Leftists weaponize winter: Links 1, December 30, 2020

1. Attn Canadians: Trudeau’s policies are massivly advantaging the richest few people in Canada, which is fine, but raising expenses for everyone else. A lot.

2. Anyone still foolish enough to have a domain registered at GoDaddy needs to read this thread. Not just that tweet, the whole thread. And remember what GoDaddy did to this site.

And this:

GoDaddy wins our 2020 award for most evil company email

The domain registrar tricked employees into thinking they earned a bonus

What’s the cruelest prank you can make on employees who are struggling during a pandemic when millions of people have lost their jobs or lives? GoDaddy — a web domain registrar once best known for its sexist advertisements — tried to find out when it sent employees a fake email informing them they’d receive a $650 holiday bonus.

As The Copper Courier originally reported, GoDaddy sent an email phishing “test” to its employees promising much-needed money: “2020 has been a record year for GoDaddy, thanks to you!” it said. “Though we cannot celebrate together during our annual Holiday Party, we want to show our appreciation and share a $650 one-time Holiday bonus!” The employees who clicked the link then reportedly received an email two days later telling them they failed the test. Instead of receiving a holiday bonus, they’d instead be required to take a training course on social engineering.

3. PePo sent in an email with the following question.

Does this untested vaccine contradict the Nuremberg Code?

Actually this new mRNA vaccine exceeds the Nuremberg code in a  few ways, which is why they have to play sophistry with the language to hide the experiment part
Nuremberg Code: The ten points of the code were given in the section of the verdict entitled “Permissible Medical Experiments”:
1 The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.
2 The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.
3 The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.
4 The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.
5 No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.
6 The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.
7 Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.
8 The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.
9 During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible.
10 During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.


After initially reading the email and then not remembering what it said correctly, I misremembered it as being about the Geneva Convention. Which it also might violate. But who the hell do you call for that?

On the forced use of civilians or military personnel for medical experimentation

In the above link there are many nation’s rules concerning medical experimentation on people. It is difficult to understand how this mass vaccination of people with an untested brand new technology, and in one case, by a company that has never produced a vaccine of any kind before, in fact I am not sure Moderna has ever produced a medication AT ALL before, is not in violation of these rules for medical experimentation. Granted they trick and persuade and if needs be, will ostracize people who refuse the injection from normal life. But a rose by any other name…

4. An excellent example of manipulation of language to the public detriment. Terrorism is indisputably an act of violence for a political purpose. We can extend that for attacks on computer systems as “cyber-terrorism” but its still an attack for political purposes when it isn’t crime for personal gain, or crime for its own sake, or the vanity of the attacker.

In Colorado, there was a massive attack on a gas plant leaving many people freezing, and could cause serious health issues and perhaps deaths considering the weather descending on that area now, as so many people are now without heat. The words, “Earth First” was hand written on the site of the attack. And ABC News is calling it VANDALISM.

5. ANTIFA take over hotel in Tacoma Washington

Left wing activists, probably ANTIFA, did this maneuver to prevent the homeless from freezing, but they are also the same mentality that blew up a gas line forcing people to freeze. Weaponizing winter.

Thank you EB., ET. Wrath of Khan, Kim, PePo, ML. and MANY more who have sent in interesting and important news, links and thoughts and analysis.

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  1. The attack on the pipeline is an evil act of insurrection, the terrorist group will say they weren’t attacking people or putting them at risk. The big difference between Antifa and Earth First is that Antifa is smart enough to hide their contempt for the ordinary people and try to ensure that people aren’t put at risk because of this attack.

  2. 2. “Earlier this year, Forbes reported that 28,000 GoDaddy customers were impacted after a data breach compromised their account usernames and passwords. ”

    “What’s the cruelest prank you can make on employees who are struggling during a pandemic when millions of people have lost their jobs or lives?”

    Well, at least they weren’t being found chained in a hotel room with only their underpants on.

    How inept do you have to be, handling other people’s data, when a simple phone call to your supervisor would suffice?

    The Left: “Think of the children…”

    You have just won $1.34M. Click to claim.

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