Magnificent performance of the US National Anthem at a DC hotel today

(The title on the video I think is misleading in that this performance is clearly by skilled singers. This would be more like a flashmob than random patriots. but clearly, and without doubt, these singers, and all who stood for this profound performance, are indeed patriots.)

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3 Replies to “Magnificent performance of the US National Anthem at a DC hotel today”

  1. I fear we’re not the land of the “free” anymore or the home of the “brave” anymore. The Marxist/Maoist coup is going well and without much resistance from the sheep.

    • Timing is everything, it is quite possible that the people who stormed the Capital were antifa wearing MAGA gear. Not that it makes much difference, the chances of the contests actually working were small, Trump has some plan and it is still in play. The time for kinetic action on our part is in the future, that that far in the future but still in the future.

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