Non-Pelosi salon raided, PCR test needed to watch soccer: Links 1 on December 28, 2020

1. Frank Vaughn December 12 episode: Bitchute HAS been pulling channels, Doug Ford’s Covid communism

2. Wanna see a soccer game in Liverpool? Make sure you get a government submission test no more than 36 hours before the game!

3. Maybe if this hair salon in California had a life size cardboard cutout of Nanci Pelosi in the window, police wouldn’t have spent an hour in her shop shutting her down. InfoWars link

4. Escape from Verbier: Hundreds of British tourists flee in the night after being forced into quarantine at Swiss ski resort hotels – despite fears they could have mutant virus strain

(OK its not exactly Sobibor, but its good to see people escaping tyranny even if it is at a luxury resort)

Hundreds of tourists from Britain forced into quarantine at a Swiss ski resort have fled in the night rather than seeing their holidays go downhill.

Staff at the luxury Verbier resort, known as ‘Little London’ for its popularity with British tourists, began to realise guests were missing after trays of food left outside their rooms remained untouched.  

A spokesman for the Bagnes municipality in the canton of Valais, where the resort is located, said roughly 420 tourists from Britain, including Swiss nationals, were ordered into quarantine before Christmas. 

About 50 fled immediately, Jean-Marc Sandoz told local newspaper SonntagsZeitung, while less than a dozen of the 370 others were still at the resort as of Sunday.  

With flights cancelled, it was unclear where the tourists had escaped to though Swiss authorities said on Sunday that some had emerged in France, according to Deutsche Welle.  

While travellers from the UK require a negative coronavirus test to enter France, the border at Chartelard is often unmanned, one France-based Twitter user said. 

(I guess that no borders EU thing only counts for North African and middle eastern people and Europeans go f… t……..)

5. Poland to Pass Law Protecting Online Free Speech Against Big Tech Censorship

Poland’s national conservative government has detailed a new law protecting free speech online against Big Tech censorship, backed by a new court and big fines.

Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro has announced the draft ‘Act for the Freedom to Express One’s Views and Obtain and Disseminate Information on the Internet’ will give social media users a statutory right to appeal bans and content removals on social media platforms such as Facebook on Twitter, which they will be able to escalate to a new Court for the Protection of Freedom of Speech in a streamlined, all-digital process.

6. Each year 1,000 Pakistani girls forcibly converted to Islam

(The real story here is that ABC News does a story that contains truth about Islam)

Rights groups say each year in Pakistan, as many as 1,000 girls are forcibly converted to Islam, often after being abducted or tricked

KARACHI, Pakistan — Neha loved the hymns that filled her church with music. But she lost the chance to sing them last year when, at the age of 14, she was forcibly converted from Christianity to Islam and married to a 45-year-old man with children twice her age.

She tells her story in a voice so low it occasionally fades away. She all but disappears as she wraps a blue scarf tightly around her face and head. Neha’s husband is in jail now facing charges of rape for the underage marriage, but she is in hiding, afraid after security guards confiscated a pistol from his brother in court.

“He brought the gun to shoot me,” said Neha, whose last name The Associated Press is not using for her safety.

Thank you Kontrarian Kim, Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Oz-Rita, PC.,  and everyone who sent in materials and thoughts overnight.

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