.

    “Since the start of the pandemic, we have scrupulously respected distancing and wearing masks. We wear them all day, we are responsible people!” she protested.

    Essity, which produces tissue paper, baby diapers, and feminine care products, said that the introduction of the social distancing devices was in order to “strengthen employee safety”.

    “With this system, the site’s Covid referent would be able to alert potential contact cases more quickly and comprehensively,” the company said.

    The manufacturer said that the devices do not have a geolocation system, adding that they would not be tied to the personal information of the wearer. Essity also claimed that the devices would be deactivated when employees are using the toilet or in the cafeteria.

    Essity went on to reject the comparisons to dog collars, saying that the social distancing device is not meant to be worn around the neck but rather around the waist or in a pocket, as necklaces are banned in the factory for safety reasons.

    According to Le Parisien, the company has already deployed the system in the United Kingdom and has been testing it in the Netherlands.

    A company spokesman told the AFP that it is just being “tested” in France.

    Responding to the story, the president of the Popular Republican Union party in France, François Asselineau, said: “The next stage will be an electric shock of 380 volts between the 2 offenders.””

  18. ran claims to hit maritime targets in Indian Ocean with ballistic missiles from 1,100 miles away – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    6-8 minutes

    Iran claims to hit maritime targets in Indian Ocean with ballistic missiles from 1,100 miles away

    USS Nimitz (CVN-68) transits Strait of Hormuz in Nov 2020 with USS John Paul Jones (DDG-53) and USS Princeton (CG-50). MC3 Anthony Collier, USN

    Iran has been holding the regular Great Prophet military exercise, a standard feature about this time of year, since 5 January. This isn’t a comprehensive summary. My attention was caught by one particular item in news reporting on Saturday, and I wanted to address it very quickly.

    What caught my eye was the statement in a report from Fox News that missiles fired from Iran into the Indian Ocean exploded on impact: “At least two Iranian ballistic missiles exploded on impact when they hit the ocean, sending shards of debris in all directions.”

    Fox doesn’t specify the source of that information, although it immediately follows statements citing an unnamed U.S. official source.

    • 2021 and the power and scope of revelation – Liberty Unyielding
      J.E. Dyer
      14-17 minutes

      2021 and the power and scope of revelation

      Lady Liberty faces the dawn. File;YouTube video

      In the last 10 days, we have learned even more about the factional interests trying to control America. Many people probably didn’t think it possible. How much more did we need to know, after they egregiously broke state law on a mass scale in multiple states to try to tamper with the vote? What was really left to learn?

      The riot at the Capitol has shown us. It is being used as the pretext for a “crackdown” on civil rights of an unprecedented nature and scope. The revelation is not so much that members of the faction – the hard left that forms the institutional establishment in the West today – would do this. It’s that they have been so prompt and prepared to do it.2021 and the power and scope of revelation – Liberty Unyielding
      J.E. Dyer
      14-17 minutes

      2021 and the power and scope of revelation

      Lady Liberty faces the dawn. File;YouTube video

      In the last 10 days, we have learned even more about the factional interests trying to control America. Many people probably didn’t think it possible. How much more did we need to know, after they egregiously broke state law on a mass scale in multiple states to try to tamper with the vote? What was really left to learn?

      The riot at the Capitol has shown us. It is being used as the pretext for a “crackdown” on civil rights of an unprecedented nature and scope. The revelation is not so much that members of the faction – the hard left that forms the institutional establishment in the West today – would do this. It’s that they have been so prompt and prepared to do it.

  19. (Richard: They are updating their charts for some reason, given the upcoming Biden inauguration there is probably some military reason.

    Chinese Research Vessel Intercepted In Indonesian Waters.

  20. Greek Archbishop: Islam Is a ‘Political Party’, Not a Religion (breitbart, Jan 17, 2021)

    “Greek Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens has stated that he views Islam not as a religion but as a “political party”, and its followers as a “people of war”.

    The Greek Orthodox Archbishop stated his views on Islam while speaking on the role of the Orthodox church during the 1821 revolution which saw Greece gain independence from the Islamic empire of the Ottoman Turks.

    “Islam, its citizens, is not a religion, it is a political party, it is a political pursuit and it is the people of war, the people of the spread, this is characteristic of Islam, it is also said by the teaching of Mohammad,” the archbishop said, Proto Thema reports.

    He went on to add that the clergy of the Orthodox church was heavily involved in the Greek war of independence and that this was the reason so many flags during the revolution featured Christian crosses.

    The comments from Ieronymos II come just months after he condemned the move by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to convert the Hagia Sophia back into a mosque, 86 years after the former cathedral had been made into a museum.

    “The insult and hubris do not attain only Orthodox Christianity, or even Christianity as a whole, but the whole civilised humanity, any thinking human being, irrespective of religion,” Ieronymos II said last July.

    The Greek archbishop is not the first senior clergyman to criticise Islam in recent years. Monsignor Carlo Liberati, Roman Catholic Archbishop Emeritus of Pompeii, stated in 2017 that Europe would soon be Muslim.

    “In 10 years we will all be Muslims because of our stupidity. Italy and Europe live in a pagan and atheist way, they make laws that go against God and they have traditions that are proper of paganism,” he said, adding: “All of this moral and religious decadence favours Islam.”

    French Archbishop of Strasbourg Luc Ravel also spoke out on the spread do Islam in his country, saying: “Muslim believers know very well that their birthrate is such that today, they call it… the Great Replacement, they tell you in a very calm, very positive way that, ‘one day all this, it will be ours’.””

  21. US military says its troop removal from Somalia is complete (abcnews, Jan 17, 2021)

    “The U.S. military says its troop withdrawal from Somalia is complete, in one of the last actions of President Donald Trump’s presidency.

    Some experts have warned that the withdrawal of an estimated 700 U.S. military personnel comes at the worst possible time for Somalia, as the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab extremist group improves its bomb-making skills and continues to attack military and civilian targets even in the capital, Mogadishu. The withdrawal comes less than a month before Somalia is set to hold a national election.

    The U.S. personnel trained and supported Somali forces, including its elite special forces, in counter-terror operations. They are being moved to other African countries such as neighboring Kenya and Djibouti, home of the only permanent U.S. military base in Africa, but U.S. Africa Command spokesman Col. Chris Karns would not say how many are going where.

    Asked whether the administration of President-elect Joe Biden will reverse the withdrawal, Karns replied in an email: “It would be inappropriate for us to speculate or engage in hypotheticals.”

    Karns said the operation enters its “next phase of periodic engagement with Somali security forces.” He would not go into details.

    The withdrawal was announced late last year, with a Jan. 15 deadline. The U.S. military, which has carried out a growing number of airstrikes against al-Shabab and a small band of fighters linked to the Islamic State group during Trump’s administration, says it will continue to pressure al-Shabab. The extremist group has an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 fighters.

    Those Somali forces, even U.S. assessments have said, are not ready to take over responsibility for the country’s security, especially as a 19,000-strong multinational African Union force is also set to withdraw by the end of this year.

    The U.S. Africa Command commander, Gen. Stephen Townsend, noted “no serious injuries or significant loss of equipment, despite significant efforts to target us by al-Shabab” during the “intense” operation to remove the U.S. personnel.

    Townsend on Saturday visited Manda Bay in Kenya, where the U.S. Africa Command said “substantial enhancements have been made to physical security” after a deadly al-Shabab attack a year ago destroyed U.S. aircraft used against it in Somalia.”

  22. Guatemala Tries to Block Caravan of 9,000 Honduran Migrants Headed for US
    By The Associated Press
    January 17, 2021 Updated: January 17, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    GUATEMALA CITY—Guatemalan soldiers blocked part of a caravan of as many as 9,000 Honduran migrants Saturday at a point not far from where they entered the country seeking to reach the U.S. border.

    The soldiers, many wearing helmets and wielding shields and sticks, formed ranks across a highway in Chiquimula, near the Honduras border, to block the procession of migrants.

    Guatemala’s immigration agency distributed a video showing a couple of hundred men scuffling with soldiers, pushing and running through their lines, even as troops held hundreds more back.
    Guatemala Honduras Migrants

  23. VIDEO: “If You Need All This To Protect Your Inauguration from the People, Maybe the F-ing People Didn’t F-ing Elect You!” – DC Worker Shows Video of Military Checkpoints in City (VIDEO)

    “If You Need All This To Protect Your Inauguration from the People, Maybe the F-ing People Didn’t F-ing Elect You!” – DC Worker Shows Video of Military Checkpoints in City (VIDEO)

    By: Jim. Hoft, The Gateway PUndit, January 16, 2020:

    A worker in DC filmed the military presence in the city early in the morning. He asks why would someone need to put up such barriers if he legitimately won the election?

    At the end of this video the worker shares:

    This is what our intersections look like now. If you need all this to protect your inauguration from the people, maybe the f***ing people didn’t f***ing elect you!”

    (Richard: He has a very good point)

  24. Another SOROS-FUNDED Antifa Insurrectionist Daniel Baker Arrested or Plotting to Murder Trump Supporters

    Nowhere in the legacy media are you seeing these reports. Soros is their paymaster. It’s always Soros.

    UPDATE: Antifa Activist Daniel Alan Baker Arrested for Plotting to Murder Trump Supporters — Tells Supporters on YouTube He Received Soros Money

    By Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit, January 16, 2021 at 7:20am
    Antifa supporter Daniel Alan Baker was arrested for plotting to murder Trump supporters and police on Inauguration Day.

    He trained in Syria in 2017 with the YPG, was featured on VICE, and in 2020 participated in the CHAZ insurrection in Seattle, per DOJ documents.

    Jack Posobiec broke the story Friday.

  25. Israel begins prepping for the Biden Administration’s return to the Iran Nuclear Deal

    Israel goes back to the future
    Israel was able to withstand unrelenting pressure and hostility from Washington during the Obama years. Will it be able to do the same after Biden takes office?
    This Simple Method Solves Sex Problems Instantly
    This Simple Method Solves Sex Problems Instantly

  26. New York lawmaker seeks to ban bulletproof vests for law-abiding citizens

    A New York lawmaker is proposing legislation that would ban the use or possession of bulletproof vests by most law-abiding citizens.

    Assemblyman Jonathan G. Jacobson, a Democrat, introduced the bill, A. 353, earlier this month to amend an existing law that bans use of body armor by criminals committing a felony with a firearm.

    His bill would require New York residents to turn over their bulletproof vests to police, who are exempt from the legislation, within 15 days after the law takes effect, The Free Beacon first reported. Others whose jobs have been determined to require body armor by the Department of State would also be exempt.

  27. ‘Gangs of Masked Men’ Battle with ‘Machetes and Guns’ in Multicultural Manchester (breitbart, Jan 17, 2021)

    ““Gangs of masked men” fought a running battle on the streets of Manchester, England, with “machetes and guns” in what police have described as an “isolated incident”.

    The incident on Cemetery Road South, where it “always seems like something bad is going on”, according to one local resident, concluded with a 15-year-old boy hospitalised with stab wounds and a police helicopter and armed officers on the scene, and going over the street with a fine-tooth comb for evidence into the following day.

    “At 10.20 p.m., I heard tyres screeching, went to investigate and found a white, medium-sized vehicle speeding north up Cemetery Road South,” an eyewitness told the Manchester Evening News.

    “There were two to three men dressed in black inside. Six or so men dressed the same, including balaclavas, were in pursuit of the car while wielding machete sized-blades, what looked like a gun and some other form of weapon,” they recalled.

    “The white car was speeding up and down the road attempting to hit the six guys on foot. A knife fight began once those in the white car either left the vehicle or were forced from the vehicle on Brookfield Drive.

    “Members of the gang of six were shouting ‘shoot him, f***ing shoot him’.”

    After around 15 minutes of this, the witness recalled, the situation escalated, with another carload of males armed with “blunt weapons” arriving on the scene.

    “I saw groups of youths in the street, and cars racing up and down. Then I heard some loud bangs — they sounded like gunfire,” reported another witness.

    Lockdowns imposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government did not stop such violence in the Greater Manchester area in 2020 either, with serious crimes being committed at illegal “quarantine raves”.

    At one, which police declined to shut down on the basis that enforcing the law against revellers was “unachievable”, two men aged 36 and 21 were shot dead.

    Two raves in June attended by up 6,000 people saw similar tragedies, with an 18-year-old being raped, three people being stabbed, and a 20-year-old dying after a suspected drug overdose.”

  28. WATCH: ‘An Organization Led By A Criminal’: De Blasio Severs All Contracts Between NYC And Trump Organization Wednesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city would sever all its contracts with the Trump Organization, charging President Trump with “criminal activity” and adding, “inciting an insurrection against the United states government clearly constitutes criminal activity.”

    De Blasio appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” with co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, where he said:

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