Ted Wheeler’s new approach to ANTIFA just on the eve of a Democrat presidency: Links 2, January 3, 2021

1. Woah wait a minute. Suddenly ANTIFA is not just an idea, and now all of a sudden leftist mayors like Ted Wheeler are gonna get tough with them? All of you who have had your property, safety and rights and peace of mind destroyed by communist insurgent thugs like ANTIFA and BLM etc. can now know it was all just to make Trump look bad. All of it.

2. Here is what at first blush appears to be an extremely unlikely story about the motives for the Nashville Bomber who appears to have made a sophisticated shape charge to blow up the AT&T facility. Not the act of someone who thinks we are at war with aliens.

FBI confirms Nashville suicide bomber Anthony Warner sent letters to ‘acquaintances’ about ‘reptiles running the world and aliens attacking earth’


Warner said that ‘September 2011 was supposed to be the end game for the planet,’ because that is when he believed that aliens and UFO’s began launching attacks on earth.

He further wrote about reptilians and lizard people that he believed control the earth and had tweaked human DNA.

‘They put a switch into the human brain so they could walk among us and appear human,’ Warner wrote.

Warner did write extensively about ‘perception,’ adding that ‘Everything is an illusion’ and ‘there is no such thing as death.’

He did not mention AT&T, outside whose building he detonated his RV; nor did he give a motive.

His letter was signed by ‘Julio,’ a name Warner’s friends say he often used when sending them e-mails.

3. Uncovering election fraud Website

82 minute video from above site:

4. The same machines that made Biden the winner of the November 3rd US election, were used to make Trudeau the leader of the Federal Liberal party


5. So, CO2 isn’t a greenhouse gas when you can force a mask on a cow that converts methane to it? Ok got all clear.

Thank you all who contributed in any way to these, our joint efforts on January 3, 2021

3. January 6th!




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3 Replies to “Ted Wheeler’s new approach to ANTIFA just on the eve of a Democrat presidency: Links 2, January 3, 2021”

  1. January 6: A big day, D-Day.
    I read that Biden had the inauguration wood stairs removed earlier today. His excuse: Covid. We all know that isn’t true.

    ITEM 2 – It’s possible if he was a heavy drug user. I had a good friend for many years that suddenly started seeing a satellite beam from Ottawa’s Parliament attached to his skull.

    Shortly after, always with the beam from Ottawa glued to his skull, he went outside in frigid winter weather without any clothes on and gave away his very expensive clothes, one piece at a time, to strangers on the street.

    He went crazy and never recovered. No point in seeing him anymore, too dangerous. A great waste of such a previously very intelligent and classy guy who overdid it on the drug cocaine scene.

    ITEM 5: Abject animal cruelty. PETA should get involved.

  2. 2 – I suppose it is possible that someone that delusional could put a working bomb together, possible but unlikely. Once again something about this doesn’t pass the smell test.

  3. If the Nashville guy was really that severely schizophrenic, it’s highly unlikely he would be able to organize his thoughts enough to engineer and build the bomb he used. As an example of what I mean, see this interview with a paranoid schizophrenic from 1983.

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